How to Get Suzaku Saddle in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

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In the vast and vibrant world of Palworld, players are always on the lookout for unique items and gear to enhance their gaming experience. One such extraordinary item is the Suzaku Saddle, a special Pal Gear that unlocks the dynamic Wings of Fire Partner Skill. This article will explore the Suzaku Saddle, detailing its crafting process and the effects of the Wings of Fire Partner Skill.

Overview of the Suzaku Saddle

Basic Information

The Suzaku Saddle is categorized under Key Items in Palworld and is specifically designed for the majestic creature, Suzaku. This saddle ensures a safe and efficient riding experience.

Suzaku Saddle Item Overview

  • Category: Key Items
  • Related Pal: Suzaku
  • Description: A saddle crafted for the safe riding of Suzaku.

Crafting the Suzaku Saddle

Crafting Materials and Requirements

The materials required for crafting the Suzaku Saddle include:

  • Electric Organ x20
  • Leather x20
  • Ingot x20
  • Paldium Fragment x25
  • Cloth x10

To craft this item, players must be at Level 40 and have 4 Technology Points. The crafting takes place at a Pal Gear Workbench.

Crafting Process

To begin crafting the Suzaku Saddle, players first need to capture a Suzaku to unlock the necessary Technology. After reaching the required level and accumulating enough technology points, the saddle can be crafted at a Pal Gear Workbench.

Effect of the Suzaku Saddle

Unlocks Suzaku’s Wings of Fire Partner Skill

Crafting the Suzaku Saddle activates the Wings of Fire Partner Skill. This powerful skill allows players to use Suzaku as a flying mount, significantly enhancing mobility. Additionally, it boosts Fire-type attacks while mounted, offering a strategic advantage in combat.

Partner Skill Details

  • Skill: Wings of Fire
  • Description: Enables use as a flying mount and enhances Fire attacks while mounted.
  • Related Pal: Suzaku

The Wings of Fire Partner Skill is a game-changer in Palworld, improving both the player’s ability to traverse the game world and their combat effectiveness. As a Key Item, the Suzaku Saddle remains in the player’s inventory throughout their gameplay, ensuring continual access to its benefits.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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