All Reactors in Starfield: Specs, Stats, Skill & Level Requirements

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All Reactors in Starfield
All Reactors in Starfield
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Starfield gives players a ton of options in terms of ships to acquire; however, if you intend to use the Ship Builder to modify that, the heart of your ship is its reactor. Reactors power all other ship systems (Weapons, Shield, Engines, and Grav. Drive).

Reactor Stats Explained

Starfield Reactor Stats
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Reactors come with multiple important stats:

Reactor Class

Class: There are three classes of reactors in Starfield, A, B, and C. The reality is that Class C reactors outscore both B and A class reactors in most stat categories, but they weigh much more. However, they also unlock more ship modules you can install on your ship, as they also affect the class of your ship. Class A ships can only have Class A modules installed. Class B ships can have both Class A and B modules installed, while Class C ships can use modules of all three Classes. All three reactor classes require the Piloting Skill to use. You won’t be able to fly a ship if your Piloting skill does not match its class requirements:

  • Class A: Requires Piloting Rank 1
  • Class B: Requires Piloting Rank 3
  • Class C: Requires Piloting Rank 4

Power Generated

Power Generated is almost as important as a reactor’s Class. There is no point in installing better ship modules if you can’t use them at max power. The higher the power generated, the more components you can use at full power without constant adjustments to the ship systems. In terms of power generation, Class B reactors can get pretty close to Class C ones, so if you don’t need top-tier modules and aim for lower mass on your ship, they can be a viable option.


Reactors have a base health stat, which probably means that as they receive more damage, they start generating less power. If they lose all health, they don’t explode, but they get deactivated (or almost deactivated, generating very little power) like the rest of the ship modules. Consequently, a reactor with more health will withstand more damage until it temporarily breaks down, but it may take longer to get back to full power.

Repair Rate

I think repair rate is a stat available only for reactors. Since reactors are such a vital ship module, they can repair themselves so the ship is still operational, even if all other systems are disabled. Class C reactors tend to have higher repair rates but are more healthy. Evaluating how fast a reactor can recover depends on its health and repair rate, so a reactor with a higher repair rate may take as long as one with a lower repair rate if it has much more health.


The Hull value is the reactor’s contribution to the ship’s overall Hull (HP). The higher this number is, the more chance you have to survive a fight if your shield goes down.

Crew Capacity

Reactors can increase your ship’s crew capacity based on their Class:

  • Class A reactors increase Crew Capacity by 1.
  • Class B reactors increase Crew Capacity by 2.
  • Class C reactors increase Crew Capacity by 3.

Reactor Requirements

As already explained, the first reactor requirement is Piloting, and it’s related to the reactor’s class. The second requirement is Starship Design, as some reactors require a certain rank on this skill to use. The final requirement is your character’s level. You won’t have access to every reactor in the game right from the start. Instead, more powerful reactor models will be unlocked as you level up your character and progress through Starfield’s universe.

All Starfield Reactors: Specs, Stats, Level and Skill Requirements

The table below contains every reactor in Starfield, along with their manufacturers, power generated, crew capacity, reactor health, repair rate, required character level to unlock, and skill requirements (Piloting and/or Starship Design):

