The Kindness of Strangers Walkthrough: New Atlantis Side Mission

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The Kindness of Strangers has Starfield players help a patient at the MedBay in the Well.

The Kindness of Strangers Walkthrough New Atlantis Side Mission

“The Kindness of Strangers” emerges as a compelling optional quest in the Starfield universe, offering a unique glimpse into the heart of New Atlantis’ tough side. This side mission, reminiscent of “An Invitation,” which introduces you to Sanctum Universum, is a potential first encounter with a significant galactic faith, specifically the House of the Enlightened.

  • Side Mission in New Atlantis
  • PlanetsJemison
  • Rewards100 EXP & 2,000 Credits

How to Start The Kindness of Strangers

House of the Enlightened Location The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Your journey begins with a conversation with Andy Singh. Nestled in the shadowy depths of New Atlantis, the House of the Enlightened lies in an area known as the Well – a network of subterranean pathways, which I typically call New Atlantis’ slums (similar to Midgar’s slums in FF VII). To reach this hidden enclave without specific quest markers, start at your spacecraft in the Spaceport. Navigate through the bustling streets, passing landmarks like Jemison Mercantile and Terrabrew Coffee, until you find the elevator that descends into the Well. Here, tucked away to your left and accessible via a staircase, you’ll find the House of the Enlightened, marked by a distinctive green door.

Andy Singh House of the Enlightened Location The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Upon meeting Andy Singh, you’re tasked with a simple yet vital mission: assist Tahir, a man in need at the MedBay. Andy entrusts you with 2000 Credits for your efforts and sends you on your way.

Pick up the Patient from the MedBay

Tahir Vala MedBay The Well
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

As you delve further into the Well, watch for the MedBay towards the rear. You’ll find Tahir Vala, distinguishable by his hesitant demeanor as he declines help from a UC Security guard. You may have already encountered a reference to Tahir Vala during “Two Tales, Two Cities,” where a witness accused him of vandalism at the MAST building.

Tahir’s confusion is palpable, struggling with a disorienting brain fog. Assure him of your intent, explaining Andy’s role in your mission, and he will agree to accompany you to Kay’s House for a meal.

Stop By Kay’s for a Homecooked Meal

Stop By Kay's for a Homecooked Meal The Kindness of Strangers
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Returning towards the Well’s entrance, just past House of Enlightened, a left turn leads you to Kay’s House. Mention Andy to Kay, and she’ll recognize the arrangement, preparing a complimentary Miso Soup for Tahir.

Escort the Patient Home

Tahir’s home isn’t far from the MedBay, near the soccer nets. Lead him through the winding paths of the Well, using the medical facility as a landmark to navigate. As you approach the vicinity of Jake’s, a heartfelt dialogue with Tahir unfolds. Whether your actions stem from genuine compassion or quest completion, remember to hand the soup to Tahir. Your kindness is rewarded with the initial 2000 Credits from Andy and an additional 150 XP, marking the successful completion of this heartwarming mission.

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