All Alpha Pal Boss Locations in Palworld

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Throwing a Pal Sphere to Jetragon

In Palworld, an adventure awaits with a myriad of formidable bosses scattered across various terrains, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Mastering these encounters requires both brute strength and strategic planning, as these bosses can also be tamed to join your journey. This guide delves into the locations of all Field Bosses/Alpha Pal Bosses in Palworld, complete with maps and coordinates to aid in your quest.

Palworld Alpha Pal Boss Locations
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Central Palpagos Islands Alpha Boss Locations

The central region of the Palpagos islands, which combines multiple different biomes, features a total of 30 Alpha Field Bosses. Some of them are among the weakest in the game, allowing you to easily farm Ancient Technology Points and Ancient Civilization Parts.

LevelAlpha BossType (Element)Coordinates
11ChilletIce/Dragon171, -416
11GumossGrass/Ground-110, -628
11SweepaIce-228, -595
15PenkingWater/Ice113, -353
17GrintaleNeutral359, -245
17AzurobeWater/Dragon-23, -386
18NitewingNeutral-273, -69
23KingpacaNeutral47, -464
23KatressDark241, -335
23FelbatDark-408, -54
23QuivernDragon-258, -129
23BushiFire-119, -392
25FenglopeNeutral-256, -457
28PetalliaGrass-20, -226
29BeakonElectric-346, -254
30WarsectGround/Grass160, -226
30ElphidranDragon45, -285
30Broncherry AquaGrass/Water-166, -447
31Relaxaurus LuxDragon/Electric-204, -347
31Mossanda LuxElectric442, -180
31UnivoltElectric-123, -538
31ElizabeeGrass20, -161
32LunarisNeutral-150, -660
35VerdashGrass286, 8
38VaeletGrass129, -52
38MammorestGrass176, -474
40SibelyxIce251, 72
45JormuntideDragon/Water-176, -272
47AnubisGround-134, -95

Sand Dunes Boss locations

In the Desert Biome of Palworld, players face the challenge of defeating five Alpha Bosses. This lineup features an intense double battle against the legendary Pal duo, Paladius and Necromus. To thrive in this harsh environment, it’s crucial to equip yourself with Heat Resistant Clothing for the scorching daytime temperatures and Cold Resistant Clothing to combat the chilly desert nights.

LevelAlpha Field BossType (Element)Coordinates
44MenastingDark/Ground513, 100
45SuzakuFire403, 254
47Dinossom LuxElectric/Dragon349, 533
50PaladiusNeutral443, 676
50NecromusDark443, 676

Tundra & Snow Biome Alpha Field Boss Locations

The Tundra & Snow biomes up north feature three Alpha Bosses, all of which are in the snowy and frozen parts of the land. One of them is the legendary Pal Frostallion, one of the fastest flying mounts in Palworld.

LevelAlpha Field BossType (Element)Coordinates
46Kingpaca CrystIce-235, 474
49Lyleen NoctDark-163, 339
50FrostallionIce-354, 499

Mount Obsidian (Volcano Biome) Alpha Field Boss Locations

All three Alpha Field bosses around Mount Obsidian are powerful Pals to capture, while this region features the fastest flying mount in Palworld.

LevelAlpha BossType (Element)Coordinates
48AstegonDragon/Dark-615, -426
49BlazamutFire-442, -559
50JetragonDragon-784, -319
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