ManufacturerReactor ModelClassPowerRepair RateHealthMassHullCCRequired LevelRequirementValue
Amun Dunn330T Stellarator ReactorA141.142323310114,250
Amun Dunn340T Stellarator ReactorA161.252525375118,850
Amun Dunn350T Stellarator ReactorA181.39282840511113,700
Amun Dunn360T Stellarator ReactorA201.632324401141,880
Amun Dunn370T Stellarator ReactorA231.853737550125Starship Design (Rank 2)26,300
Amun Dunn380T Stellarator ReactorA262.094240715141Starship Design (Rank 4)33,700
Deep CoreSpheromak DC201 ReactorA281.953838680138Starship Design (Rank 4)36,900
Deep CoreSpheromak DC202 ReactorA332.254545730143Starship Design (Rank 4)48,700
Dogstar114MM Toroidal ReactorA161.12222325138,050
Dogstar124MM Toroidal ReactorA181.224243551612,700
Dogstar134MM Toroidal ReactorA201.35272742011217,500
Dogstar144MM Toroidal ReactorA231.53030520122Starship Design (Rank 2)24,400
Dogstar154MM Toroidal ReactorA261.753535600130Starship Design (Rank 3)31,800
Dogstar164MM Toroidal ReactorA2924042760146Starship Design (Rank 4)39,200
XiangTokamak X-050 ReactorA161.252525340148,850
XiangTokamak X-100 ReactorA181.3527273901913,400
XiangTokamak X-120S ReactorA281.53030480112Starship Design (Rank 4)34,500
XiangTokamak X-150 ReactorA201.5303045511Starship Design (Rank 1)18,300
XiangTokamak X-200 ReactorA231.7343448511925,500
XiangTokamak X-250 ReactorA261.95393965013532,900
XiangTokamak X-300 ReactorA292.25454582015140,600
Amun DunnZ-Machine 1000 ReactorB142.45494950521Piloting (Rank 3)11,200
Amun DunnZ-Machine 2000 ReactorB212.845757610219Piloting (Rank 3)27,500
Amun DunnZ-Machine 2020 ReactorB162.8457571,100224Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
Amun DunnZ-Machine 3000 ReactorB283.256565890241Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Amun DunnZ-Machine 4000 ReactorB353.757575995249Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Deep CoreDC301 Fast Ignition ReactorB182.5952525702Piloting (Rank 3)20,100
Deep CoreDC302 Fast Ignition ReactorB2736060830236Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Deep CoreDC303 Fast Ignition ReactorB353.4569691035252Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
Dogstar101DS Mag Inertial ReactorB162.294646525212Piloting (Rank 1)14,400
Dogstar102DS Mag Inertial ReactorB242.75454690225Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
Dogstar103DS Mag Inertial ReactorB313.096262930244Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
Dogstar104DS Mag Inertial ReactorB393.5471711125260Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
XiangIon Beam H-1010 ReactorB162.595252545214Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
XiangIon Beam H-1020 ReactorB2436060730228Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
XiangIon Beam H-1030 ReactorB313.456969975248Piloting (Rank 3)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
Amun DunnTheta Pinch A9 ReactorC184.258585680310Piloting (Rank 4)28,900
Amun DunnTheta Pinch B9 ReactorC244.89696805324Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Amun DunnTheta Pinch C9 ReactorC305.44109109975335Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Amun DunnTheta Pinch D9 ReactorC376.091221221215351Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Deep CoreFusor DC401 ReactorC294.59090755320Piloting (Rank 4)52,500
Deep CoreFusor DC402 ReactorC345.091021021020338Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
Deep CoreFusor DC403 ReactorC385.751151151090349Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
DogstarSF10 Sheared Flow ReactorC204.058181705317Piloting (Rank 4)31,900
DogstarSF20 Sheared Flow ReactorC274.559191850327Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
DogstarSF30 Sheared Flow ReactorC345.15103103995336Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
DogstarSF40 Sheared Flow ReactorC405.81161161315357Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 2)
XiangPinch 5Z ReactorC204.59090730319Piloting (Rank 4)34,200
XiangPinch 6Z ReactorC275.9102102900330Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 1)
XiangPinch 7Z ReactorC325.751151151,095343Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 3)
XiangPinch 8A ReactorC365.751221351,950352Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 4)
XiangPinch 8Z ReactorC406.441291291,350360Piloting (Rank 4)
Starship Design (Rank 4)


How Many Reactors Can My Ship Have?

Starfield ships can only have one reactor. This limitation can only be changed with mods.

Where to Buy Reactors in Starfield

If you are searching for a new reactor, look for it at Ship Services Technicians, Staryards, and Showrooms. Be aware that better reactors are unlocked as you level up.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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