All Armor Sets in Helldivers 2: Stats, Passives and How to Unlock Them

Anastasios Antoniadis

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In the relentless battles of Helldivers 2, your armor isn’t just a protective layer; it’s a strategic choice that can significantly influence your performance and survival on the galactic frontline. Understanding the various armor sets, their passive abilities, and how to unlock them is essential for any player aiming to thrive against the game’s formidable alien adversaries. This guide provides an in-depth look at the armor system in Helldivers 2, offering insights into making the best armor choices for your combat style.

How to Unlock New Armor in Helldivers 2

Starting off, players are equipped with basic armor that includes the “Extra Padding” passive skill, offering a foundational level of protection. As you progress, however, the game introduces a range of armor sets with enhanced stats and unique passive skills. These sets can be unlocked in several ways:

  • Leveling Up and Earning Warbond Medals: Complete missions and their optional objectives to earn medals, which can be used to unlock many of the armor sets.
  • Super Credits: This premium currency of Helldivers 2 can unlock specific armor sets, providing a shortcut to some of the game’s most powerful gear.
  • Pre-order Bonuses: Certain armor sets were made available as exclusive rewards for players who pre-ordered the game.

All Armor Sets, Stats, Passives & How to Unlock Them

Armor in Helldivers 2 is categorized into light, medium, and heavy sets, each with its own balance of armor rating, speed, and stamina regeneration. Moreover, each set comes with a passive ability that offers additional tactical advantages:

ArmorArmor RatingSpeedStamina RegenPassiveHow to Unlock
B-24 Enforcer12547575Fortified150 Super Credits
TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy100500100Democracy ProtectsPre-order bonus
CE-35 Trench Engineer100500100Engineering Kit10 Medals
CM-09 Bonesnapper100500100Med Kit15 Medals
SC-34 Infiltrator75525113Scout3 Medals
FS-05 Marksman14445656Fortified6 Medals
TR-62 Knight14445656Servo-AssistedPre-order bonus
SC-30 Trailblazer Scout56544122Scout50 Medals
CE-74 Breaker56544122Engineering Kit250 Super Credits
SA-25 Steel Trooper100500100Servo-Assisted18 Medals
B-01 Tactical100500100No passiveDefault Armor
DP-53 Saviour of the Free100500100No passiveSuper Citizen Edition
DP-40 Hero of the Federation100500100Democracy Protects25 Medals
FS- 23 Battle Master14445656Fortified35 Medals
SA-04 Combat Technician100500100Scout60 Medals
CM-14 Physician100500100Med-Kit70 Medals
DP-11 Champion of the People100500100Democracy Protects100 Medals
SA-12 Servo Assisted100500100Servo-Assisted45 Medals
SA-32 Dynamo14345757Servo-Assisted64 Medals

Choosing the Right Armor for Your Playstyle

Your choice of armor should align with your preferred role on the battlefield and the specific challenges of each mission. For instance:

  • Aggressive Frontliners: Might opt for armor with the “Servo-Assisted” or “Fortified” passives to maximize their offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Supportive Roles: Should consider “Med Kit” or “Engineering Kit” passives to enhance their utility in team support and resource management.
  • Scouts and Snipers: Will benefit from the “Scout” passive, allowing them to maneuver stealthily and gather crucial intel without alerting enemies.

Maximizing Your Armor’s Potential

Beyond just choosing the right armor, it’s important to integrate your choice with your overall strategy, including weapon selections and Stratagem deployments. Consider how your armor’s passive abilities can complement your team’s composition and the objectives of each mission to ensure optimal effectiveness.


Armor in Helldivers 2 is much more than a means of defense. It’s a critical element of your tactical loadout, offering a range of passive abilities that can enhance your combat efficiency, support capabilities, and overall survivability. By carefully selecting armor sets that align with your playstyle and mission requirements, you can equip yourself to face the challenges of the Galactic War with confidence. Remember, the right armor can be the difference between victory and defeat in the harshest battles Helldivers 2 has to offer.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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