How to Fast Travel in Palworld and All Fast Travel Locations

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Fast Travel in Palworld and All Fast Travel Locations

In Palworld, fast travel is a crucial component for efficient exploration, which is achieved by using Great Eagle Statues located throughout the game’s expansive world. There are 57 statues distributed across various biomes, greatly facilitating movement, particularly in the game’s early stages. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of all fast travel locations in Palworld.

Initially, players rely on using their ground Pals and Saddles for travel, but as they progress, acquiring flying Pal birds significantly reduces the need for frequent fast travel in the game’s later stages. The statues are more concentrated in the initial Palpagos Islands area, with fewer found in the later biomes (Volcano, Tundra, and Sand Dunes). Here are the fast travel locations in Palworld:

Palworld Fast Travel Locations
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Palpagos Islands Fast Travel Locations

The Palpagos Islands region boasts the highest number of fast travel points, with 37 statues. These are strategically placed to offer quick transportation, especially useful when on-foot travel is slower in the early game.

Here’s an organized list of Great Eagle Statue locations in Palworld, along with their recommended levels for visiting:

  1. Plateau of Beginnings – Level 1
  2. Marsh Island – Level 1
  3. Natural Bridge – Level 1
  4. Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef – Level 1
  5. Forgotten Island – Level 3
  6. Grassy Behemoth Hills – Level 5
  7. Small Settlement – Level 5
  8. Marsh Island Church Ruins – Level 5
  9. Eastern Wild Island – Level 5
  10. Forgotten Island Church Ruins – Level 5
  11. Ice Wind Island – Level 5
  12. Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance – Level 10
  13. Fort Ruins – Level 10
  14. Small Cove – Level 10
  15. Sea Breeze Archipelago Church – Level 10
  16. Azurobe Hill – Level 10
  17. Desolate Church – Level 15
  18. Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings – Level 15
  19. Bridge of the Twin Knights – Level 17
  20. Islandhopper Coast – Level 20
  21. Ravine Entrance – Level 20
  22. Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster – Level 23
  23. Ascetic Falls – Level 25
  24. Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant – Level 25
  25. Ancient Ritual Site – Level 25
  26. Cinnamoth Forest – Level 25
  27. Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon – Level 30
  28. Investigator’s Fork – Level 30
  29. Deep Bamboo Thicket – Level 30
  30. Hypocrite Hill – Level 30
  31. Lake Center – Level 30
  32. Mount Flopie Summit – Level 30
  33. Gobfin’s Turf – Level 30
  34. Mossanda Forest – Level 30
  35. Sealed Realm of the Guardian – Level 35
  36. Snowy Mountain Fork – Level 35
  37. Sealed Realm of the Swift – Level 35
  38. Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance – Level 35

Each location provides a strategic fast travel point, aiding in exploring and navigating Palworld’s diverse landscapes. These locations include tower entrances, islands, marshes, ruins, and various natural landmarks, facilitating swift travel between key points.

Volcano Fast Travel Locations

In the Volcano region, eight statues are optimally positioned for navigating its diverse landscape, including lush beaches, towering mountains, and ancient ruins.

Here’s a list of Great Eagle Statue locations in the Volcano area of Palworld, along with their recommended levels:

  1. Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance – Level 30
  2. Mount Obsidian Midpoint – Level 30
  3. Ruined Fortress City – Level 30
  4. Fisherman’s Point – Level 33
  5. Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue – Level 33
  6. Beach of Everlasting Summer – Level 33
  7. Ancient Civilization Ruins – Level 35
  8. Foot of the Volcano – Level 35

These statues provide critical fast travel points across the volcanic landscape, aiding in efficient exploration and navigation. These significant locations encompass tower entrances, mountain points, and other landmarks. As players acquire flying Pals, the reliance on fast travel in this area diminishes.

Tundra Fast Travel Locations

The Tundra biome features seven statues, serving its vast snowfields, icy lakes, and remote trails. These statues help minimize travel time across its sparse and open spaces.

Tundra fast travel statue locations and recommended Levels:

  1. Cold Shore – Level 40
  2. Icy Weasel Hill – Level 43
  3. No Man’s Trail – Level 43
  4. Pristine Snow Field – Level 45
  5. PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance – Level 45
  6. Land of Absolute Zero – Level 45
  7. Unthawable Lake – Level 45

These areas include cold shores, icy hills, and a genetic research tower entrance.

Sand Dunes Fast Travel Locations

The Sand Dunes area, has four statues placed strategically across its vast dunes and oases. With fast creatures like RagnaHawks, the need for fast travel is less in this open desert landscape.

Here’s a list of the Great Eagle Statue locations in the Sand Dunes area of Palworld, along with their recommended levels:

  1. Sand Dunes Entrance – Level 40
  2. Duneshelter – Level 45
  3. PIDF Tower Entrance – Level 45
  4. Deep Sand Dunes – Level 50

Unlocking Fast Travel Players unlock fast travel by interacting with each Great Eagle Statue, which turns blue to indicate availability. Unlike other open-world games, fast travel in Palworld is possible only when interacting with these statues or Pal Boxes, not from arbitrary locations. This distribution of fast travel points balances the early game’s slower walking pace and the late game’s faster flying options, ensuring that the feature enhances exploration without undermining it. Mastery of this network is essential for efficient navigation in Palworld.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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