Primary Sources Walkthrough: New Atlantis Misc Mission

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Starfield’s Primary Sources misc mission will have you conducting interviews with some businessmen in the Well.

Primary Sources Walkthrough New Atlantis Misc Mission

If you have wandered around New Atlantis long enough after completing One Small Step. In that case, you may be aware of Nadia Muffaz, an SSNN report who will pay you for interviews about your experiences in Starfield during the incremental A Light in the Darkness misc mission. However, Nadia writes her own stories too, and one requires her to interview businessmen at the Well, a task she will delegate to you in Primary Sources if you volunteer to do the job for her.

  • Misc mission in New Atlantis
  • Planets: Jemison
  • Rewards: 50 EXP and 2,500+ Credits

How to Start Primary Sources

How to Start Primary Sources
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Initiating this quest is straightforward. Locate Nadia Muffaz at the SSNN building’s front desk, next to the TerraBrew Coffee patio in New Atlantis’ Commercial District. Strike up a conversation about the stories she’s working on, and she’ll lament how her bosses have nixed a piece on local businesses in New Atlantis’ slum district, the Well. Volunteer to conduct the interviews, and you’re officially on the reporting beat.

Nadia directs you to Henrik Zuran, Nurse Talia O’Shea, and Theresa Mason. The order doesn’t matter, but all roads eventually lead you to the Well. Each conversation revolves around three set questions:

  1. I’d like to know how things are going at the Business Name these days.
  2. Will you tell me more about yourself?
  3. How have things been in the Well recently?

The easiest way to get to the Well from SSNN is to head to the MAST building and take the cargo elevator at the Tram Station. This guide will consider this elevator your entry point to the Well, so the business owner you will encounter first will be Talia O’Shea at the MedBay.

Primary Sources Quest Objective Markers
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Speak to Nurse O’Shea at the MedBay

Speak to Nurse O'Shea at the MedBay
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Born and raised in the Well and a former combat medic for the UC Navy during the Colony War, Talia O’Shea has been a nurse at the Medbay for over a decade. She highlights an alarming rise in violent incidents and a mysterious infection affecting children.

Note: Nurse O’Shea’s comments on the spreading infection affecting children offer a segue into another misc quest, “Reliable Care.”

Speak to Henrik at Apex Electronics

Speak to Henrik at Apex Electronics
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Henrik is a fierce, cagey elder who’s seen better days. He isn’t forthcoming but gives you enough to understand that the Well is going through a grim period.

Note: Don’t miss out on chatting with Vicente Salinas nearby, as it opens up another quest, “A Shipment for Salinas.”

Speak to Theresa at Kay’s House

Speak to Theresa at Kay's House
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Theresa inherited Kay’s House from her mother Kay and aims to provide a safe space in an area marred by crime and poverty. She is, however, concerned about some new customers who have their eyes peeled on UC Surplus, suspecting them of sinister plans.

Note: Theresa’s suspicions can trigger another misc quest, “Suspicious Activities.”

Once you complete the three interviews, you can fast-travel to the Commercial District to complete the quest.

Return to Nadia Muffaz

Return to Nadia Muffaz
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

After collecting these eye-opening accounts, head back to Nadia at SSNN to share your findings. While the news from the Well is far from uplifting, Nadia is eager to spotlight the issues in an upcoming article in hope that the UC government will take action on their promises. Your reward for this journalistic endeavor? A modest 50 XP and approximately 2,500 credits.

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