Job Gone Wrong Walkthrough: Akila City Misc Mission

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Starfield’s Job Gone Wrong misc mission has players resolve a hostage situation in Akila City’s GalBank.

Job Gone Wrong Walkthrough Akila City Misc Mission

Job Gone Wrong is a misc mission you’re introduced to during your initial visit to Akila City, located in the Cheyenne system, a Freesar Collective territory. This mission is tightly connected with the “The Empty Nest” main mission, as most players will visit Akila City during “The Empty Nest,” and “Job Gone Wrong” will be a roadblock to their progress. You will have to complete Job Gone Wrong before you can progress the main mission. This exhaustive guide dives deep into “Job Gone Wrong,” detailing strategies for rescuing the hostages inside GalBank and outlining the repercussions if things go south.

  • Misc Mission in Akila City
  • Planets: Akila
  • Rewards: 150 EXP, 3,800+ Credits, 1,000 Credits bonus if no hostages were harmed, unlocks Deputized faction mission.

How to Start Job Gone Wrong

Go to the Galbank Vault The Empty Nest
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

For those hurrying to capture bank robbers, tackling Job Gone Wrong is possible before meeting Sam Coe. You can go to Akila City after finishing Starfield‘s opening Main Mission, One Small Step. To get there, first Grav Jump to the Olympus system and then to Cheyenne, where Akila City is situated. As you enter the city gates, a security guard issues an urgent warning: steer clear of GalBank due to a hazardous hostage situation. You will need to find Marshal Daniel Blake outside the bank, and he will ask for your participation in the negotiations as a neutral party, as the robbers requested.

If you arrive at Akila City with Sam Coe during the main mission, The Empty Nest, Job Gone Wrong becomes obligatory as the hostage situation is a roadblock to accessing the GalBank vault. In this case, the guard won’t allow you to enter the city, but Sam’s presence will open up dialogue options to help grant you entrance. Once again, at this point, Sam’s presence will help you convince Marshal Blake to help resolve the situation and enter GalBank’s vault.

Do note that choosing to complete “Job Gone Wrong” sans Sam Coe deprives you of valuable interactions that contribute to world-building and character development, so it’s best to do Job Gone Wrong and The Empty Nest together to access the bank’s vault in search of Solomon’s Maps.

Talk to Daniel Blake

Talk to Daniel Blake Job Gone Wrong
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

Once you’re in Akila City, Marshal Blake fills you in on the delicate hostage situation as Shaw Gang members have occupied the local GalBank. You’ll have to negotiate with the Shaw Gang leader via an intercom at GalBank’s front door. This initiates the Persuasion mini-game, where you must accumulate Persuasion Points through dialogue options. These range in difficulty from Easy (Green) to Hard (Red). Successfully convincing the gang leader could lead to a peaceful resolution, while failure may necessitate a more aggressive approach.

Persuade the Shaw Gang Leader

Persuasion Phase 1: Gaining the Bandit Leader’s Trust

Persuasion Phase 1 Gaining the Bandit Leader's Trust
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

Typically, persuasion dialogues in Starfield come in a single part, with three turns (plus an extra turn if you succeed in your last turn) to persuade the target. However, in this case, the persuasion option comes in two parts. In the first phase, you work to gain the leader’s trust. The objective here is to earn eight Persuasion Points within three turns. If you succeed, you’ll gain a substantial advantage for the second phase, wherein you negotiate the hostages’ release, as you will only need 6 Persuasion Points to win the persuasion. Should you fail in the first phase, you’ll have to earn 8 Persuasion Points to free the hostages non-violently.

Persuasion Phase 2: Freeing the Hostages

Shaw Gang Free the Hostages Persuasion, Intimidation, Diplomacy Job Gone Wrong
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

It’s worth noting that the first phase is entirely skippable, and there are alternative options to Persuasion for the second phase: Intimidation and Diplomacy, as long as you have ranked up the corresponding skill. Both of these options will resolve the situation immediately. If you resort to Persuasion, you must get six persuasion points to win the persuasion minigame and free the hostages if you succeeded in phase one or eight persuasion points if you failed in phase one. Quite honestly, this is a tall order early in the game. However, if your persuasion attempts fail, there are alternative routes.

