All Starfield Missions: Main, Companion, Faction, Side (Misc)

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All Starfield Missions Main Companion Faction Side Misc

Starfield has arrived, and it’s nothing short of a colossal achievement for Bethesda. With a vast cosmos to explore, players are plunged into an array of quests and missions that promise an experience as limitless as space. With so many opportunities to forge your destiny among the stars, how do you keep track of every mission and quest available?

Rest assured, Meta Game Guides has got you covered. Here’s our comprehensive guide detailing every quest and mission in Starfield you need to know about.

All Main Missions in Starfield

Starfield’s main storyline is a 19-mission-long odyssey (I have not included Power From Beyond in the main missions list, as it’s optional) that lets you explore the reaches of its immense universe. From your first steps to your final leap into the unknown, these are the missions you’ll need to complete.

  1. One Small Step
  2. The Old Neighborhood
  3. Back to Vectera (Order interchangeable with Into the Unknown and The Empty Nest)
  4. The Empty Nest (Order interchangeable with Back To Vectera and Into the Unknown)
  5. Into the Unknown (Order interchangeable with Back To Vectera and The Empty Nest)
  6. All That Money Can Buy
  7. Starborn
  8. Further Into the Unknown
  9. Short Sighted
  10. No Sudden Moves
  11. High Price to Pay
  12. Unity
  13. In Their Footsteps
  14. Unearthed
  15. Final Glimpses
  16. Entangled
  17. Missed Beyond Measure
    (Can be completed in any order after High Price to Pay)
  18. Revelation
  19. One Giant Leap

One Small Step

Explore the Cavern - One Small Step
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The beginning of your journey through the cosmos starts with One Small Step. The mission finds you at the Argos Extractors Mining Outpost of Vectera, where you must mine a rock sought by a mysterious buyer. However, Heller is getting mysterious readings from the cavern where the rock resides. The rock turns out to be an Artifact, and the buyer is Barrett, a member of Constellation. After encountering the Crimson Fleet on Vectera, you embark with Barrett’s ship and companion, Frontier and Vasco, respectively, to first deal with the pirates and then reach The Lodge in New Atlantis. There, you will meet Sarah Morgan, join the Constellation, and receive her as your first companion.

The Old Neighborhood

Talk to Moara - The Old Neighborhood
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The Old Neighborhood will bring you back to mankind’s… old neighborhood, the Sol System. Commander Tuala at the MAST building will give you information on a member of the UC Vanguard, Moara Otero, who seems to have stumbled upon another Artifact and point you to Cydonia on Mars for more details. There, Jack, the owner of the Broken Spear, will point you to Venus, which in turn leads you to Luna and the abandoned Nova Galactic Staryard before ending up close to Neptune’s orbit and saving Moara from Ecliptic Mercenaries to recover the artifact.

The Empty Nest

Artifact Chi - The Empty Nest
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The Empty Nest takes you to Akila City, accompanied by Sam Coe, another member of the Constellation. This time, you are pursuing Solomon’s Maps, which will reveal the location of the Empty Nest, an area where a potentially Artifact-produced anomaly occurs. You will reach Akila City in the middle of a bank robbery (unless you have already taken care of it) and will have to negotiate with the local Shaw Gang or enter the GalBank to rescue the hostages. After checking GalBank’s vault, you will end up at Sam’s father’s house, where you will recover Solomon’s Maps to reveal the location of The Empty Nest, which is in Shaw Gang territory. There, you will recover another Artifact and have to deal with the Shaw Gang.

Back to Vectera

Talk to Lin - Back to Vectera
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

A trip Back to Vectera to discover what happened to Barrett will reveal that the Crimson Fleet has abducted him and Heller. Supervisor Lin will point you to the Comms Computer, which you must power to reveal a transmission from Barrett. The transmission will lead you to a ship crash where you will find Heller, before you eventually end up on Bessel III to rescue Barrett from Crimson Fleet Captain Matsura. In this mission, you will have the chance to recruit Lin and Heller.

