How to Get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield


Microsecond Regulator is an exotic manufactured component in Starfield that can be used to craft weapon and armor mods. One such mod is the Optimized Servos, which requires you to reach 100% research in Spacesuit Mods 3, 1 x Microsecond Regulator, and 2 x Positron Battery to craft. Another such example is the Gravity Composites Spacesuit mod, which requires 1 x Microsecond Regulator, 3 x Adhesive, and 4 x Caelumite. Binary Trigger, one of the best Receiver Weapon Mods, is also a great example.

How to Craft Microsecond Regulator

Due to its exotic nature, Microsecond Regulator can only be crafted on an Industrial Workbench after you have unlocked Special Projects Rank 3 in the Science Skill Tree, a Tier 4 skill. The crafting materials required are:

  • Tau Grade Rheostat x 1
  • Supercooled Magnet x 1
  • Europium x 2
  • Lithium x 1

Microsecond Regulator can also be manufactured on Multiplex Fabricator with Rank 3 Outpost Engineering (a Tier 2 Science Skill) using the following crafting materials:

  • Tau Grade Rheostat x 1
  • Supercooled Magnet x 1
  • Europium x 4
  • Lithium x 2

Although the second method is costlier, it’s more accessible early in the game if you have built multiple outposts to extract and transfer the right resources.

Special Projects Rank 3
Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Meta Game Guides

Where to Buy Microsecond Regulator

Since crafting a Microsecond Regulator requires investing significant skill points into the Science Tree, it is much easier to buy Microsecond Regulators from stores. You will occasionally and randomly find small quantities of Microsecond Regulators at Jemison Merchantile, UC Distribution, Sieghart’s Outfitters, Newill’s Goods, or the Mining League. These stores sell organic and inorganic resources, but on occasion, you will also find some manufactured components in their tabs.

The Best Store to Buy Microseconds Regulators & Manufactured Components in General

Microsecond Regulator as shown in a Vendor's Tab (Outland Store)
Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Meta Game Guides

However, you should instead head to stores that sell exclusively manufactured components, as these vendors always have Microsecond Regulators, while you can use the vendor reset trick to buy large quantities. One such store is Outland in New Atlantis’ Commercial District, my go-to place for manufactured components.

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