How the Extra Padding Passive Works in Helldivers 2

Anastasios Antoniadis

Helldivers 2 (33)

In the heart of “Helldivers 2,” amidst the arsenal aimed at safeguarding humanity’s final stronghold, a peculiar yet vital feature known as Extra Padding emerges. This guide delves into the essence of Extra Padding, illuminating its practical effects, theoretical implications, and significance within the Helldivers’ arsenal.

Extra Padding is cleverly integrated into the fabric of Helldivers’ armor, providing a reliable defense against the endless enemies of the galaxy. This feature is a crucial addition to the four base body armor variations that players can choose from, significantly boosting the armor’s defensive capabilities right from the start.

At first glance, Extra Padding seems to provide a simple advantage in battles by increasing armor protection. However, as players progress through the game’s challenging difficulty levels, the usefulness of Extra Padding becomes a topic of discussion, prompting questions about its practical benefits beyond just improving appearance.

What Extra Padding Actually Does

Through community exploration and testing, it has been discovered that Extra Padding provides a specialized combat buff that is particularly effective against explosive damage. Armor fitted with Extra Padding has been found to withstand significantly less damage from grenades and landmines compared to those without it. These findings highlight the crucial role of Extra Padding in increasing a Helldiver’s chances of survival when dealing with explosive hazards.

Contrary to early skepticism that painted Extra Padding as a potential developer jest—a commentary on the disposable nature of Helldivers—the attribute proves to be more than just a theoretical advantage. While it does not offer outright immunity against direct explosive impacts, its strategic inclusion can mean the difference between survival and demise, especially in scenarios fraught with mines or incoming grenades.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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