Starfield Maximum Ships Number and How to Change It (Manually, Console Command, or Mod)

Anastasios Antoniadis

Starfield Maximum Ships Number and How to Change It Manually Console Command or Mod

With Starfield having such a large selection of ships you can buy or steal, you may be wondering what is the maximum number of ships you can own and whether there is a way to increase it.

What’s the Maximum Size of Your Starfield Fleet?

In the unmodified version of Starfield, players can own up to 10 ships. That’s the ceiling, and there’s no in-game currency or level-up feature to increase this value. Every time you get a new ship and make it your “Home Ship,” the old one joins your fleet.

However, the game does offer some leeway. You can surpass this limitation if you complete specific quests that reward you with a shipsay, the “Overdesigned” quest you receive from Walter Stroud. In this scenario, players have reported that the Kepler R or S they received bumped their total ship count to 11.

The “Mantis” quest does not fall into that category, as the ship is not a quest reward. Essentially, Razorleaf is a ship you steal from the Mantis vigilante’s base.

How to Increase Your Maximum Ship Number Limit Using Console Commands

Starfield console command to increase ship number limit
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

While increasing your ship number limit using console commands is simple, it’s not permanent, so you must retype the command on each session. Press the ~ on your keyboard and then type the following command:

SetGS uSpaceshipMaximumOwnedSpaceships 50

Then press ENTER to activate it. Change 50 to whatever number you desire to.

How to Mod Starfield to Increase Your Fleet Size (More Ownable Ships Mod or Manual)

Modded Starfield Folder - StarfieldCustom.ini Max Ships Limit Change
Image Credit: Anastasios Antoniadis/Meta Game Guides

If you want a change that persists, the easiest way is to install the “More Ownable Ships” mod from Nexus mods. This mod runs the above command every time you launch Starfield.

Otherwise, you’ll need to dig into the game’s configuration files to increase your armada’s size limit, the file StarfieldCustom.ini in particular.

Don’t look for this file under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield” though, as it’s not part of the game installation but part of the game’s preferences.

Instead, head to any of these locations:

  • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Starfield
  • C:/users/%USERNAME%/OneDrive/Documents/MyGames/Starfield
  • C:/users/%USERNAME%/Documents/MyGames/Starfield

If the file isn’t there, create it and add:




sStartingConsoleCommand=bat ChangeMaxNumberOfShips

The sStartingConsoleCommand provides a text file to Starfield, telling the game that it will find the first console command to run inside that file. I’m not sure you can have multiple lines on that file, but you can create another .txt file with multiple bat commands to run the commands in multiple files.

Then, add the following line and create a file named ChangeMaxNumberOfShips.txt in the same folder.

SetGS uSpaceshipMaximumOwnedSpaceships 50

Final Words

Starfield provides a cosmos full of opportunities, even if it sets some limitations on your fleet size. Yet, with some simple modding, you can break free from these constraints and assemble the spaceship armada of your dreams.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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