How to Remove Stolen Tag from Items in Starfield

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Unlock the secrets to laundering stolen items in Starfield with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to locate Trade Authority Vendors, steps for cleaning your inventory, and what exceptions to watch out for.

How to Remove Stolen Tag From Items in Starfield 1

The sprawling universe of Starfield offers a cornucopia of opportunitiesincluding legal and illicit. While the game encourages lawful behavior, the temptation to steal that slick spacesuit or unique artifact can be overwhelming. But fear not!

If you’ve succumbed to your kleptomaniac tendencies, there’s a way to clean those stolen items and reintegrate them into society, free from any red-tag stigma. This comprehensive guide will teach you exactly how to remove the stolen status from items in Starfield.

The Mechanics of Stealing

Before we move on to the actual laundering process, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of stealing in Starfield:

  • Stolen Items: Any item acquired illegally is marked with a red tag in your inventory.
  • Contraband: A separate category that includes illegal substances and items. Contraband items cannot be laundered using this method.

Legal Implications

  • Confiscation: Authorities will take all stolen items if you get arrested. You will also have a problem landing on planets if you can’t trick scans with Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammer.
  • Trading Limitations: Most vendors won’t deal with stolen goods.

Finding a Trade Authority Vendor to Remove the “Stolen” Tag

Finding a Trade Authority (Complete list of Trade Authority locations and how to get there) vendor is your first step in laundering stolen items. These NPCs are sprinkled across major cities and can handle the legal complexities of your questionable assets.

Locations to find Trade Authority Vendors:

Trade Authority LocationPlanet (Star System)
NeonVolii Alpha
CydoniaMars, Sol
New AtlantisJemison (Alpha Centauri)
The DenCthonia (Wolf)
The KeySuvorov (Kryx)
Akila CityAkila (Cheyenne)

Laundering Process: How to Remove the Stolen Status

Step 1: Approach the Vendor

Approach the Vendor (Trade Authority)
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Locate a Trade Authority building in any city and start conversing with the NPC vendor. Steer clear of kiosksthey won’t help you in this case.

Step 2: Navigate to the Sell Menu

Open Sell Menu
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Once the interaction menu pops up, go to the ‘Sell’ section.

Step 3: Offload Your Stolen Items

Sell the items you wish to launder to the vendor. Keep the vendor interaction menu open so that the Buy Back tab remains active. If you close it, you can still buy your items back, but the prices will be the original ones, instead of the ones you sold them at.

Step 4: Move to the ‘Buy Back’ Menu

Open Buy Menu
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Switch your menu to the Vendor > Buy Back section (in the photo above I made a mistake and closed the interaction, so I had to head to the Vendor > Buy section instead.

Step 5: Repurchase the Items

Buy back the items you’ve sold. They will now be clean, with no stolen tags attached.

Exceptions & Limitations

  • This method will not work for contraband items. A contraband item is always illegal.
  • Some stolen items might be too expensive to buy back immediately, so ensure you have enough money for the transaction.


Q: Can I launder items stored in my ship? A: This method works for items in your ship’s cargo hold.

Q: Is this method foolproof? A: As far as we know, unless the developers decide to patch it out.


While Starfield’s universe offers limitless exploration and opportunities, stealing can box you into tight corners. This guide should help you make stolen items your ownlegally. Just remember, this doesnt apply to contraband. Stay safe and happy exploring!

Happy gaming, and may your Starfield inventory always be free of legal encumbrances!

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