How to Power Attack with Melee Weapons in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

Starfield Melee Power Attack

Starfield offers a variety of melee weapons for players, from Daggers like the Osmium Dagger to Katanas like Wakizashi. One function that is somewhat obscure when using a melee weapon is the power attack.

To perform a power attack in Starfield, you must press V on your keyboard with a melee weapon equipped (this is the same button that performs a weapon bash attack when holding a ranged weapon). On Xbox, you must press inside the right stick (RS) to perform a melee power attack.

Regular attacks with melee weapons can be performed by pressing Mouse 1 (left click) on your mouse or the Right Trigger (RT) on Xbox. Meanwhile, you can block attacks by holding down the Mouse 2 button (right click) on PC and the Left Trigger (LT) on Xbox controllers.

Power attacks in Starfield hit for more than double the damage of regular attacks and combined with Stealth and Concealment; they can deliver deadly sneak attacks. In the screenshot below, my regular attack hits my Constellation companion, Andreja, for 45 damage, and the power attack hits for 104 damage.

Regular Attack and Power Attack Damage Comparison Starfield
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides
Anastasios Antoniadis
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