How to Disable a Ship’s Systems in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Disable a Ships Systems in Starfield 1

This guide will be similar to my guide on stealing/commandeering ships or disabling a ship’s engines. However, this is the generic version, where you want to enter Targeting Mode to disable any of the enemy ship‘s systems. The exact value of such a feat is a bit obscure, but sometimes in space combat you may not have enough to destroy an enemy ship (because you are fighting multiple ships) and you may prefer to destroy its weapons instead (as it can be done faster if you use Targeting Mode effectively.

How to Destroy a Ship’s Systems

The first thing you are going to need is Targeting Control Systems Rank 1. This is a first-tier skill in the Tech skill tree. This is a mandatory requirement;without it, you can’t use the Targeting Mode.

Step #1: Lock onto the Enemy Ship

Targeting and Locking
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Essentially, this is a 2-step process. You must hover your crosshair on the enemy ship until the “Lockingbar is filled. Using E on PC or A on Xbox may help you target the enemy ship faster.

Step #2: Enable Targeting Mode

Once the locking bar is filled, press R on PC or X on Xbox to activate the Targeting Mode. This mode slows time and allows you to target an enemy ship’s systems. Ranking up Targeting Control Systems will increase the mode’s duration and your chance to deal critical damage while also reducing damage received. Overall, this is a great skill to have.

This is the panel you will see:

Targeting Mode Systems Selection
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

The panel will allow you to switch between six systems: W0, W1, W2, ENG, SHD, and GRV. W0, W1, and W2 will be any of the following: LAS, PAR, BAL, and MSL. In the above image, we have LAS (lasers), BAL (ballistics), MSL (missiles), ENG (engines), SHD (shield), and GRV (Grav. Drive).

The purple indicates the bar showing the remaining time you will stay in Targeting Mode. At this point, you can use A and D on PC or the left stick on Xbox to switch between any system and start damaging it.

What Type of Damage Works Best for Disabling Ship Systems?

This is quite an important part of the disabling systems process. Ballistics, Particle Beams, and Lasers won’t work well on damaging a ship’s systems. The first type will also damage the ship’s hull, so you may destroy the ship before disabling any system. The other two options mostly focus on shield damage.

So what do you do? Get a weapon that deals EM damage, as it’s great at frying a ship’s systems. Starfield Ship Services Technicians offer many choices of such weapons, called Suppressors. The best ones for stealing are the ones that deal 1 hull damage, as they give you the best chance to keep the enemy ship intact. If you want to disable the enemy ship’s systems and destroy it you can use EMP-200 Suppressor or EMP-80 Suppressor, manufactured by Ballistic Solutions, as the deal significant hull damage.

The best EM weapon pick really depends on whether you aim for the destruction of commandeering of the enemy ship.

NameManufacturerClassRangeFire RateHull DMGShield DMGEM DMGMax PowerHullMassValueRequirement
EMP-1000 SUPPRESSORBallistic Solutions Inc.C8008115448611020None
EMP-200 SUPPRESSORBallistic Solutions Inc.A80023654242228975Starship Design (Rank 3)
EMP-80 SUPPRESSORBallistic Solutions Inc.A8001365244114417None
EMP-500 SUPPRESSORBallistic Solutions Inc.B8005114545443320None
FIREBOLT 4000 SUPPRESSORLight ScytheB8005114735313775Starship Design (Rank 2)
FULMINATOR 8000 SUPPRESSORLight ScytheC800811583862968None
NULLIFIER 1750 SUPPRESSORLight ScytheA8002114832237145Starship Design (Rank 3)
SPARK 750 SUPPRESSORLight ScytheA10001113031112635None

The End Product: Destroyed Systems

End Product Three Destroyed Systems
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

The end result will be similar to the above image, where the enemy ship’s Engine, Missiles, and Ballistics are destroyed, rendering the ship immobile and almost completely neutralized. However, since I didn’t use an EM weapon, the ship’s hull was also completely destroyed. One or two more shots will destroy it. However, at this point, you can dock with it and commandeer it.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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