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Calculate Parents Based on Offspring

Select the desired child Pal to find all the parent breeding combinations that can produce it.

Parent Breeding Combinations will be shown here

Calculate Child Based on Parents

Select both parent Pals to find which Pal they produce as their child when bred.

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Breeding Mechanics in Palworld

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Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Breeding mechanics in the game are straightforward yet nuanced. Each Pal possesses an intrinsic “breeding power” value ranging from 10 to 1500, where a lower value indicates a rarer or more potent Pal.

Floor((Parent1Power + Parent2Power + 1) / 2) = Offspring Power

In essence, this involves summing the powers of both parents plus one, dividing the total by two, and then rounding down to the nearest whole number to determine the offspring’s power.

The breeding algorithm selects the Pal whose power most closely aligns with this calculated average.

In the event of a tie—where the offspring’s power is equidistant between two Pals—the decision is based on the order of appearance in the game’s index file; The Pal with the highest index number will be selected (at least that’s what I understand from my tests).

For example, if the offspring’s power is 440, and the closest power values are 430 (Mossanda – No. 033) and 450 (Sibelix – No. 079), the chosen Pal will be Sibelyx.

This system ensures that it is impossible to breed a Pal surpassing the stronger or rarity of the more powerful parent. For instance, and based on the previous example, breeding a parent with a power of 220 (Beakon) and another with 660 (Vanwyrm) would result in an offspring with a power of 450 (Sibelyx).

Subsequent breeding cycles with Beakon (the lower-power parent) demonstrate a gradual approach towards the power level of the lower-power parent, Beakon, in this example, but never subceding it. On the other hand, breeding cycles with Sibelyx and Vanwyrm will eventually lead to constantly getting Vanwyrm. Here is how it looks:

  • Breed(440, 220) = 340 (Warsect)
  • Breed(340, 220) = 280 (Relaxaurus)
  • Breed(280, 220) = 250 (Lyleen)
  • Breed(250, 220) = 250 (Lyleen)
  • … from now on, you will always get Lyleen.

Understanding the Palworld Breeding Calculators

We provide two breeding calculators. The first calculates all the parent combos that can produce the selected Pal through breeding. In contrast, the second one takes both parents as input and calculates the resulting Pal child.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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