All Starfield Ship Weapon Modules Wiki: Ship Weapon Types Explained

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All Starfield Ship Weapon Modules Ship Weapon Types Explained scaled
All Starfield Ship Weapon Modules Ship Weapon Types Explained
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This guide aims to indulge Starfield players in the numerous options of weapon ship modules. With many options available, understanding each weapon type’s specific advantages and drawbacks is critical for victory. From lasers that decimate shields to electromagnetic weapons designed to disable a ship’s systems, this guide delves into the specifics to help you make an informed decision.

All Different Types of Ship Weapon Modules

Weapon TypeCharacteristics
Laser (LAS)Primarily effective against a ship’s shield; high damage output to shields.
Ballistic (BAL)Skews toward damaging a ship’s hull or health; less effective on shields.
Missile (MSL)Requires target lock and has a slow fire rate; deals substantial damage to both shields and hull.
Particle Beam (PAR)A versatile option with balanced capabilities against both shields and hull.
Electromagnetic (EM)Focuses on crippling a ship’s systems rather than causing physical damage.

Best Weapon Types for Enemy Ship Destruction

If you’re the kind of captain whose primary objective is to reduce enemy ships to cosmic debris, you’ll want to focus on laser, ballistic, missile, or particle beam weaponry. These are the juggernauts of hull and shield damage. Each type, however, comes with its own range and fire rate specifications.

  • Laser (LAS): These weapons are your go-to for chipping away enemy shields. They generally offer a higher rate of fire and are most effective at depleting shields, but don’t expect them to do wonders against a ship’s hull.
  • Ballistic (BAL): Ballistic weapons are your hull busters. While they may not be the best for taking down shields, they are incredibly effective at damaging the ship’s structural integrity.
  • Missile (MSL): Missiles bring the best of both worlds, capable of causing considerable damage to both shields and hull. The caveat? You’ll need to lock onto your target first, and these weapons tend to have a slower rate of fire.
  • Particle Beam (PAR): Think of particle beams as the jack-of-all-trades in your space armory. They offer a balanced approach, capable of dealing reasonable damage to shields and hulls without excelling in any particular area.

Best Weapon Types for Enemy Ship Incapacitation

If you’re more interested in tactical maneuvers and prefer incapacitating ships rather than destroying them outrightperhaps to board them for intelligence or other missionselectromagnetic (EM) weapons are your best bet. These unique devices don’t excel in causing physical damage; instead, they specialize in disabling a target ship’s systems, rendering them vulnerable to boarding and commandeering if you disable the engines.