Talk to Daniel Blake

If you successfully convince the bandits to surrender, the quest ends here, allowing you to continue with The Empty Nest if that’s what brought you to Akila City in the first place. Otherwise, you must enter the GalBank and eliminate the robbers.

Alternate Approaches: Ask to See the Hostages or Sneak into the Bank

If the persuasion path reaches a dead-end, you’re left with the option to infiltrate GalBank to free the hostages. Marshal Blake gives you a key to the bank’s rear entrance, and you’re off to resolve the situation through force. Whether you sneak in through the back door or attempt to check on the hostages through the front, you’ll inevitably find yourself in a gunfight with the Shaw Gang.

Any hostage casualties caused by Shaw Gang will only cause you to miss out on the extra 1,000 Credits bonus upon the mission’s completion. However, you should, by all means, avoid hurting any hostages with stray shots of your own weapon. These are the consequences of the PC killing a hostage:

Consequences of PC Killing a Hostage
Your companion becomes angry and abandons you
You will get a bounty, and Akila City security guards will try to apprehend you
The bank robbers will start attacking if you haven chosen to ask to see the hostages. If you have chosen to sneak, they’ll be hostile anyway.
“Job Gone Wrong” mission failure, leading to Deputized not being unlocked, so you will miss out on joining the Freestar Rangers.

Sneak into the Bank (Recommended)

Sneak into the Bank Job Gone Wrong
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

If the negotiations with the Shaw Gang Leader weren’t fruitful, Marshal Blake would provide you a key, allowing you to access Galbank from the rear. If you have invested in your Stealth skills, infiltrating and eliminating the robbers can be a breeze.

If you haven’t leveled up your Stealth Skill, subtlety is likely not an option. Don’t hesitate to engage the Shaw Gang in gunfire. The video below will help you pinpoint the robbers’ locations; however, once you reach the vault, you will encounter three robbers and must act swiftly to avoid harming any hostages.

Ask to See the Hostages (Not Recommended)

If you opt for a face-to-face confrontation with the gang by requesting to see the hostages, head back to the intercom and pick one of the two dialogue options centered around the hostages. The Shaw Gang leader will permit you to enter, but only if you’re unarmed. You’ll also have a window to unlock the third Persuasion dialogue by selecting the dialogue option that reads “Persuade Just hear me out for a minute.” Winning this persuasion minigame will allow you to enter the bank with your weapons.

Now, stepping into a tense situation like this with nothing but bare fists is not the safest course of action. The ideal outcome would be convincing the criminals to permit your entry with weapons intact. Note that if your persuasion falls flat, you’ll lose the opportunity to check on the hostages and will have no choice but to sneak in through the back door.

If you have invested in the Boxing skill in the Physical skills tree, you can discard your Weapons and Throwables before activating the intercom for entry. Whether you gain access to GalBank, armed or unarmed, the Shaw Gang leader will guide you to the vault. Here, you’ll witness an argument between a robber and a hostage, leading to the hostage’s murder if you don’t intervene.

Talk to Daniel Blake

Talk to Daniel Blake to Complete Job Gone Wrong
Image: Bethesda Softworks/Bethesda Game Studios via Meta Game Guides

Regardless of your choices, you can now loot the GalBank front entrance key from the gang’s leader to unlock the door and get to Marshal Blake faster. The Marshal’s reactions will differ depending on how you resolved the situation and whether any hostages were harmed. He will recommend that you head to the Rock and ask for Emma Wilcox to join the Freestar Rangers, starting the first faction mission for the Freestar Rangers, Deputized.

Stay tuned to Meta Game Guides for more Starfield content and walkthroughs!

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