New Atlantis Guide (Maps, Side Missions, Vendors)

Anastasios Antoniadis

New Atlantis Guide (Maps, Side Missions, Vendors)

The United Colonies’ New Atlantis is the first major settlement you will reach in Starfield, as it’s your destination towards the first main story mission, One Small Step. As one of the largest cities in the game, New Atlantis has a variety of vendors to offer. Additionally, you can complete multiple side missions, join the UC Vanguard, and initiate the Crimson Fleet initiation faction mission.

Spaceport District

New Atlantis Spaceport District
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

In the Spaceport District, you will find the Spaceport, where you land when you fast-travel to New Atlantis. From there, you will find the UC Security Office just past the security scan checkpoint, where you will find Sergeant Yumi and any confiscated goods when you are arrested. Past the UC Sec Office, you will find the main square, where you can access The Viewport (you can require crew members there, access the Mission Board, and the Bounty Clearance Kiosk) on the left, Jemison Mechantile (a great place for resources) straight ahead, and Terrabrew a bit to the front right. Between Jemison Merchantile and Terrabrew Coffee, you will find the elevator to The Well inside an alcove. Finally, the NAT Tram Station is to your right.

Commercial District

New Atlantis Commercial District
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

As you arrive at the Commercial District from the NAT Tram Station or the Spawn point, you will find SSNN to your left, where you can talk to Nadia Muffaz (A Light in the Darkness, Primary Sources). You will also find the Terrabrew Coffee, Argos Extractors, and Whetstone (where you can recover the data slate for Beautiful Secrets). You can visit Enhance! to change your character’s appearance and start Beautiful Secrets. The UC Distribution Center is great for resources, and Outland is great for manufactured components.

MAST/Embassy District

New Atlantis MAST Embassy District
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Exiting MAST from the spawn point, you will find Aphelion Realty, where you can buy The Well Apartment and get the Penthouse in Mercury Tower for free once you become a UC Citizen and a UC Class One Citizen, respectively. On the left side, you will find the two embassies you must visit during Friends Like These and the Sanctum Universum. Straight front from the spawn point, you will find the Armistice Archives, while around the big tree to your right, you will find Keltron Frush and Nilesh Sherazi. If you go fully to the right back corner of the district, you will find The Lodge, while if you stay close to the pond, you will find Reliant Medical.

Residential District

Residential District Map New Atlantis
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The Residential District is full of apartment towers and miscellaneous vendors, such as Chunks, Reliant Medical, Centurian Arsenal, CJ’s, and Eit Clothiers. You will find Dawn’s Roost right next to Pioneer Tower, where you head for A Break at Dawn and Terror Brew. You can visit your parents at Pioneer Tower, while the Mercury Tower is where you will find your free penthouse apartment once you complete A Legacy Forged. During New Atlantis side missions, you will also visit the Apollo and Orion towers.

The Well

The Well is New Atlantis’ underground slum area, accessible through elevators from the MAST and Spaceport District. Due to its underground nature, finding a suitable perspective to map the area is hard, so it’s best broken down with its two entrances as reference points.

Spaceport Elevator Entrance

Spaceport Elevator Entrance The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

UC Surplus to your right is the first store you will notice as you exit the elevator to the Well from the spaceport. Straight ahead of you, you will find Kay’s House, recognizable by its sign. The Well’s UC Sec office is on the left side of the stairs, while on your front left side, you will find the House of the Enlightened.

Trade Authority, Apex Electronics, House of the Enlightened The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

If you look left after you pass the House of the Enlightened, you will find the Trade Authority and Apex Electronics.

MAST Tram Station Elevator Entrance

The MedBay, Jake's The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

The MAST Tram Station elevator entrance is opposite the Spaceport elevator entrance to the Well. The first thing you will see is the MedBay, while turning right will lead you to Jake’s diner.

New Atlantis Side Missions

MissionRewardsLocationQuest Giver
Keeping the PeaceCredits, 100 XPUC Security Office, SpaceportSergeant Yumi
A Break at DawnCredits, 100 XPUC Security Office, SpaceportSergeant Yumi
Search and SeizureCredits, 200 XPUC Security Office, SpaceportSergeant Yumi
Two Tales, Two CitiesCredits, 200 XPUC Security Office, SpaceportSergeant Yumi
Distilling ConfidenceCredits, 75 XPThe Viewport, New AtlantisNyssa Marcano
Olive BranchCredits, 100 XPEmbassy District, New AtlantisNilesh Sherazi
A Light in the DarknessCredits, 50 XP per Interview
(Incremental Quest)
Spaceport, Close to the Security CheckpointTommy Bitlow
Primary SourcesCredits, 350 XPSSNN Building, Commercial District, New AtlantisNadia Muffaz
Suspicious ActivitiesCredits, 50 XPKay’s Place, The Well, New AtlantisTheresa Mason
A Shipment for SalinasCredits, 100 XPApex Electronics, The Well, New AtlantisVicente Salinas
Beautiful SecretsCredits, 100 XPEnhance!, Commercial District, New AtlantisWarner
Due in FullLots of CreditsGalBank, Commercial District, New AtlantisLandry Hollifeld
Tapping the GridCredits, 75 XPMed Bay, The Well, New AtlantisLouisa Reyez
Alternating CurrentsCredits, 75 XPThe Well, New AtlantisLouisa Reyez
A Tree Grows in New AtlantisCredits, 100 XPMAST District, under the big treeKelton Frush
Out On A LimbCredits, 100 XPMAST District, under the big treeKelton Frush
Late BloomerCredits, 100 XPMAST District, under the big treeKelton Frush
Gem JealousyCredits, 100 XPSpaceport Terrabrew, New AtlantisGuillaume
Spreading the NewsCredits, 100 XPSpaceport, New AtlantisTommy Bitlow
The Art DealerCredits, 100 XPJemison Mercantile, Spaceport, New AtlantisSolomon
A Parting GiftCredits, 100 XPPioneer Tower, Residential District, New AtlantisZawadi Wade
Terror BrewCredits, 150 XPDawn’s Roost, Pioneer Tower, Residential DistrictMarkieff Sutherland
An InvitationCredits, 100 XPSanctum Universum, MAST District, New AtlantisMarcus Lestari
The Kindness of StrangersCredits, 150 XPThe House of the Enlightened, The Well, New AtlantisAndy Singh
The BootCredits, 150 XPUC Surplus, The Well, New AtlantisAntonio Bianchi
Power From Beyond150 XP, 1 Quantum EssenceThe Lodge, New Atlantis, or The EyeVladimir Sall
OverdesignedCredits, 200 XP, Kepler R or Kepler SThe Lodge, New AtlantisWalter Stroud (Available after All That Money Can Buy)
Anastasios Antoniadis
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