Where to find Procyon III in Starfield & 100% Survey Guide

Anastasios Antoniadis

Where to find Procyon III in Starfield & 100% Survey Guide

Have no doubt Procyon III is one of the most interesting planets in Starfield and one of the most challenging to 100% survey. In Starfield, the main quest line involves players joining the group known as Constellation embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries of enigmatic artifacts scattered across the galaxy. Throughout this quest, players search for these artifacts while simultaneously striving to unlock the secrets of Temples associated with Artifacts during the optional Power from Beyond questline.

These 24 temples grant players new abilities and significantly advance the main storyline. The locations of these temples vary in each gameplay session, randomly appearing on different planets. The one exception is Temple Eta, which always appears on Procyon III and becomes available during Into the Unknown.

Locating Procyon III

Procyon III navigation through the starmap
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Procyon III is situated in the Procyon A system, positioned above and to the left of the Alpha Centauri system and close to the Sol system, merely a short jump away at 13.054LY. Not to be confused with the adjacent Procyon B system, accessible through Procyon A, this system has a recommended level of 10 and remains neutral, unclaimed by any major in-game faction. Procyon III orbits as the third planet from its sun, and the Temple there becomes accessible during Into the Unknown when Vladimir Sall sends you to track down the scanner anomaly that leads to Temple Eta.

Procyon III 100% Survey Guide

Procyon III Fauna, Flora, Resources, Traits
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Procyon III has a diverse ecosystem, boasting 10 types of fauna and 5 flora species, including notably aggressive, spider-like creatures. Resource hunters can find and mine seven resources: Argon, Ionic Liquids, Water, Copper, Neon, Fluorine, and Tetrafluoride. Given its abundance of discoverable elements and life forms, surveying this planet can yield substantial credits when you sell the Survey Data to Vladimir (either at The Eye or at The Lodge). I got 10,200 Credits for the Survey Data.

Procyon III offers three Biomes to explore:

  • Frozen Plains or Frozen Plains (Coast)
  • Wetlands or Wetlands (Coast)
  • Ocean
Schooling Featherfin Filterer and Hunting Khronosaurus
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Surveying the Ocean, which has two Fauna species, Schooling Featherfin Filterer and Hunting Khronosaurus, is a bit tricky, as you obviously cannot land on the ocean. To find and scan the two fish species, you must land in Wetlands (Coast) or Frozen Plains (Coast). I landed in Wetlands (Coast) to avoid the freezing temperatures of the Frozen Plains (Coast), and I recommend you do the same. However, even if you land on the coast, you may not have access to the ocean, so you must be patient. Try to place your landing marker outside the areas with resources, as close to the ocean as possible. Another problem you will have is that you receive lung damage (I think because the planet’s water is listed as chemical), so you must return to your ship and rest a few times during your ocean exploration.

Procyon III Wetlands (Coast) Landing Marker
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Finally, the Procyon III has the following Traits:

  • Coralline Landmass
  • Gravitational Anomaly
  • Psychotropic Biota
Anastasios Antoniadis
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