All Ship Weapon Modules in Starfield

Weapon ModuleManufacturerClassMax PowerRate of FireHull DMGShield DMGEM DMGHull DMG/PWRShield DMG/PWREM DMG/PWRMassRequired LevelSkill RequirementsValue
CE-09 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.A31363601212011None1,700
CE-19 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.A317777026260135Starship Design (Rank 3)9,925
CE-29 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.B31.255858024240317None6,125
CE-39 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.B31104104035350444Starship Design (Rank 3)15,400
CE-49 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.C319696032320624None13,800
CE-59 Missile LauncherBallistic Solutions Inc.C31153153051510749Starship Design (Rank 3)25,200
EMP-1000 SuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.C40.811540014610None11,600
EMP-200 SuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.A41.53654214211230Starship Design (Rank 3)30,500
EMP-500 SuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.B41.511450011412None45,600
EMP-80 SuppressorBallistic Solutions Inc.A41.536524142616None4,650
KE-20 CannonBallistic Solutions Inc.A33.4917502060111None7,225
KE-20A AutocannonBallistic Solutions Inc.A36.6512402790119Starship Design (Rank 1)15,700
KE-31 CannonBallistic Solutions Inc.A43.4927802470136Starship Design (Rank 3)21,800
KE-31A AutocannonBallistic Solutions Inc.A46.65196032100146Starship Design (Rank 4)35,200
KE-42 CannonBallistic Solutions Inc.B32.531902680425None14,700
KE-42 Cannon TurretBallistic Solutions Inc.B42.5451402890438Starship Design (Rank 3)29,300
KE-42A AutocannonBallistic Solutions Inc.B4520602580430Starship Design (Rank 2)45,000
KE-49 CannonBallistic Solutions Inc.B42.5431302780444Starship Design (Rank 3)27,300
KE-49A AutocannonBallistic Solutions Inc.B45309038110460Starship Design (Rank 4)4,500
MKE-4 Gauss GunBallistic Solutions Inc.C31.5511502680624None14,300
MKE-4A Auto Gauss GunBallistic Solutions Inc.C3424703290627Starship Design (Rank 1)22,500
MKE-9 Gauss GunBallistic Solutions Inc.C41.5621902370735Starship Design (Rank 2)21,200
MKE-9A Auto Gauss GunBallistic Solutions Inc.C443711037110757Starship Design (Rank 4)44,200
PB-100 Neutron BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B32.52323019190416None8,100
PB-175 Helion BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B32.52929024240528Starship Design (Rank 2)13,800
PB-300 Alpha BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.C31.54141021210119None9,625
PB-50 Proton BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A43.492121018180330Starship Design (Rank 3)14,200
PBO-100 Auto Neutron BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B351414023230420None12,800
PBO-100 Auto Neutron TurretBallistic Solutions Inc.B351616027270425Starship Design (Rank 1)16,600
PBO-175 Auto Helion BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.B361919038380548Starship Design (Rank 4)29,500
PBO-30 Auto Electron BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A36.6599020200612None9,025
PBO-300 Auto Alpha BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.C341919025250624None15,100
PBO-300 Auto Alpha TurretBallistic Solutions Inc.C342222029290627Starship Design (Rank 1)19,600
PBO-40 Auto Electron BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A46.651414023230116Starship Design (Rank 4)21,600
PBO-50 Auto Proton BeamBallistic Solutions Inc.A46.651515025250338Starship Design (Rank 3)24,100
Devastator 1500 Missile LauncherHorizon DefenseC316868023230135None8,125
Disruptor 3300 Electron BeamHorizon DefenseA33.49121201414014None2,250
Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron BeamHorizon DefenseA36.658801818018None6,500
Disruptor 3310 Proton BeamHorizon DefenseA33.491818021210220Starship Design (Rank 1)10,200
Disruptor 3310A Auto Proton BeamHorizon DefenseA46.651313022220230Starship Design (Rank 3)19,100
Disruptor 3320 Neutron BeamHorizon DefenseB32.5202001717025None5,275
Disruptor 3320 Neutron TurretHorizon DefenseB32.52929024240220None13,800
Disruptor 3320A Auto Neutron BeamHorizon DefenseB351313022220216None10,900
Disruptor 3330 Helion BeamHorizon DefenseB42.53030019190330Starship Design (Rank 2)14,700
Disruptor 3330A Auto Helion BeamHorizon DefenseB451919024240336Starship Design (Rank 3)22,300
