Starfield Adoring Fan: How to Recruit, Reject, or Retire

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Explore the ultimate guide to navigating interactions with the Adoring Fan in Bethesda’s Starfield.

Starfield Adoring Fan Guide Recruit Reject or Retire

If you’re a veteran gamer, the name “Adoring Fan” might send a rush of nostalgia or maybe even annoyance down your spine. Making a grand comeback in Bethesda’s new space epic, Starfield, the Adoring Fan has evolved from his origins in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to becoming one of the most talked-about non-playable characters (NPCs) in the gaming sphere.

But how do you interact with him, and what are your options? This extensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

A Brief History: Who Is the Adoring Fan?

Initially introduced in Oblivion, the Adoring Fan was a peculiar NPC who would become infatuated with the player upon becoming the Grand Champion of the Arena. Once again voiced by Craig Sechler, his character design and interactions are richer and deeper this time around. But be warned, his adoration can be a double-edged sword.

Pre-Requisites: The Hero Worshipped Trait

Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait (1)
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To encounter the Adoring Fan, players must pick either the “Hero Worshipped” trait during the character creation phase at the start of One Small Step. After selecting this trait, the Adoring Fan will automatically spawn and approach you, so you don’t have to break a sweat finding him.

First Meeting: New Atlantis

Adoring Fan
Image Credit: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Once you’ve landed on planet Jemison and completed some initial missions, the Adoring Fan will appear. Often seen running towards you at places like Constellation Lodge in New Atlantis on Jemison, the NPC is coded to find you, making the meeting seemingly serendipitous but scripted.

How to Recruit the Adoring Fan to Your Crew

To officially recruit the Adoring Fan, choose the “Assign Crew Welcome Aboard” dialogue option when he approaches you. But what are the perks of having him on your team?

Adoring Fan Skills

  • Scavenging (Rank 1): Increases chances of finding extra credits, money, or items.
  • Concealment ( Rank 1): Boosts damage from ranged and melee sneak attacks.
  • Weight Lifting (Rank 2): Enhances your total carrying capacity.

Though not the strongest companion regarding stats, his skills can be beneficial for looting and carrying extra items. Moreover, he’ll occasionally gift you various items through none are known to be game-changing.

Opting Out: How to Dismiss or Remove the Adoring Fan

Let’s say you’ve had enough of your biggest fan’s antics. You have several ways to remove him from your crew:

  1. Casual Conversation: Engage him in dialogue about his fandom, and then choose to remove him from your crew.
  2. Persuasion Mechanics: Persuade him that you’ve done something so terrible that he should no longer be your fan. If you succeed, he’ll leave your crew in disbelief.
  3. Exit, Stage Left: Utilize dialogue options like “It’s time for you to go. Permanently” or “Your fandom is excessive” to send him packing.

After dismissing him, the Adoring Fan becomes vulnerable. You can then choose to kill him, but doing so will negatively impact your relationship with other crew members.

Permanent Choices

Killing the Adoring Fan permanently loses the NPC and removes the Hero Worshipped Trait from your character. This is a significant change from Oblivion, where he would respawn after three days.

Can You Have a Change of Heart?

If you’ve initially rejected the Adoring Fan but have second thoughts, you can find him again and offer him a place in your crew. Your indecisiveness won’t hold you back here.


Whether you embrace, endure, or exterminate the Adoring Fan, your interaction with this unique character adds a layer of complexity and humor to the Starfield experience. He reflects on the game’s choices, serving as a microcosm of the freedom and consequences that Starfield embodies.

So, will you let this enthusiastic devotee aboard your ship or kick him to the cosmic curb? The choice, as always, is yours.

Stay tuned for more in-depth guides on Starfield’s multiple mechanics and choices.

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