All Powers in Starfield: Effects & How to Level Them Up

Anastasios Antoniadis

Solving Temple Etas Puzzle Into the Unknown

Powers (or Cosmic Powers) in Starfield add a nice extra flavor by granting your character some really fancy abilities, which can be very beneficial in combat situations. There are 24 powers in Starfield, each one connected to a temple scattered around the universe.

Unlocking Powers: Into the Unknown and Power From Beyond

Your first foray into this starts with the “Into the Unknownmain mission (the third, fourth, or fifth mission depending on your choices; it was the fifth for me), where you encounter your first temple, temple Eta on Procyon III. There, you must solve a puzzle by collecting shiny star clusters in time to spin the rings at the center of the temple until you unlock the power and exit the temple.

Completing Into the Unknown opens up a new quest line called “Power from Beyond,” which serves as your roadmap to discovering the other 23 temples and, by extension, their powers.

Unlocking new Power from Beyond missions is random and seems connected to exploring and scanning new planets. Based on what I have experienced, every time I jump into a new planet, I can obtain a Power From Beyond mission (Scanning the planet may be a requirement).

While the whole “Power From Beyond” questline is optional, unlocking all Powers (or at least unlocking until you get the ones you want) is highly recommended.

All 24 Powers in Starfield

Before diving into the specific synergies and upgrades, lets first get acquainted with the diverse set of powers available in the game. Below is a table showcasing all 24 powers, their respective descriptions, costs, and associated Temples and Artifacts:

Personal AtmosphereCreate a small area of unlimited oxygen around you for a duration45Alpha
Gravity WaveLaunches a gravity wave in a cone ahead of you that staggers and knocks down enemies25Beta
Sense Star StuffChannel the power to detect all life around you for a duration15Chi
Gravity WellCreate an area of dense gravity that pulls in and crushes everything and everyone in it45Delta
EarthboundChange the gravity around you to Earth gravity levels for a duration15Epsilon
Anti-Gravity FieldCreates an area of anti-gravity that also paralyzes enemies caught in it45Eta
Create VacuumCut the O2 supply of targets in the area for a duration25Gamma
PrecognitionLook into the multiverse and visualize the future actions of actors, conversational and otherwise35Iota
Sunless SpaceShoot a ball of ice as cold as space into an area, freezing any living being caught in the blast for a duration35Kappa
Eternal HarvestRegrows flora that has been harvested in a large area around you25Lambda
Phased TimePhase through the normal flow of time and slow down the universe for a duration45Mu
Creators’ PeacePacifies all enemies in an area and disarms them for a duration25Nu
Particle BeamShoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage to enemies in front of you15Omega
Void FormWarp the light around you, becoming nearly invisible for a duration45Omicron
Alien ReanimationResurrects a dead alien to fight alongside you for a duration35Phi
Life ForcedDrain the life force out of a living being and transfer it to yourself25Pi
Elemental PullBlasts inorganic resources in an area around you and pulls them towards you25Psi
Moon FormBecome as strong as stone, rooting yourself in place and increasing your resistance to all damages greatly35Rho
Parallel SelfSummon another version of you from an alternate dimension for a duration45Sigma
Reactive ShieldEnvelop yourself in a metastable shell of antimatter that reflects projectiles and increases your resistance to attacks35Tau
Solar FlareEmit an intense burst of solar energy that damages enemies and can set them ablaze25Theta
Inner DemonForce an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image of themselves that attacks them35Upsilon
SupernovaExplode with the power of a supernova in an area around you, dealing massive damage45Xi
Grav DashManipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict15Zeta

Powers & Skills Synergy

Certain powers are more than just extraordinary abilities; they can redefine the character you build. If you play a stealthy character, powers like Void Form will be your bread and butter. Conversely, if you focus on social manipulation, precognition will give you an edge in conversations and make a great combination with your Persuasive skills.

How to Level Up Powers in Starfield?

But that’s not the end. Starfield allows you to level up these powers to level 10, increasing their potency or effect duration by revisiting all 24 temples in each new game plus cycle. So, it takes nine additional playthroughs via new game plus to unlock these powers’ fullest potential. Each time you pass through the Unity, essentially reset everything except for your level and skills; the temples also reset. To get all 24 skills to Level 10, complete the temple puzzle 240 times, 24 times in each of the 10 playthroughs.

Even if you only want to get one power to level 10, you can’t predict which one you will get at each temple, except Anti-Gravity Field, which is always the one you get at Temple Eta. Much grinding will be required to get your favorite power to level 10.

An easy way to overcome this issue of chasing temples and completing the minigame 240 times is to use a mod like Simple Temple Overhaul. The mod changes the leveling-up mechanics for Cosmic Powers, and each time you pass through the Unity, your powers level up instantly, so you won’t have to go temple hunting. Completing the minigames will just reward you with 2 Quantum Essence using this mod.


Powers in Starfield are not merely add-ons but core elements that enrich your exploration and combat experience. Their acquisition and subsequent upgrades present a compelling meta-quest that parallels the main story, adding complexity and intrigue to an already expansive universe. With 24 options, each with its unique advantages and synergies, your journey through the Settled Systems will be anything but mundane.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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