Last Will and Testament Walkthrough: Akila City Side Mission

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Last Will and Testament Walkthrough Akila City Side Mission

In Starfield, the quest “Last Will and Testament” is an optional side mission located in Akila City, offering a potentially profitable venture for those willing to bend the truth. This mission is initiated by Mayor Elias Cartwright, who introduces you to the situation surrounding Hasanov Manor, a historic residence recently acquired by the abrasive and wealthy Frank Langston. The crux of the mission lies in uncovering Sahar Hasanov’s Will to ascertain a legitimate heir entitled to the property, providing a legal means to displace Langston.

Our comprehensive guide for Starfield will walk you through the “Last Will and Testament” quest, detailing each step to ensure successful completion. Additionally, we’ll highlight how your choices throughout the mission can influence the rewards you receive, adding layers of complexity and consequence to your gameplay experience.

  • Side Mission in Akila City
  • Planet: Akila
  • Rewards: 50 EXP and Credits proportional to your character level. The number of Credits depends on your choices during the last two phases of the quest (more details below).

How to Start Last Will and Testament

Akila City Map Last Will and Testament
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

To start Last Will and Testament, head toward Coe Plaza from the city entrance and take the steps between The Rock and Terrabrew to ascend toward the objective marker. You will find Mayor Elias Cartwright on his balcony to your right (where you can also remove the Freestar Collective trait), around 80 meters down the path formed by the stairs.

See Mayor Cartwright About A Job

When you reach Mayor Cartwright, ask him about the Core. Cartwright explains that the Core is Akila City’s oldest district, where the original settlement established by Solomon Coe was. You will find descendants of the original settlers in that district.

Ask Elias Cartwright about Frank Langston

When you ask him about the issue with Frank Langston, Cartwright reveals that Frank is the latest owner of the old Hasanov Manor and the worst one yet, a slick, rude Neon corporate hack (according to Elias Cartwright). The problem is that the Hasanov family has run out of heirs, and the Cartwright family has been trying to return the Hasanov Manor to its original owners for decades.

How to Start Last Will and Testament
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Tell Elias you are happy to help him; he will provide information on the last Hasanov, Sahar Hasanov. The Hasanovs, mainly miners, were among the first settlers who helped Solomon Coe establish and grow the settlement. However, they suffered from health issues on the planetary surface due to being adapted to zero-gravity.

Sahar Hasanov lost her last grandchild around 40 years ago, and it broke her mentally. Sahar left Akila City and built a farm far from the capital city’s wall protection. As you would expect, the Ashta overran the farm due to time, decimating the Hasanov bloodline.

The player’s task is to reach the Sahar Farm, eliminate the Ashta, and discover if Sahar left a Will.

Get Sahar Sahanov’s Will from Sahar’s Farm on Akila

Set course to Sahar's Farm
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Open your Mission Log and set the course to the quest objective, revealing the location of Sahar’s farm on Akila’s Savanna. Fast-travel to the farm to reveal that it’s indeed overrun by the Ashta.

Sahar's Farm
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Head to the farm’s airlock and open the two doors to reach the structure’s interior. Following the objective marker will lead you to a Storage Box, where you will find Sahar Sahanov’s Will. Weirdly, nobody found the Will in 40 years when the farm is only guarded by level 5 Ashta.

Sahar Sahanov's Will inside the Storage Box
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Sahar Sahanov’s Will reveals that she names Blake Aldwell as her primary heir. Apparently, he was the illegitimate child of one of her sons. You will now have the option to head directly to Mayor Elias Cartwright about the Will or inform Frank Langston and bend the law.

(Optional) Talk to Frank Langston about Sahar Hasanov’s Will

Frank & Elias Last Will and Testament
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

To reach Frank, take the steps on the left side of The Rock, follow them past Midtown Minerals, and follow the next steps until you reach the head of the staircase, where you will find the Freestal Collective Consulate on your left. Turn left and follow the objective marker to reach the current owner of the Hasanov Manor.

Frank Langston Objective Marker
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Once inside the building, you will find the Data Slate “Frank Langston: Assignment.” The message by “RH” reveals that they are worried about the Trade Authority rather than Elias Cartwright, but there seems to be something going on here as RH is worried about their interests. The initials “RH” are those of “Ron Hope,” HopeTech’s owner.

Frank Langston Assignment
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Head downstairs to find Frank Langston talking to Elizabeth Cardwell. Frank is the Vice President of HopeTech, responsible for mineral acquisitions across the Settled Systems for some of HopeTech’s pricier ships.

Frank Langston Akila City Core
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Revealing that you have Sahar Hasanov’s Last Will on your hands will have Frank Langston propose to “take it off your hands” for 10,000 Credits. So, if you are willing to bend the law for an extra handful of Credits, be it.

Should You Talk to Frank Langston?

Despite the objective being optional, Frank’s offer is far more lucrative than what you will get by following the lawful path. Consequently, I recommend listening to Frank’s offer.

Talk to Elias Cartwright

Talk to Elias Cartwright
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Return to Elias Cartwright and give him Sahar’s Will, or lie that you didn’t find anything. Regardless of your choice, Elias will reward you with 50 EXP and credits proportional to your character level, but the amount will differ. However, I got 10,300 at Level 69 when I lied and 2,500 Credits when I gave the Will to Elias Cartwright. So you can receive 10,000 Credits + the mission reward for breaking the law and a lesser amount of Credits if you do right by the Hasanovs. Bizarre…

Should You Lie to Elias Cartwright and Give the Will to Frank?

I’m afraid you should. The amount of EXP (50) remains the same, but I made 20,300 Credits by lying to Elias and giving the Sahar’s Will to Frank, while I made only 2,500 Credits by following the legitimate course of things. Eventually, I decided to do the right thing, just because.

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