How to Save & Load Loadouts in Armored Core 6

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to save and load AC loadouts featuring different weapons and parts in Armored Core 6.

How to Save & Load Loadouts in Armored Core 6

Living out your most vivid mech fantasies has never been as fulfilling as in Armored Core 6. The latest entry in the franchise doesn’t just meet expectationsit shatters them. At the heart of this experience is a comprehensive AC customization system, allowing players to tailor their loadouts with different weapons and parts for various combat scenarios meticulously. With so many loadouts you can create, it would be great if there was a way to save them and load them whenever you need them instead of applying constant customizations to your AC. Thankfully, the feature is implemented into the game, so this guide will explain how to use it.

How to Save Your Loadout

How to Save Loadouts in AC 6 Step by Step
Image: FromSoftware/Meta Game Guides

Many players find themselves stumped when it comes to saving their loadouts. But worry not; it’s a straightforward process. Assuming you have applied some new changes to your AC, press back to leave the Assembly screen and return to your Garage.

  1. From there, select AC Design and then AC Data.
  2. Once there, you will find four tabs: USER 1, USER 2, USER 3, and USER 4, each with 40 available loadouts slots. There is also an extra DOWNLOADED tab, where you will find any loadouts shared by other users you have downloaded.
  3. Select a tab and then pick an empty slot to save your loadout.
  4. Selecting to save the loadout will ask you for a name for the AC Data.
  5. Once you enter a unique loadout name, press Confirm to save it.

How to Access and Load Saved Loadouts

How to Load Loadouts in AC 6 Step by Step
Image: FromSoftware/Meta Game Guides

Switching to a saved loadout mid-game is equally straightforward.

  1. From your Garage head back to the AC Data screen.
  2. Choose your desired loadout, and select ‘Load.’ You can also select an already saved loadout and overwrite, delete it, or change its name or the AC’s name.

The flexibility in managing saved loadouts becomes a strategic asset in Armored Core 6. Players can swiftly switch builds to adapt to different mission types or bosses. There is no one-size-fits-all in Armored Core 6 and with the game’s quite complex part stats and game mechanics, you will have to bring out vastly different loadouts depending on the situation.

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