Palworld Passive Skills: All Abilities & Effects

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Discover all Passive Skills Pals can have in Palworld and the effects they provide!

Palworld Passive Skills All Abilities & Effects

Palworld is a game that includes more than 100 unique Pals, each with the potential to have up to four Passive Abilities. These abilities are very important as they offer advantages and disadvantages during combat, as well as various work-related tasks. In order to help you better understand the impact of each Passive Ability and how they can strategically influence your gameplay, we have created a comprehensive guide that covers all the available Passive Abilities in Palworld.

While Pals belonging to the same species might appear similar, their Passive Abilities set them apart, making each Pal distinct. These abilities are advantageous and challenging traits that affect Pal’s performance in battles and work environments.

Players can engage in selective breeding strategies to create Pals with a powerful combination of Passive Abilities, or they can explore the world of Palworld to capture Pals already endowed with these traits.

Currently, the game boasts over 60 Passive Abilities. Our guide provides an exhaustive list of these abilities and their effects, enabling players to plan and optimize their party composition and workforce management in Palworld.

All Passive Skills in Palworld and Their Effects

Passive SkillSkill TierEffect
Abnormal110% decrease to incoming Neutral damage
Aggressive1Attack +10% Defense -10%
Artisan3Work speed +50%
Brittle-3Defense -20%
Burly Body3Defense +20%
Blood of the Dragon110% increase to Dragon attack damage
Botanical Barrier110% decrease to incoming Grass damage
Bottomless Stomach-2Satiety drops 15% faster
Brave1Attack +10%
Capacitor110% increase to Electric attack damage
Celestial Emperor320% increase to Neutral attack damage
Cheery110% decrease to incoming Dark damage
Clumsy-1Work Speed -10%
Coldblooded110% increase to Ice attack damage
Coward-1Attack -10%
Conceited1Work Speed +10%
Defense -10%
Dainty Eater1Satiety drops +10% slower
Diet Lover3Decrease in Hunger is less likely by +15%
Destructive-2SAN drops +15% faster
Divine Dragon320% increase to Dragon attack damage
Downtrodden-1Defense -10%
Dragonkiller110% decrease to incoming Dragon damage
Earth Emperor320% increase to Ground attack damage
Earthquake Resistant110% decrease to incoming Ground damage
Ferocious3Attack +20%
Flame Emperor320% increase to Fire attack damage
Fragrant Foliage110% increase to Grass attack damage
Glutton-1Satiety drops +10% faster
Hard Skin1Defense +10%
Heated Body110% decrease to incoming Ice damage
Hooligan115% Attack -10% Work Speed
Hydromaniac110% increase to Water attack damage
Ice Emperor320% increase to Ice attack damage
Insulated Body110% decrease to incoming Electric damage
Legend3Attack +20% Defense +20% Movement Speed increases 15%
Logging Foreman325% increase to player Logging efficiency
Lord of the Underworld320% increase to Dark attack damage
Lord of Lightning320% increase to Electric attack damage
Lord of the Sea320% increase to Water attack damage
Lucky3Work Speed +15% Attack +15%
Masochist1Defense +15%
Attack -15%
Mine Foreman325% increase to player Mining efficiency
Motivational Leader325% increase to player speed
Musclehead2Attack +30%
Work Speed -50%
Nimble110% increase to Movement Speed
Pacifist-3Attack -20%
Positive Thinker1SAN drops +10% slower
Power of Gaia110% increase to Ground attack damage
Pyromaniac110% increase to Fire attack damage
Runner220% increase to Movement Speed
Sadist1Attack +15%
Defense -15%
Serious2Work Speed +20%
Spirit Emperor320% increase to Grass attack damage
Suntan Lover110% decrease to incoming Fire damage
Swift330% increase to Movement Speed
Stronghold Strategist310% increase to player Defense
Slacker-3Work Speed -30%
Unstable-1SAN drops +10% faster
Vanguard310% increase to player Attack
Veil of Darkness110% increase to Dark attack damage
Waterproof110% decrease to incoming Water damage
Workaholic3SAN drops +15% slower
Work Slave1Work Speed +30%
Attack -30%
Zen Mind110% increase to Neutral attack damage

You are now aware of all 64 Passive Skills available in Palworld. Note that breeding Pals have a high chance of passing down a Passive Skill to their offspring.

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