The Most Useful Binds in CS2

Anastasios Antoniadis

Find out the most useful keybindings in CS2!

So let’s check the useful information you’ll need concerning the subject. With proper analysis from Gikas, we’ll be able to understand keybindings, the binding generator for CS2 and which binds are highly regarded.

Putting CS2’s Binds Under a Microscope

After the great success that was CSGO, it should come as no surprise that keybindings, which were a major aspect of them, would be present in the game being discussed today. Actually, it has gathered $6.7 billion U.S. dollars in revenue throughout its entire existence, securing its position as the most lucrative game in Steam’s history. Therefore, lots of players need to have a piece of good knowledge about all of the aspects of the game, including binds, which are orders that enable one to bind keys on one keyboard to new inputs via the in-game developer.

So, the developer console operates by having you enter a list of commands to meet your requirements. A few commands, such as the “+ju,” will be added to another one in a series of short steps, which we’ll discuss, and each order is bound to one key in the final step.

The basic idea behind the in-game developer console and binding in general is that it makes the game easier for players by allowing two actions to be accomplished by one key. The bind generator for CS2, as it’s also called, does the same for utilities, movements, and gameplay. In short, the tool is beneficial to players in several ways, including the following:

  • It speeds up the execution of actions, solving complex tasks
  • Complicated acts can be performed with more accuracy and efficiency
  • The game is simplified due to the lessened use of memory-based brain power used to remember different combinations
  • It customizes gameplay, improving overall game performance

CS2’s Top-tier Binds

It’s safe to say that binds were pretty commonplace in the previous iteration of Counter-Strike, so it’s definitely a mainstay. This means that certain keybinds are highly regarded in the community. Below is a well-analyzed list of these top-tier binds as well as how they’re set up and the implications that come with them being used:

1. Jum Bind for Surfing and Strafing

As you’ll see, the novel sub-tick system of this iteration in this gaming series makes the experience rather different. Movement has been heavily impacted, with the timings on some jumps having changed and become more difficult.

This bind negates that and makes things like throwing nades, air strafing, and Surfing easier to implement:

  • Alias: “+j” “+jump”
  • Alias: “-j” “-jump”
  • Bind: “mwheeldown” “+j; -j”

2. The Jump Throw Bind

This is arguably the most effective tool in one’s toolkit as it gets both maximum distance and accuracy from every utility throw. Consistency is also something that can be noticed when using this bind especially when utilities like smokes are being thrown.

After the developer console is opened, the commands below are entered to access the bind:

  • Alias “+ja” “+jump”
  • Alias “+ja” “-attack;-attack2”
  • Alias “+jum” “-jump”
  • Bind “key of choice” “+ju;+ja;+jump”

3. The Bunnyhop Bind

As previously stated, motion of any kind is incredibly vital in this game as it betters your likelihood of hitting essential things such as bunnyhops. This helps with getting out of spawns quicker and with better timing. The standard space bar just won’t do in CS2, hence the importance of this bind, whose commands are:

  • Bind mwheelup+jump

While we’re at it, it’s worth noting that the bind, while highly useful on its own, can be coupled with another. The better jump bind is the perfect coupling, just in case you need to know.

4. The Run Jump Throw Bind

This bind is quite similar to the jump throw variety, except that it allows a step forward as something is thrown, thus creating more momentum, which leads to more distance. This bind is perfectly suited for lineups that need that extra step to land and it also eliminates the human error element that would otherwise be present.

To allow this action to be on one key, open the developer console and enter the following:

  • Alias “+wthrow” “+forward;+jump”
  • Alias “-” “-jump;-forward”
  • Bind “key of choice” “+wthrow;+ja”

The Volume Bind

Being a game that relies quite a bit on sound, CS would bind for this, especially with how important clutch moments can be. This typically comes in the form of enemy footsteps, which if heard at the right moment could be the difference between victory and defeat. With the bind, volume can be increased by 0.25 from 0 to 1 when required, which accomplishes its goal.

After the developer console is opened, the binding process is quite easy. It only requires you to:

  • Bind “key” “incrementvar volume 0 1 o.25”, which is then replaced by the key of choice

The Nade-Binds

Just by looking at the list thus far, it’s clear to see that these binds have been mostly based on movements. However, this utility-centric bind is especially useful given how the grenades (both HE and smoke) have changed, which necessitates ease of access to none’s nades. It is for this reason that it is best that each nade is given its own key that can be easily accessed at its own moment, for example:

  • bind z “use weapon_flashbang”
  • bind x “use weapon_smokegrenade”
  • bind c “use weapon_hegrenade”
  • bind v “use weapon_molotov”
  • bind v “use weapon_incgrenade”

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a CS newbie or even a highly experienced member of FaZe Clan, the information above will be of great use. The nature of the bind generator for CS2 just invites you to come and customize the game to fit you, so really, there’s nothing to lose. If anything the above binds have shown that gameplay is improved overall.

Seeing that the game is pretty new on the market, it’s more than fair to assume that there’s more to be discovered. This means that the entire gaming world will keep its eyes peeled for any new noteworthy advancements to keep you posted.

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