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Anastasios Antoniadis

Share on Facebook Share on X (Twitter) Share on LinkedIn Share on RedditWhen we talk about management games, we’re more fortunate than other genres. Because we can always find classic games to include in the list of “best management games”. That’s great, because if you’re looking for a game to overthing about it, you can … Read more

When we talk about management games, we’re more fortunate than other genres. Because we can always find classic games to include in the list of “best management games”. That’s great, because if you’re looking for a game to overthing about it, you can say hello to old friends.

You’ll notice that many of the games listed below were released years ago. Don’t let that spoil your mood, because almost all of them continue to be updated, either by the official side or by the community. This means that your gaming experience will be brand new. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to take care of the water infrastructure of an entire city or the farming of a one-man farm.

Best Management Games

The following games aren’t ordered by quality. Instead, consider them 10 of the best management games you can play in 2022. If you want to manage warship instead of a city, you can check out Best Naval Games.

Tropico 6

Let us start the list with the dream of a glorious utopia. The sixth game in the Tropico series, which has been attracting attention for years with its unique features, is one of the best management games you can play today.

In Tropico 6, you’ll be able to build your dream utopia from scratch. Of course, it’s entirely up to you how you lead your citizens on their way from hot sand to cool water. You can either be a tyrant or give them the rights they deserve.

Anno 1800

Choosing a favorite within the Anno series has always been a difficult task. With Anno 1800, this has now become a little easier. This is because the new game, set at the time of the Industrial Revolution, is incredibly fun and more beautiful than ever before.

Since it was released in 2019, the graphics look gorgeous. Considering the mechanisms added to the series for the first time and the best features of the previous games, you should definitely try Anno 1800. You should spend the first few hours learning the game, but after that it will be a great experience.

Two Point Hospital

After two civilization building games, we continue the list with one of the strangest management games. The Two Point series is still something special, both in terms of graphics and game mechanics. Two Point Hospital is no different.

In the game in which you’ll try to build a successful hospital by using your resources correctly, nothing will be as you expect. Since you’ll have tasks such as treating zombies or reviving people with lightbulbs, we wish you good luck in advance.

Oxygen Not Included

When we talk about unique games, we have to mention Oxygen Not Included. You’ll need a lot of patience to succeed in Klei Entertainment’s management game, which is evident in Don’t Starve.

Although there are a lot of mechanisms to learn, if you take enough time, a very special experience awaits you. The fact that it has very high ratings on all platforms, especially on Steam, says it all.

Cities: Skylines

We also have to add Cities: Skylines, Simcity’s biggest competitor. If you are looking for a standard city simulation and resource management game, this game is one of your best choices.

You should use your resources well to build your dream city on an empty map. Hundreds of problems await you, such as water infrastructure, electricity needs, pollution, emergencies, natural events and traffic. But do not worry, a good mayor will solve them blindly.

Prison Architect

If you have never played a game like Prison Architect, the graphics might mislead you. Although from a distance it may seem like a very small and inadequate game, it is one of the best resource management games you can play nowadays.

In the game, in which you design a prison from scratch, you’ll be able to do many things. Considering that the game was first released for pre-order in 2012, the current version of the game is really impressive and keeps getting updated over the years. The online mode also works well, what else?


One of the most unique games in this list is Rimworld. A space simulation set in the distant future and controlled by an artificial intelligence. You’ll have to use your resources wisely to create areas where randomly generated space inhabitants can live.

Thanks to the new updates it has received for years, you’ll be able to achieve a satisfactory ending after hundreds of hours of playing, since it also has an endgame scenario. You’ll love this resource management, since Rimworld’s greatest feature is its replayability.

Stardew Valley

We will talk about Stardew Valley as we evaluate the best management games in 2022. It’s still crazy that a game developed by a single person is one of the best in history. Now, after many updates and thousands of hours, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

You can consider it a signal to start over, even if you have played before. Stardew Valley might be the top game on this list for many players, and we do not even have to deny that.


We have two pieces of good news for you. First, Frostpunk is a great game. You should definitely try it out, because it offers a unique atmosphere, an interesting story, addictive gameplay and industry-leading mechanics.

Our second piece of good news is that Frostpunk 2 is on its way. Of course, if you played the first game and got a taste for it, you can get the second one without waiting too long. With the eerie sound effects, you’ll even forget to use your resources.

The Sims 4

The uncrowned king of resource management games is probably The Sims series. Thanks to its culture, which goes far beyond a life simulation, it has managed to become a game series that we all play at least once.

The Sims 4 is the most modern version we currently have. Choose what you want from countless add-on packages and enjoy using your many resources, from your whim to your money. If you build a pool, do not forget to put a ladder, otherwise you’ll have to say goodbye to your Sims.

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