DroidCam Iriun

How to Turn your Smartphone into a (4K) Webcam

In this guide, I will help you solve one of the first problems a new streamer or YouTube creator faces. Typically, your old webcam or laptop-integrated webcam won’t be good enough regarding video and audio quality. Here is another solution before you go on a spending spree for a 4K webcam. You can also read … Read more

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How to calculate percentage – Percentage calculator

There are many formulas to calculate percentages and solve percentage problems. The most basic is X/Y = P x 100, and all others are variations of it by solving for the unknown variable. Let’s explore the three fundamental percentage problems. X and Y are numbers, and P is the percentage: How to calculate the percentage … Read more

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Discord strikethrough: How to strikethrough on Discord

This Discord strikethrough guide will explain how you can easily strikethrough on Discord. Discord servers provide users with powerful capabilities, from Discord bots to audio chat and live streaming. Still, you will also find the basic text messaging you can expect on any communication platform. Users on Discord can use bold text, italics, bold italics, … Read more

Marvel Cinematic Universe

How to Watch the Marvel Movies in Order in 2023

An alternative to the Star Wars movie marathon for the holiday season is a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) marathon. In case you are up for it, you need to know how to watch the Marvel movies in order. This guide aims to explain how to watch the Marvel movies in chronological and release date order … Read more