Fishy Business Walkthrough: Neon Misc Mission

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Fishy Business Walkthrough Neon Misc Mission

If you’re here, you’ve likely completed the “Loose Ends” mission in Neon on Volii Alpha, Volii, and are ready to dive into “Fishy Business,” its intriguing follow-up. This mission requires players to secure a job at Xenofresh Fisheries, craft the Unprocessed Aurora for the first time, and discover Neshar’s contact inside Xenofresh Fisheries, until you get punched in the mouth by Neon’s corruption at the end of the mission.

  • Misc Mission in Neon
  • PlanetsVolii Alpha (Volii System)
  • Rewards75 EXP & 5,000 Credits (Normal Difficulty) plus performance-based rewards by producing Unprocessed Aurora three times

Note: If you want to craft Aurora, you are on the right track. However, in this quest you will learn to craft Unprocessed Aurora at Xenofresh Industries’ Pharmaceutical Lab. The follow-up quest “Supply Line” will do the trick and add the Aurora Recipe for you.

Unprocessed Aurora Recipe Added
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Apply for a Job at Xenofresh Fisheries

Apply for a Job at Xenofresh Fisheries
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

Our first order of business is to land a job at Xenofresh Corporate HQ. Situated at the Trade Tower behind the Golden Bayu statue, this is where you will submit your application to join Xenofresh Fisheries. Once you reach the Trade Tower’s lobby, take the elevator to the Xenofresh Corporate HQ floor.

Amanda Oxendine and Job Application Computer
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

Here, Amanda Oxendine guides you to the Job Application Computer inside the same room. Access the computer to view its Main Menu. You will be asked, “Which position are you interested in?” Select “Vacancy: Production Line Chemist“. You will have to go through the job requirements and qualifications. Eventually, press the “Scan ID and Apply for Position” button to apply with your newly forged ID as Reilly Chernyshevsky (I’m not sure what the name is for male characters).

Your choice of qualifications and skills during the application phase won’t matter, as Xenofresh Fisheries is eager to hire someone to produce Unprocessed Aurora. Still, I guess it’s best to say that you know a thing or two about Chemistry and eventually, your character will draw a diagram for the production of AMP (which you know by default).

Talk to Amanda Oxendine

Since Xenofresh Fisheries is desperate for a recruit, you will get an instant interview with Valentina Gurov at the Xenofresh Fisheries factory in Neon’s Underbelly.

Report to Valentina Gurov

Gate to Ebbside from Spaceport Terminal
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

You can fast-travel to the Spaceport Terminal elevator to Neon’s Underbelly fast. From there, turn left and instantly left again to head to the gate to Ebbside, just a few meters behind the elevator. Once you reach Ebbside, head straight until the intersection; you will be at Izna‘s sleepcrates now. Turn right and walk a few meters until you see the elevator on your left. Enter the elevator and head to the Underbelly.

Elevator to Neon's Underbelly
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

Now, head to Xenofresh Fisheries’ restricted area and get past the hanging fish until you reach the main facility. Inside it, you will find Valentina Gurov, who will hire you instantly. Their desperation may have to do with a potential delivery delay for Administrator Bayu’s upcoming event.

Velentina Gurov - Fishy Business
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

Put on the Clean Suit

It’s time to dress up for the occasion. Put on the Xenofresh Clean Suit and follow Valentina.

Follow Valentina Gurov

Once suited up, Valentina takes you through the inner workings of Xenofresh Fisheries.

Talk to Valentina Gurov

Valentina will elaborate on the production line procedures, setting the stage for your hands-on involvement with Unprocessed Aurora Production. You will first have a practice run without a timer to help you get up to speed. Afterward, you’ll need to produce Unprocessed Aurora three times to complete your shift. The steps are uncomplicated but need precision:

  1. Get Ingredients from the Ingredient Hopper: Collect exact ingredients from the Ingredient Hopper‘s Xenofresh Industries Ingredient Container (use the Transfer option to get the exact amounts required):
    • Hallucinogen x2
    • Chasmbass Oil x1
    • Benzene x1
    • Stimulant x1. Xenofresh Ingredient Container Contents
  2. Craft Aurora at the Pharmaceutical Lab: Head to the Xenofresh Fisheries Pharmaceutical Lab to craft Unprocessed Aurora. Unprocessed Aurora Recipe - Xenofresh Pharmaceutical Lab
  3. Deposit Aurora in the Assembly Hopper: Finally, deposit your product to the Assembly Hopper using the Transfer option. Xenofresh Aseembly Hopper

Manufacture the First, Second, and Third and Final Dose of Aurora

Manufacture Aurora - Excellent Performance
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

You must now repeat the Unprocessed Aurora crafting and deposit process three times with a timer.

Quicksaving is recommended. Execute the aforementioned three steps efficiently, and you’ll earn between 400 and 900 Credits for each dose of Aurora based on your performance. You must pick up the exact amount of ingredients and craft Unprocessed Aurora within 30 seconds to ace the manufacturing process.

You can read our guide on how to avoid subpar performance.

Find Neshars Contact in the Break Room

Find Neshars Contact in the Break Room
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

Your next destination is the Break Room, located to the left as you exit the production line. Here, you encounter Robie Hennigar, Neshar’s contact. She provides you with the coordinates for the package delivery and hints that can come to work another shift if you need more Aurora smuggling deliveries and new drop point coordinates.

Return to Yannick Legrande

Return to Yannick Legrande - Bayu's Intrusion
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

As you return to Yannick Legrande, the proprietor of Legrandes Liquors, you’re halted by Neon Security.

Talk to Yannick’s Intruder

Talk to Yannick's Intruder
Image Credit: Bethesda/BODERPOLAR

The intruder is none other than Benjamin Bayu, Neon’s Administrator. Negotiations (and threats) ensue, revolving around your newfound business venture involving Yannick’s Blend (with a little bit of Aurora inside). A proposed 20% cut for Bayu rounds off the deal, and you walk away with 75 EXP and 5,000 Credits on Normal difficulty, unlocking the follow-up side mission “Supply Line.”

This is how Neon works. What else did you expect?

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