Disruptor 3340 Alpha BeamHorizon DefenseC31.53838019190610None7,925
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha BeamHorizon DefenseC341717023230619None12,100
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha TurretHorizon DefenseC341919025250624None15,100
Dragon 221 MW LaserHorizon DefenseA33.494120514011None1,500
Dragon 221P MW Pulse LaserHorizon DefenseA36.65390720011None7,975
Dragon 231 IR LaserHorizon DefenseA33.496190722011None9,075
Dragon 241 LaserHorizon DefenseB32.57230619015None5,275
Dragon 241P Pulse LaserHorizon DefenseB3551508250314None13,400
Dragon 241P Pulse Laser TurretHorizon DefenseB32.5103208270119None13,400
Dragon 251 UV LaserHorizon DefenseB32.5103408280430Starship Design (Rank 2)13,400
Dragon 251P UV Pulse LaserHorizon DefenseB35722012370436Starship Design (Rank 3)24,200
Dragon 261 SX LaserHorizon DefenseC31.5134307220110None7,450
Dragon 261 SX Laser TurretHorizon DefenseC31.5185909300124None15,600
Dragon 261P SX Pulse LaserHorizon DefenseC3462008270119None12,300
Hunter Mag-350 Missile LauncherHorizon DefenseB315555018180430Starship Design (Rank 1)5,525
Hunter Mag-450 Missile LauncherHorizon DefenseB319090030300560Starship Design (Rank 4)12,500
Infiltrator SC-01 Missile LauncherHorizon DefenseA31404101314031Starship Design (Rank 1)2,500
Infiltrator SC-02 Missile LauncherHorizon DefenseA316565022220351Starship Design (Rank 4)7,525
Marauder 114ANC RailgunHorizon DefenseC41.5431301650610None9,300
Marauder 114ANC Rapid RailgunHorizon DefenseC4420602060619None15,800
Marauder 115N RailgunHorizon DefenseC41.5571702160630Starship Design (Rank 1)18,100
Marauder 115N Railgun TurretHorizon DefenseC41.5812403090643Starship Design (Rank 3)33,100
Marauder 115N Rapid RailgunHorizon DefenseC443310033100749Starship Design (Rank 3)37,500
Mauler 104L AutocannonHorizon DefenseA46.65930155011None7,400
Mauler 104L CannonHorizon DefenseA43.491340113011None1,375
Mauler 105U AutocannonHorizon DefenseA46.6514402370125Starship Design (Rank 2)21,300
Mauler 105U CannonHorizon DefenseA43.4920601750119Starship Design (Rank 1)11,600
Mauler 106S Shot-CannonHorizon DefenseB41.75481402160316Starship Design (Rank 4)5,000
Mauler 106T AutocannonHorizon DefenseB4515501960316None13,700
Mauler 106T Autocannon TurretHorizon DefenseB4517502160320None17,900
Mauler 106T CannonHorizon DefenseB42.52370144035None6,375
Mauler 107I AutocannonHorizon DefenseB45258031100444Starship Design (Rank 4)34,600
Mauler 107I CannonHorizon DefenseB42.5341002160430Starship Design (Rank 2)17,900
PB-30 Electron BeamHorizon DefenseA33.49131301515018None3,575
Singe 4MW LaserHorizon DefenseA43.4972206190124Starship Design (Rank 2)12,800
Singe-P 4MW Pulse LaserHorizon DefenseA46.6551608270135Starship Design (Rank 3)22,400
Atlatl 270A Missile LauncherLight ScytheA31474701616021None3,900
Atlatl 270B Missile LauncherLight ScytheB41686801717045None8,125
Atlatl 270C Missile LauncherLight ScytheC41149149037370710None24,400
Atlatl 280A Missile LauncherLight ScytheA318282027270325Starship Design (Rank 2)10,900
Atlatl 280B Missile LauncherLight ScytheB4114114103535051Starship Design (Rank 3)22,800
Atlatl 280C Missile LauncherLight ScytheC41264264066660743Starship Design (Rank 3)47,500
Atlatl 290B Missile LauncherLight ScytheB1019696010100716Starship Design (Rank 4)13,800
Blaze 2GW SX LaserLight ScytheC31.5144607230619None9,075
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse LaserLight ScytheC3472409320627Starship Design (Rank 1)16,600
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser TurretLight ScytheC4482508250630Starship Design (Rank 1)21,000
Dragon 231P IR Pulse LaserLight ScytheA36.6541309290124Starship Design (Rank 2)15,200
Eradicator 75MeV Auto Neutron BeamLight ScytheB451717021210330Starship Design (Rank 2)18,500
Eradicator 75MeV Auto Neutron TurretLight ScytheB451919024240336Starship Design (Rank 3)22,300
Eradicator 75MeV Neutron BeamLight ScytheB42.52828018180325None12,800
Exterminator 95MeV Auto Helion BeamLight ScytheB452626033330460Starship Design (Rank 4)35,500
Exterminator 95MeV Helion BeamLight ScytheB42.53939024240448Starship Design (Rank 3)23,200
Firebolt 4000 SuppressorLight ScytheB31.2511470016330Starship Design (Rank 2)14,500
Flare 15MW IR LaserLight ScytheA33.494140516011None1,500
Flare-P 15MW IR Pulse LaserLight ScytheA36.653100722019None7,975
