How to Get the Stronghold Ship in Starfield & Stronghold Stats

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How to get Stronghold in Starfield, one of the strongest prebuild ships in the game.

How to Get the Stronghold Ship in Starfield

There is no doubt Stronghold is one of the finest ships in Starfield, so there is no doubt most Starfield players would love to have it in their fleet. Thankfully, Stronghold is easily accessible despite being one of the best ships in Starfield. That is, if you have the Credits, as it’s one of the most expensive in the game.

Where to Get Stronghold

Akila City Ship Services Building
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

As long as you have explored Akila City on Akila, Cheyenne System, you are always one fast travel away from obtaining Stronghold. The local Ship Services Technician in the Ship Services building just outside the spaceport will sell it to you for 396,117 Credits.

Stronghold Stats

Stronghold Ship Stats - Starfield
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Stronghold comes with one of the highest shield values in the game (1,600) and pretty high Hull (1,047). Its fuel capacity and Grav. Jump range will allow you to jump pretty much to any system in one go. As for the Dogstar SF20 Sheared Flow Reactor, that’s one of the things you will upgrade as you level up, until you probably end up with Dogstar’s SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor.

Both Stronghold’s Lasers and Ballistic Weapons are decent damage dealers. Now, to be clear, with a mass of 2,030 kg, Stronghold is not the pinnacle of mobility and that’s why it has such a high Shield value. It’s a bulky combat ship that looks really badass, with a decent Cargo Capacity, although you can go much higher than that, even with ships of much lower mass and better mobility.

Cargo Capacity/Shielded2,360 / 0
ReactorDogstar SF20 Sheared Flow Reactor
Class C (27 Power)
Jump30 Lightyears
Selling Value396,117 Credits

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