Into the Unknown

Into the Uknown Walkthrough Starfield Guide
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Into the Unknown takes you to the Eye, a space station in Jemison’s orbit, to meet Vladimir. Vladimir will point you to two Artifacts you must recover on two random planets. You will find Andreja, another Constellation member who will join your crew there. Once you recover both Artifacts, you will end up on Procyon III, where you will encounter the first temple in the game, temple Eta, and acquire your first power.

All That Money Can Buy

Talk to Walter Stroud - All that Money Can Buy
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Now it’s time to accompany Walter Stroud, a Constellation member and co-owner of the Stroud-Eklund ship manufacturer, to Neon as his muscle. Walter has arranged a meeting with an Artifact seller, but he suspects that the piece is stolen, so he wants some security by his side. After securing the Artifact from the thief Musgrove, you find out that it was owned by Nicolaus Slayton, owner of Slayton Aerospace. Slayton has impounded your ship, so you must head to Neon’s Trade Tower to deal with him before you can leave the planet. Upon your departure, you will encounter a weird ship, the Helix, and encounter Starborn for the first time.


Once back at The Lodge, a meeting between Constellation members begins to discuss the weird species we encountered. After listening to the discussions, your character will be required to align with one of the thrown theories about the Starborn.

Further Into the Unknown

Once again, you are asked to recover artifacts from two random planets. However, this time, a Starborn awaits at the second Artifact’s location, whom you must go through to secure it. Once done, you find yourself back at The Lodge once again.


Vladimir will inform Constellation’s members that The Eye requires some upgrades to reveal more anomalies produced by artifacts. Once the new parts are installed (or you fail miserably like me), it’s time to pursue another Artifact.

No Sudden Moves

Your next stop is the salvage vessel Scow, commanded by Captain Petrov. You will leave your favorite companion at The Eye and be joined by your least favorite one. The objective is to steal Petrov’s Artifact. No matter, how you accomplish the task, you will end up with a 500 Credits bounty on your head by the UC. You can either attack the ship from the start and disable its engines to board it or pretend to be an interested party for a purchase. Once inside the ship, you will have multiple non-violent options to convince Petrov to hand you the Artifact, none of which will work. Returning to the Lodge will lock you to the upcoming mission, which has dire consequences.

High Price to Pay

Once you place the Artifact inside the collection, an emergency communication from Vladimir will be received, informing the team of a Starborn attack at The Eye. One of your companions is critically injured, and you must choose whether you stay at The Lodge, the Starborn’s next destination, to defend it and the Artifacts or head to The Eye to help the team there. Defending the Lodge will lead your favorite companion to die while heading to The Eye will lead the companion you have the least affinity with to death. Regardless of your choice, you will end up at The Lodge and eventually the Well in New Atlantis, where you must escape the Hunter. Eventually, you return to The Lodge with Matteo to evaluate the destruction caused.

(Optional) Missed Beyond Measure

As the name suggests, this mission features the memorial service for the deceased companion.


Matteo points players toward Keeper Aquilus to find the meaning of “Unity” mentioned by The Hunter. After talking to the Va’ruun prisoner at the UC Sec office and Singh at the House of Enlightment, you will embark on a mission to find clues about The Pilgrim. Once you do, Keeper Aquilus will help you decrypt the location of Pilgrim’s Rest. There, you will find multiple of Pilgrim’s writings. Once you collect them all, you must find the “Scorpion’s Sting” on Hyla II, which will lead you to the last star of the Scorpius constellation.

In Their Footsteps

Reaching your destination will bring you before Scorpius. After a prompt conversation, you must board the Scorpius. You will meet both the Emissary and the Hunter and learn their identities and intentions about the Artifacts. Before you go, the Emissary will give you an access card to a Nova Galactic Research Station on Luna.


Unearthed will take you to the Nova Galactic Research Station on Luna before you head to Earth to reveal the origin of its destruction, which is heavily related to the Artifacts and… Grav Drives. You will recover another Artifact there before you encounter multiple Starborn on your way out, where the Emissary and Hunter will be waiting.

