Starship Design Skill: Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

Starship Design Skill Starfield

Starship Design is a Tier 3 skill in the Tech Skills tree and one of the must-have skills in Starfield. Essentially, Starship Design enables you to install upgraded ship modules, significantly impacting your gameplay experience. Only with Starship Design Rank 4 will you be able to unlock the Ship Builder’s capabilities fully and, consequently, your ship’s capabilities.

Skill Ranks and Rank Challenges

RankRank EffectRank Challenge
1Allows the installation of improved ship modules.Install 5 unique ship modules.
2Allows the installation of superior ship modules.Install 15 unique ship modules.
3Allows the installation of cutting-edge ship modules.Install 30 unique ship modules.
4Allows the installation of experimental ship modules.You have mastered this skill.

Each rank offers incrementally better capabilities for ship modification. However, to ascend the ranks, you must complete skill challenges that involve installing unique modules to your starship. It’s not just a point-and-click affair; the game encourages you to be active in your journey to become a ship design savant.

How to Add/Rank Up/Remove Starship Design Using Console Commands

While the game rewards those who invest time and skill points in Starship Design, there’s a way to cut the queue: console commands. If you’re keen on diving straight into advanced modules without the grind, this is the method for you.

To add the Starship Design skill to your character without having to level up or spend a skill point, open the Starfield console command window by pressing the apostrophe () or tilde (~) key. Once it’s open, enter the following command:

player.addperk 002C59DC

By entering this command, you can bypass the usual skill challenges, automatically unlocking the next rank. Want to leap straight to rank 4? Repeat the command four times.

To revert your command actions and remove the skill from your character, enter:

player.removeperk 002C59DC

This command will strip away your Starship Design skill, returning you to the basics.

The Starship Design skill is an intricate yet crucial component of the Starfield experience. It offers a progression pathway and an opportunity to make your mark in the star-filled void. Whether you’re a traditional player willing to earn your skill ranks or someone who prefers shortcuts via console commands, Starship Design is a skill that cannot be ignored by anyone serious about their Starfield journey.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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