How to play Helldivers 2 in single-player: Solo Guide

Anastasios Antoniadis

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While Helldivers 2 shines as a cooperative multiplayer experience, offering its best moments when played with friends, the game does not outright prohibit solo play. However, Arrowhead Game Studios subtly discourages going it alone in this chaotic, friendly-fire enabled universe. The inherent challenge and risk of accidental (or intentional) team kills add a layer of complexity and hilarity when playing with trusted friends but can lead to frustration with less familiar comrades.

Can you play Helldivers 2 solo?

The game’s friendly-fire mechanic, a staple of the Helldivers series, remains ever-present and unturnable, crafting scenarios ripe with potential for both comedy and calamity. This design choice underscores the game’s emphasis on teamwork and communication, but also opens the door for griefers to exploit the mechanic to the detriment of others’ experiences.

Helldivers 2 is an online-only affair, lacking a traditional single-player campaign. The game situates players within a larger, persistent war effort, where every player’s contributions affect the collective struggle against the game’s extraterrestrial threats. This dynamic creates a shared sense of purpose and progress within the community but leaves those seeking a solo adventure without a tailored experience.

Adding to the game’s unique charm is the developers’ direct involvement in the gameplay, akin to a Dungeon Master’s role in a tabletop RPG. This level of engagement ensures that the game world constantly reacts and adapts to players’ actions in real-time, providing a dynamic and unpredictable playing field beyond AI behavior.

How to Embark on Solo Missions

Despite these considerations, playing Helldivers 2 alone is possible by adjusting the game’s matchmaking privacy settings to “Friends Only” and launching without inviting others. While not officially a solo mode, this method allows players to tackle the game’s challenges single-handedly, albeit with increased difficulty, especially against formidable bosses and objectives designed with team play in mind.

Players can also enhance their solo experience by disabling voice chat, ensuring a distraction-free environment when playing with or without random teammates. This setting allows for a more solitary experience, even when other players are present in the game.

The inclusion of crossplay between PC and PlayStation 5 expands the potential pool of teammates, increasing the chances of finding like-minded players or friends to join forces with. For those determined to go solo, the game still offers a rewarding, if challenging, experience.

Tips for Solo Players

For those brave enough to venture into Helldivers 2’s hostile territories alone, there are strategies to increase your odds of survival. YouTube content creator Elbethium provides valuable tips for solo play, emphasizing the importance of maintaining distance from enemies and strategically eliminating lesser threats to manage more dangerous foes. Due to the limitations on heavy weaponry, which requires cooperative operation, solo players must rely on hit-and-run tactics and efficient use of standard arms.


Helldivers 2, at its core, is designed as a cooperative multiplayer experience, enriched by the chaos and camaraderie of playing with others. However, the game does offer avenues for solo play, challenging those who choose to go it alone to adapt and overcome its built-in obstacles. For the lone wolves out there, Helldivers 2 presents a formidable but rewarding challenge, proving that even in a game focused on teamwork, there’s room for individual heroics.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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