Blast Zone Walkthrough: Akila City Side Mission

Anastasios Antoniadis

Blast Zone Walkthrough Akila City Side Mission

In Starfield, the “Blast Zone” is a side mission in Akila City on planet Akila in the Cheyenne System. Blast Zones has players demolish tough rock formations on the city’s eastern side. This effort aids Ngodup Tate, the realtor who sells houses in Akila City, in constructing low-cost housing for the residents of The Stretch. Blast Zone stands out as one of the most straightforward and uncomplicated side missions in Akila City, offering players a swift opportunity to gain additional Credits.

This Starfield guide provides a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough to assist you in accepting and completing the “Blast Zone” Side Mission.

How to Start Blast Zone

How to Start Blast Zone
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

In Starfield, similar to other Akila City Side Missions, “Blast Zone” can occasionally be initiated by eavesdropping on conversations with an Akila City Guard. However, since this method isn’t always reliable for acquiring specific missions, it’s recommended to approach the mission’s initiator, Ngodup Tate, directly.

Ngodup Tate is usually stationed near the Core Manor, one of the two properties you can buy from him in Akila City’s Core district. To locate Mr. Tate, start from the Akila City’s entrance from the spaceport and head east. Ascend the staircase to the left of The Rock’s main entrance and keep heading east, climbing the stairs and passing the Freestar Collective Consulate.

Once you’ve walked past the Lance Estate, glance to your left. You should see the Core Manor and Ngodup Tate in front of it.

Nice to meet you Goodbye
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Talk to Mr. Tate

Upon conversing with Mr. Tate, he will introduce himself and then attempt to interest you in purchasing two properties in Akila City. Politely decline by selecting the option “Nice to meet you. Goodbye.” In the above image, I have already purchased both houses Ngodup Tate has to offer, so the only dialogue option is “Nice to meet you. Goodbye.

Just before you go, Mr. Tate will shift the conversation, noting that he has employment opportunities for someone skilled in using their hands, or in this case, heavy equipment (aka mining lasers).

Ngodup Tate mining laser remarks
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Given your background as a miner with Argos Extractors, you are an ideal candidate for this task. Mr. Tate will elaborate on his collaboration with The Low House to develop affordable housing for the economically disadvantaged residents of The Stretch. The challenge, however, lies in the plot of land designated for this project, which is heavily laden with tough rock formations that need to be removed before construction can commence.

Should you agree to bust some rocks for a good cause, Mr. Tate will provide you with a Cutter, equipping you with the necessary tools to complete the job successfully.

Clear Out the Hard Rock on Tate’s Land

The easiest way to reach the rocks on Mr. Tate’s land is to keep heading east and then jump down to reach Akila City’s East Gate. You can use your boost pack to ensure a safe landing. You will find six Hard Rocks that you must clear with your Cutter, forming a 70-meter line starting north of the east gate and ending south.

Hard Rock on Tate's Land
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Press “F” on PC or “RB” on Xbox to use your Hand Scanner and pull out your cutter. Then, use both mouse buttons on the PC or triggers on the Xbox to use both laser beams of the Cutter and destroy each of the six Hard Rocks faster.

Use both laser beams of the Cutter to break Hard Rocks
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Report Back to Ngodup Tate

Report Back to Ngodup Tate
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Return to Ngodup Tate and inform him that you’ve cleared all the Hard Rocks to receive 50 EXP and Credits proportional to your character’s level.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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