How to Get to Neon in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Get to Neon in Starfield Location Guide

In the vast galaxy of Starfield, Neon is a city that stands out for its unique blend of bright lights, cyberpunk aesthetics, and a sense of lawlessness and mischief. Known for its time-slowing drug, Aurora, and many shopping opportunities, the city has become a must-visit for players, as there is much to do here. The city is bustling with activities, ranging from dubious quests to faction-related undertakings.

Additionally, believe it or not, Neon powers itself through lightning! With a shroud above the city, every lightning strike converts into electricity.

But how do you get there before the main campaign introduces you to this wonderland of vice and glamour? This comprehensive guide walks you through the process step-by-step, explaining how to reach Neon and what to do once you’re there.

Where to Find Neon in Starfield

Neon is situated in the Volii system on the planet Volii Alpha. It’s a relatively short trip, just 22 lightyears away from New Atlantis and Alpha Centauri, your home system. It should take two jumps to reach Volii from Alpha Centauri, but you may have to jump to Olympus first to explore it and connect Volii to Alpha Centauri.

Steps to Locate Neon:

  1. Open Star Map: Launch the semi-3D star map in the game.
  2. Locate Alpha Centauri: This is your starting point.
  3. Move Right: Though space doesn’t have cardinal directions, think of it as moving “southeast but mostly east” (SEE) on the star map.
  4. Spot Volii System: You’ll come across the Olympus system first; continue a bit further to the right to locate Volii.
  5. Select Volii Alpha: This is the massive blue planet where Neon City resides. You will see the Colony icon above it.
  6. Jump to Volii System: This should be a manageable distance from Olympus.
  7. Land on Volii Alpha: Navigate to Neon City, the only location on this water planet.

What to Do in Neon

Here are some of the highlights of what you can do in Neon:

  1. All That Money Can Buy Quest: All That Money Can Buy is the sixth main mission in Starfield, involving Walter Stroud and an enigmatic Artifact seller.
  2. Trade Authority: They’ll buy all your items, even contraband.
  3. Astral Lounge: Hire companions like Mickey Caviar or level your Persuasion.
  4. Buy Aurora: Initially developed from a native fish, this drug can slow down time by 40% for 10 seconds. Its illegal in the Settled Systems, so handle it with care. You can check our guide on how to get Aurora.
  5. Rent a Sleepcrate: You can rent a sleepcrate to make your home from Izna’s Evicted Sleepcrates in Ebbside.
  6. Buy the Sky Suite: You can talk to Boone Morgan, the bartender at the Astral Lounge, to buy the Sky Suite for 235,000 Credits.
  7. Buy ships and ship components: Neon is home to two of the game’s three ship manufacturer showrooms, Stroud-Eklund’s and Taiyo Astroneering.

All Side Missions in Neon

Neon’s side missions revolve around helping the local shop vendors, dealing with gangs, working for gangs, and occasionally encountering Administrator Bayu.

Side MissionLocation in NeonQuest Giver
Loose EndsSpaceport, then Neon Security HQNeshar Omani
Fishy BusinessLegrande’s LiquorsYannick Legrande
Supply LineLegrande’s LiquorsYannick Legrande
The AuditionMadame Sauvage’s PlaceAndrea
Display of PowerMadame Sauvage’s PlaceHatchet
The ShowdownMadame Sauvage’s PlaceVogal
All for OneNewill’s shopJames Newill
SuperfanAstral LoungeBorealUS
Bare MetalNeon TacticalFrank Renick
Mob MentalityThe EmporiumTevin
Relief RunReliant MedicalDoctor Manning
Saburo’s SolutionNeon Mining LeagueSaburo Okadigbo
Hard LuckCeltCorp office, Trade TowerClover
UnjustifiedQuickshop, the UnderbellyKatherine Luzion
Dirty LaundryThe Astral LoungeManaia Adams
Anastasios Antoniadis