Final Glimpses

Vladimir will point you towards two more Artifacts in Final Glimpses with the second one being on Freya III. Upon reaching Freya III, you will receive a distress signal from Nishina Research Station, leading you straight to the Entangled mission.

Companion Missions in Starfield

Should you opt to get closer to any of Starfield’s four main companions, a unique questline becomes available for each.

List of Companion Questlines

  • Andreja: Divided Loyalties
  • Sarah: In Memoriam
  • Barrett: Breach of Contract
  • Sam: Matters of the Hart

Faction Missions in Starfield

Starfield gives players the chance to align with various factions. Each faction has its own questline, adding depth and complexity to the game.

Faction Missions by Group

UC Vanguard

  1. Supra et Ultra
  2. Grunt Work
  3. Delivering Devils
  4. Eyewitness
  5. Friends Like These
  6. The Devils You Know
  7. War Relics
  8. Hostile Intelligence
  9. A Legacy Forged

Freestar Collective

  1. Job Gone Wrong
  2. Deputized
  3. Where Hope Is Built
  4. Shadows In Neon
  5. Surgical Strike
  6. On the Run
  7. First to Fight, First to Die
  8. The Hammer Falls

Ryujin Industries

  1. Back to the Grind
  2. One Step Ahead
  3. A New Narrative
  4. Access Is Key
  5. Sowing Discord
  6. Accidents Happen
  7. Maintaining the Edge
  8. Top Secret
  9. Background Checks
  10. Guilty Parties
  11. The Key Ingredient
  12. Sabotage
  13. Executive Level

Crimson Fleet

  1. Deep Cover
  2. Burden of Proof (Find Evidence for Lieutenant Toft as you progress)
  3. Rook Meets King
  4. Echoes of the Past
  5. Breaking the Bank
  6. The Best There Is
  7. Absolute Power
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Legacys End

Side Quests in Starfield

It’s not just about the main storyline or faction quests; Starfield has a plethora of side quests to keep players busy. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

List of Known Side Quests

  1. A Break at Dawn
  2. A Light in the Darkness
  3. All For One
  4. Alternating Currents
  5. Apex Predator
  6. A Tree Grows in New Atlantis
  7. Bare Metal
  8. Beautiful Secrets
  9. Beer Run
  10. Blast Zone
  11. Brownout
  12. Captains Bounty
  13. Charity of the Wolf
  14. Clear the Skies
  15. Defensive Measures
  16. Distilling Confidence
  17. Due in Full
  18. Failure to Communicate
  19. False Positives
  20. First Contact
  21. Fishy Business
  22. Groundpounder
  23. Heart of Mars
  24. Junos Gambit
  25. Keeping the Peace
  26. Last Will and Testament
  27. Late Bloomer
  28. Leader of the Pack
  29. Left Behind
  30. Loose Ends
  31. Lost and Found
  32. Mantis
  33. Media Sponge
  34. Missed Connections
  35. Missed the Mark
  36. Mob Mentality
  37. Operation Starseed
  38. Out on a Limb
  39. Overdesigned
  40. Pirate Activity
  41. Power From Beyond
  42. Preventive Action
  43. Primary Sources
  44. Red Tape Blues
  45. Red Tape Runaround
  46. Red Tape Reclamation
  47. Rough Landings
  48. Runaway
  49. Run the Red Mile
  50. Saburo’s Solution
  51. Search and Seizure
  52. Secret Lives
  53. Space Frog From Outer Space
  54. Special Delivery
  55. Special Sauce
  56. Superfan
  57. Supply Line
  58. Sure Bet
  59. Tapping the Grid
  60. Taste of Home
  61. The Akila Run
  62. The Boot
  63. The Kindness of Strangers
  64. Top of the L.I.S.T.
  65. Tourists Go Home
  66. Two Tales, Two Cities

With Starfield being a continuously evolving game, it’s possible that new quests will pop up in the future. Rest assured, well keep you updated with any new additions.

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