How to Use Brain Jars in Baldur’s Gate 3

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How to Use Brain Jars in Baldur's Gate 3

In “Baldur’s Gate 3”, certain items initially seem unimportant but gain significance as the game progresses. This is particularly true for the Brain Jars found in the Nautiloid at the game’s beginning, set in the Forgotten Realm. These jars contain consciousness that can be accessed using a Mind Archive Interface in the Necrotic Laboratory in Act 2.

Using these Brain Jars can initially be perplexing, and their significance within the game might not be immediately apparent. Additionally, the game features numerous brain jars dispersed throughout the laboratory and other areas. This guide will explain how to utilize the Brain Jars in “Baldur’s Gate 3”.

BG3: How to Use the Brain Jars

BG3 How to Use the Brain Jars
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In “Baldur’s Gate 3”, players will discover Brain Jars while exploring the Nautiloid during the first act. It’s important to keep these jars in the inventory, as their purpose becomes clear only in the second act. Players must engage with the Slacked Skin Head to utilize the Brain Jars, which is perched on a Mind Archive Interface. This interface is concealed within the Necrotic Laboratory in the game.

The Necrotic Laboratory in “Baldur’s Gate 3” is within the Mind Flayer Colony. As you progress to Act Two, this colony is found beneath the Moonrise Tower Prison. To reach the laboratory, players should navigate to the southeastern area of the map. The precise location of the Mind Archive Interface in the game is at coordinates X: 699, Y: -117.

When you locate the Mind Archive Interface, simply interact with it and place the Brain Jars you collected from Nautiloid into the interface. The Slacked Skin Head on top of the interface will then take on the consciousness within the jar. It’s important to note that players will initially find only two Brain Jars on the Nautiloid, with others scattered throughout the laboratory.

A particularly valuable brain jar, known as the Waking Mind, is hidden behind the Brain Mapping Puzzle in “Baldur’s Gate 3”. When this jar is placed in the Mind Archive Interface, the Slacked Skin Head adopts the consciousness of a Githzerai warrior within the game. Additionally, numerous other brain jars are dispersed throughout the laboratory.

Where to Find Brain Jars in BG3

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the jars you can find:

  • Waking Mind: Located behind the Brain Mapping Puzzle.
  • True Mind: Positioned in front of the Mind Archive Interface.
  • Butchered Mind: Discovered on a shelf in the Morgue.
  • Closed Mind: Situated on a shelf in Ironfinger’s room.
  • Fresh Mind: Placed atop boxes near the elevator.
  • Dark Mind: Found on a table in the southeast area of the Nautiloid, where you will find Shadowheart’s Pod. It’s the third circular room you will encounter in the Nautiloid (X: 0, Y: -363).
  • Slave Mind: In the Ceremorphosis room on the Nautiloid, where you will find the dead cultist with the Rune which unlocks Shadowheart’s pod (X: 58, Y: -358).
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