Does Helldivers 2 Have Cross-Progression and Cross-Save Between PC & PlayStation?

Anastasios Antoniadis

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In recent years, the convenience of transitioning between different gaming platforms for your preferred titles has significantly improved. However, the question arises: Does Helldivers 2 support cross-progression? This is a crucial aspect to consider for this multiplayer game.

Can You Transfer Save Data Between PC & PlayStation in Helldivers 2?

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Image: Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers 2, developed by Arrowhead Game Studio, offers cross-generation and cross-play features, allowing players across various consoles and PC to engage together seamlessly. Yet, the game’s launch did not introduce cross-progression capabilities, preventing players from sharing save data between PC and PlayStation platforms.

The absence of cross-progression is particularly noticeable given the game’s multiplayer focus. For gamers who alternate between consoles and portable PCs, the ability to carry over progress would enhance the game’s appeal and potentially boost its sales. Such a feature would position Helldivers 2 as an ideal choice for gaming sessions during brief downtimes, without the restriction of being tied to a single system for accessing progress against formidable foes.

Should cross-progression be integrated into Helldivers 2, its reasonable price point would mitigate the financial implication of purchasing multiple copies of the game. Priced at $39.99, acquiring Helldivers 2 for both PC and PlayStation is a feasible option, especially when compared to the cost of some high-budget AAA titles.

The future of cross-progression in Helldivers 2 remains uncertain. Although there’s speculation about the potential addition of this feature, Arrowhead Game Studios has yet to confirm or provide a timeline for its implementation. Players must choose a single platform for their adventures, albeit with the consolation of cross-play functionality to maintain some level of versatility.

Keep an eye on updates regarding Helldivers 2 to stay informed about new features and possibly discover opportunities to access the game through platforms like PlayStation Plus.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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