How to Recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Starfield brims with thrilling easter eggs and subtle references, offering players a treasure trove of discoveries. This expansive game is designed to consistently astonish and engage you, presenting countless opportunities to uncover mind-blowing secrets and mysteries that captivate you throughout your gaming experience.

One surprising feature that might astonish many players is the ability to add Amelia Earhart, the legendary aviator, to their crew. She can be discovered on a planet teeming with various unexpected characters, on Charybdis III Crucible clone-society, in the Charybdis system (Recommended Level: 60+), accessible through the Zosma system. This guide will lead you to locate and recruit Amelia Earhart, adding a historical figure’s clone to your interstellar journey across the galaxy (and another pilot, adding to Erick Von Price and Sam Coe).

Amelia Earhart Info Card

Amelia Earhart Location The Crucible
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides
  • Romance: No
  • Affiliation: Unknown
  • Location: Crucible, Charybdis III, Charybdis System
  • Payment Required: No
  • Skills: Piloting (Rank 2), Rifle Certification (Rank 2)

Where to Find Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart can be found on the enigmatic planet of Charybdis III, nestled within the Charybdis solar system. This intriguing world is home to a unique settlement called Crucible. As you venture into this solar system, a distress call emanates from Charybdis III from the robot Tobias, initiating a quest to investigate the well-being of its inhabitants.

The moment you set foot on Charybdis III, you’ll encounter some of the most extraordinary characters in the game. Crucible is inhabited by clones of several historical luminaries, such as Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, Amanirenas, Ada Lovelace, HH Holmes, and, notably, Amelia Earhart. These clones represent some of the most remarkable and unusual figures across the Settled Systems, and they need your assistance as part of the side mission Operation Starseed.

How to Recruit Amelia Earhart

How to Recruit Amelia Earhart
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Amelia Earhart is a notable member of Crucible’s diverse community in the game. Amelia is outside the entrance to the Pragmatists Society on its right side. To recruit Amelia, you must first complete Operation Starseed. This guide offers a brief overview of the quest, highlighting the impact of various decisions. It’s crucial to be cautious, especially with the last decision, as a wrong choice could lead to Amelia Earhart’s demise.

Begin by engaging with the settlement leaders Franklin Roosevelt, Amanirenas, and Genghis Khan. Then, arrange a private meeting with Wyatt Earp inside a cave close to Crucible, where he reveals his true identity. You can either assure him of keeping his secret or engage in a lethal confrontation during the mission “The Secret Lives.” Your decision won’t impact whether you can recruit Amelia.

Next, proceed to the Facility, which brims with Maggotmaws and Spaceroaches, to gather seven pieces of intel (diary logs) regarding the Crucible’s purpose and how the robots that produce the clones ended up on Charybdis III.

The Facility Location Operation Starseed
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

After collecting the data, you must share it with one of the leaders. Be aware that this choice will affect your standing with the others. Decisions and their consequences vary:

  • Siding with Franklin Roosevelt leads to a negotiation with Amanirenas and a confrontation with Genghis Khan. Alternatively, you can take down both the Believers and Renegades by defeating their two leaders.
  • Aligning with Amanirenas results in Roosevelt standing down, but you’ll still have to face Genghis Khan. Alternatively, you can take down both the Pragmatists and Renegades by defeating their two leaders.
  • Choosing Genghis Khan’s side involves eliminating both Franklin and Amanirenas. Alternatively, you can take down both the Believers and Pragmatists by defeating their two leaders.

Next, follow Ada Lovelace’s directions, requiring a well-equipped ship and a powerful Grav Drive. Travel to Bel V in the Bel Star System to locate the Beagle’s navigation beacon, then proceed to Zelazny I in the Zelazny System. Inside The Beagle, you must face robots and turrets until you reach the lab section to recover the security override code for the gate to The Facility’s Restricted Wing from The Beagle’s Datacore computer.

The Beagle Datacore Computer Location
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Upon your return to Crucible, a meeting with the leaders awaits, where you’ll face repercussions based on your previous alliances.

Attempt Meeting with the Crucible Leaders
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The final stage returns you to the Facility, where you will explore the Restricted Wing and make a pivotal decision regarding the Crucible’s future at the Facility Datacore:

  • Reboot with current mission parameters: Keep everyone confined to the Crucible. You can still recruit Amelia Earhart and take her out of there, though.
  • Reboot with a new Super-Admin: Grants absolute control to a surviving leader. Your society leader choice won’t impact whether you can recruit Amelia. She will be there to recruit no matter what.
  • Initiate Full Project Cleanse: This fatal choice eradicates everyone in the Crucible, including Amelia.

To ensure Amelia Earhart’s safety, avoid the last option and choose one of the first two. This will enable you to interact with Amelia Earhart in The Crucible.

initiate emergency reboot
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Adding Amelia Earhart to Your Crew

After completing the Operation Starseed quest, a conversation with Amelia Earhart reveals her eagerness to join your crew. She desires to leave the confines of the Crucible and embark on space adventures alongside you.

Amelia articulates her aspirations in the recruitment dialogue: “I need to go out there… I want to see and do everything there is to be done.” This statement underscores her adventurous spirit and readiness for new experiences.

Upon agreeing to her offer, Amelia Earhart becomes an official member of your crew, enhancing the team with her unique abilities. She possesses proficient skills in two key areas:

  • Piloting (Rank 2)
  • Rifle Certification (Rank 2)

It’s important to note that while Amelia Earhart is a valuable crew member, she is not a romantic option in the game. For players interested in exploring romantic storylines, refer to the Romance hub, which details all possible companions for romance and marriage within Starfield. This guide provides all the necessary information for recruiting Amelia Earhart to your Starfield crew.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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