All Cargo Holds and Shielded Cargo Holds in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

All Cargo Holds and Shielded Cargo Holds in Starfield

Although Cargo Holds and Shielded Cargo Holds are not functional ship modules like Reactors, Engines, Weapons, Shields, and Grav. Drives, they are still quite essential as you can store a ton of items and resources with the right Cargo Hold, while choosing the right Shielded Cargo Hold is a game-changer for smuggling Contraband.

How Cargo Holds and Shielded Cargo Holds Work

Cargo Holds: Cargo Holds are accessible from ship cockpits. You can use the Transfer function to move items back and forth between your inventory and Cargo Hold. While Cargo Holds have a max capacity, you can add multiple on your ship to reach a really high cargo capacity. Note that your Cargo Hold load should affect your ship’s mass, mobility, and top speed (I’m not 100% sure this is true).

Shielded Cargo Holds: Shielded Cargo Holds are not manually accessible, but essentially, any amount of Contraband with a mass lower than the Shielded Cargo Hold’s capacity will be shielded from Freestar Collective and United Colonies scans, giving you a chance to bypass the scanners. You can use Scan Jammers to increase their effectiveness.

All Cargo Holds & Shielded Cargo Holds in Starfield

There are 28 Cargo Holds and 6 Shielded Cargo Holds in Starfield. Below, you will find all of them and their specs: model, manufacturer, cargo capacity, mass, hull, required character level to unlock, Starship Design skill rank requirement and value:

Cargo ModuleManufacturerCapacityShieldedHullMassCPMRequired LevelSkill RequirementsValue
100CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems210No5444.771750
100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems160Yes5483.3331,500
10ST Hauler Shielded Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems320Yes51242.583018,800
10T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems585No51244.7215Starship Design (Rank 1)3,800
200CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems245No5524.7131,050
200CM Ballast Shielded Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems190Yes5563.3984,750
20T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems760No51604.7519Starship Design (Rank 1)5,200
300CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems320No5684.711Starship Design (Rank 1)1,650
30T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems1,000No52124.7223Starship Design (Rank 2)7,150
400CM Ballast Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems435No5924.7311Starship Design (Rank 1)2,550
40T Hauler Cargo HoldSextant Shield Systems1,270No52684.7431Starship Design (Rank 3)9,300
Caravel V101 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems225No5484.691850
Caravel V101 Shielded Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems170Yes5523.2742,600
Caravel V102 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems300No5644.694Starship Design (Rank 1)1,500
Caravel V102 Shielded Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems240Yes5723.3311Starship Design (Rank 1)10,100
Caravel V103 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems395No5844.708Starship Design (Rank 1)2,250
Caravel V104 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems550No51164.7412Starship Design (Rank 2)3,500
da Gama 1000 Cargo HoldPanoptes210No5444.776750
da Gama 1000 Shielded Cargo HoldPanoptes160Yes5483.33141,500
da Gama 1010 Cargo HoldPanoptes245No5524.71101,050
da Gama 1010 Shielded Cargo HoldPanoptes190Yes5563.3920Starship Design (Rank 1)4,750
da Gama 1020 Cargo HoldPanoptes320No5684.711Starship Design (Rank 1)1,650
Galleon S201 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems720No51524.7416Starship Design (Rank 1)4,850
Galleon S202 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems950No52004.7520Starship Design (Rank 1)6,700
Galleon S203 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems1,200No52524.7624Starship Design (Rank 2)8,750
Galleon S204 Cargo HoldProtectorate Systems1,480No53124.7432Starship Design (Rank 2)11,000
Polo 2000 Cargo HoldPanoptes435No5924.7318Starship Design (Rank 1)2,550
Polo 2010 Cargo HoldPanoptes585No51244.7222Starship Design (Rank 2)3,800
Polo 2020 Cargo HoldPanoptes760No51604.7528Starship Design (Rank 2)5,200
Polo 2030 Cargo HoldPanoptes1,000No52124.7236Starship Design (Rank 3)7,150
StorMax 30 Cargo HoldDogstar210No5444.771750
StorMax 40 Cargo HoldDogstar245No5524.7141,050
StorMax 50 Cargo HoldDogstar320No5684.7181,650
StorMax 60 Cargo HoldDogstar435No5924.7312Starship Design (Rank 1)2,550
Anastasios Antoniadis
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