Fulminator 8000 SuppressorLight ScytheC30.811580019630None3,125
Nullifier 1750 SuppressorLight ScytheA31.511481116238Starship Design (Rank 3)39,100
Obliterator 250MeV Alpha BeamLight ScytheC41.55555021210136None17,600
Obliterator 250MeV Alpha TurretLight ScytheC41.58686032320160None35,100
Obliterator 250MeV Auto Alpha BeamLight ScytheC442929029290151None30,200
Ravager 20MeV Auto Electron BeamLight ScytheA46.651111018180220Starship Design (Rank 1)14,100
Ravager 20MeV Electron BeamLight ScytheA43.491515013130212None6,225
Scorch 60MW LaserLight ScytheB42.582505160314None7,975
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse LaserLight ScytheB42.5103206200319None13,400
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser TurretLight ScytheB4551806230325Starship Design (Rank 1)13,400
Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser TurretLight ScytheB4382506190316Starship Design (Rank 4)12,300
Spark 750 SuppressorLight ScytheA31.511301110112None13,300
Torch 250MW UV LaserLight ScytheB42.5113807240436Starship Design (Rank 3)16,100
Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse LaserLight ScytheB45825010310444Starship Design (Rank 3)29,600
Vaporizer 35MeV Auto Proton BeamLight ScytheA46.651717028280351Starship Design (Rank 3)29,200
Vaporizer 35MeV Proton BeamLight ScytheA43.492424021210338Starship Design (Rank 4)18,100
Dangan Pb CannonShinigamiA33.491550176016None4,300
Dangan Pb RF AutocannonShinigamiA36.6510302270111None10,200
Dangan W CannonShinigamiA33.4922702680125Starship Design (Rank 2)14,500
Dangan W RF AutocannonShinigamiA36.65175038110136Starship Design (Rank 3)29,600
Jishaku AlNiCo RailgunShinigamiB32.53912033100438Starship Design (Rank 3)23,100
Jishaku AlNiCo RF Rapid RailgunShinigamiB35288047130452Starship Design (Rank 4)40,800
Jishaku Fe RailgunShinigamiB32.526802270316None9,525
Jishaku Fe RF Rapid RailgunShinigamiB3517502880320None17,900
Jishaku Fe RF Rapid Railgun TurretShinigamiB3518503080325None20,000
Jishaku Nd RailgunShinigamiC31.5461402370619None11,200
Jishaku Nd RF Rapid RailgunShinigamiC3422702990624None19,100
Jishaku Nd RF Rapid Railgun TurretShinigamiC3424703290627Starship Design (Rank 1)22,500
Reza 10 PHz Pulse Laser TurretShinigamiB45930011380360Starship Design (Rank 4)35,000
Reza 10 PHz UV LaserShinigamiB42.5134308270444Starship Design (Rank 3)21,500
Reza 10 PHz UV Pulse LaserShinigamiB45828010350452Starship Design (Rank 3)29,600
Reza 30 THz IR LaserShinigamiA43.4982607230135Starship Design (Rank 3)16,600
Reza 30 THz IR Pulse LaserShinigamiA46.65619010320146Starship Design (Rank 4)29,600
Reza 300 PHz SX LaserShinigamiC41.5196307240636Starship Design (Rank 2)17,200
Reza 300 PHz SX Pulse LaserShinigamiC441034010340651Starship Design (Rank 2)29,600
Reza 300 PHz SX Pulse Laser TurretShinigamiC441138011380660Starship Design (Rank 4)33,900
Reza 45 GHz MW LaserShinigamiA43.495160414019Starship Design (Rank 1)5,275
Reza 45 GHz MW Pulse LaserShinigamiA46.653110518011Starship Design (Rank 1)7,975
Reza 600 THz LaserShinigamiB42.593106190125None10,700
Reza 600 THz Pulse LaserShinigamiB4562008250130Starship Design (Rank 2)18,800
Supaku 110GC SuppressorShinigamiA61.51136006119Starship Design (Rank 1)21,900
Supaku 250GC SuppressorShinigamiA61.51154009251Starship Design (Rank 4)47,800
Supaku 600GC SuppressorShinigamiB61.251155009149None36,000
Tatsu 500EM SuppressorShinigamiC60.811870015751Starship Design (Rank 2)20,700
Tatsu 501EM SuppressorShinigamiC60.8111080018760Starship Design (Rank 4)24,600
Tsukisasu 13K Missile LauncherShinigamiA313838013130111None2,100
Tsukisasu 19K Missile LauncherShinigamiA417878020200241Starship Design (Rank 4)10,100
Tsukisasu 25k Missile LauncherShinigamiB315252017170325None4,925
Tsukisasu 33k Missile LauncherShinigamiB419696024240452Starship Design (Rank 4)13,800
Tsukisasu 40k Missile LauncherShinigamiC418282021210630None10,900
Tsukisasu 50k Missile LauncherShinigamiC41136136034340650Starship Design (Rank 4)21,800
Vanguard Ares Particle CannonVanguardC34181802424011None13,600
Vanguard Hellfire AutocannonVanguardB27.518506819011None2,750
Vanguard Obliterator AutoprojectorVanguardA26.65111103737011None14,100
Vanguard Starseeker Pulse LaserVanguardC4682101232011None38,200
Vanguard Tempest CE-13 Missile LauncherVanguardA61.53330088011None1,500
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