Saburo’s Solution Walkthrough: Starfield Guide

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Starfield’s Saburo’s solution miscellaneous mission will have you delivering flyers to promote Saburo’s ambition to unite the merchants of Neon.

Distribute Flyers to Neon Merchants - Saburo's Solution

In Saburo’s Solution, Saburo Okadigbo, the owner of the Mining League in Neon (Core), aspires to unite the merchants of Neon and forge a bond that will help them overcome problems and thrive together. Saburo will hand you five flyers to distribute to other businessmen in Neon.

  • Side Mission in Neon
  • PlanetsVolii Alpha
  • Rewards: 110 EXP & 1,800 Credits (Normal Difficulty)

How to Start Saburo’s Solution

Saburo Okadigbo - Saburo's Solution
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

You can either track the activity “Talk to Saburo Okadigbo” once it appears in your Mission Log, or you can head straight to the Mining League, which is to your left from the spaceport elevator (where you enter Neon Core) and across the street from Neon’s Trade Authority.

Talk to Saburo about his struggles with his shop and select the Is there anything I can do to help you save your store? He will ask you to deliver flyers to vendors around Neon. These flyers explain how the vendors can improve the state of their businesses as a group.

Distribute Flyers to Neon Merchants

Distribute Flyers to Neon Merchants - Saburo's Solution
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

I don’t know whether the merchants you choose to deliver the flyers to, but I tried to pick the ones that mentioned problems with their businesses (now that I think about it, they all did).

Here are my picks:

  1. James Newill (Newill’s Goods – Neon Core)
  2. Minerva Clement (The Volii Hotel – Neon Core)
  3. Dietrich Sieghart (Sieghart’s Outfitters – Neon Core)
  4. Yannick Legrande (Legrande’s Liquors – Neon Core)
  5. Kosmos Bakas (Offworld Eats – Underbelly)
  6. Katherine Luzion (Quikshop – Underbelly)
  7. Tevin Anastas (The Emporium – Neon Core)
  8. Doc Manning (Reliant Medical – Neon Core)
  9. Paige Overton (Enhance! – Neon Core)

I was able to deliver 9 flyers even though the requirement was to deliver 5 flyers.

Merchants who declined a flyer:

  • Glenn Markham (Xenofresh Seafood – Underbelly)
  • Jack Renning (Neon Tactical – Neon Core)

Return to Saburo

Return to Saburo
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Return to Saburo at the Mining League and inform him you handed out all the flyers. You will receive 110 EXP and 1,800 Credits.

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