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Persona 3 Reload Hierophant Social Link (Elderly Couple) Ranks

The Social Link system in the Persona series, although initially inspired by the dynamics of dating games, has evolved to encompass a wide spectrum of relationships, offering a profound narrative experience. This is particularly evident in “Persona 3 Reload,” where players can engage with the Hierophant Social Link, featuring Bunkichi and Mitsuko, the elderly proprietors of the Bookworms bookstore. Unlike the Confidant system in “Persona 5,” which provides tangible gameplay benefits, the Social Links in “Persona 3 Reload” focus more on enriching the game’s story and character development. Completing the Hierophant Social Link not only deepens the player’s connection to the game’s world but also unlocks access to a unique and powerful Persona otherwise unattainable.

How to Start the Hierophant Social Link in Persona 3 Reload

The Hierophant arcana, represented by Bunkichi & Mitsuko (the Elderly Couple) in “Persona 3 Reload,” symbolizes wisdom, guidance, and moral integrity, reflecting his role as a mentor figure to the protagonist. The Social Link with him and his wife Mitsuko begins on April 25th when players can visit the Bookworms bookstore. Recognized by their school uniform, players are asked about a persimmon tree at Gekkoukan High, setting the stage for a journey of memory and legacy tied to the tree. Upon discovering the Persimmon Leaf key item at the school, players can return to Bookworms to officially initiate the Hierophant Social Link.

The opportunity to deepen this connection is available on all days except Mondays, offering a consistent narrative thread for players to follow. Carrying a Hierophant Persona can accelerate the development of this link, emphasizing the strategic element of Persona management.

A crucial narrative turning point occurs on September 12th when Bunkichi is reported missing. Players have until October 3rd to find him, a quest that underscores the importance of the Social Link and its impact on the game’s world. Successfully rescuing Bunkichi not only allows the Social Link to continue but also rewards players with four Homunculi, blending narrative progression with gameplay benefits.

Through the Hierophant Social Link, “Persona 3 Reload” provides players with a touching exploration of memory, loss, and the enduring impact of kindness, embodying the depth and complexity of the game’s narrative and social mechanics.

Starting the Hierophant Social Link
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Hierophant (Bunchiki & Mitsuko) Social Link Answers

Bunkichi & Mitsuko (Elderly Couple) Persona 3 Reload
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides
RankQuestion/StatementResponse OptionsPoints (W)Points (W/O)
1Bunkichi: “That means you’ve probably seen the persimmon tree there…”Huh? / Persimmon tree?00
Would you like to show it to him?
Show it to himContinueContinue
Don’t show it to himLeaveLeave
Bunkichi: “…Wait, so you didn’t come here to buy books? Did you come here just to show us this?”That’s right. / Um, no…00
1-2Bunkichi: “What was your name again?”Tell him your name.21
Bunkichi: “Someone gave them to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead, take one.”Thank you.32
No, thank you.00
Bunkichi: “We have so many, my wife and I would take forever to finish them all.”I’d like that. (Free Melon Bread)00
No, thank you.00
Bunkichi: “He should be here helping customers… Sorry about that, <protagonist>-chan.”Boy?00
No need to apologize.00
Oh, my dear, he’s…He’s what?00
What’s this about?00
2-3Bunkichi: “I don’t see it anywhere…”Looking for something?21
Cleaning the store?00
Bunkichi: “I’m looking for my glasses-Er, not my glasses – my wallet! I can’t seem to find it.”Nice to meet you.00
Can I help?32
Bebe: “I am one as well! I am a student at Gekkoukan!”Nice to meet you.00
…Who are you?00
Bebe: “But you can call me “Bebe”! It’s quite nice to meet you!”Nice to meet you.00
Mitsuko: “Why must you get into a car…? Do you want me to end up all alone!?”What’s this about a car?00
All alone?00
Bunkichi: “On the way home from work, he got into an accident… He was hit by a dump truck driver…”I’m sorry to hear about that.00
That’s terrible luck.00
3-4Bunkichi: “My wife just left for Gekkoukan.”I should go too.32
I’ll wait here.21
The… The… The tree…Ask what happened00
Remain silent00
Bunkichi: “Do you know anything about this, <protagonist>-chan?”No, I don’t.00
I’m worried.21
4-5Bunkichi: “We’ve been feeling a bit guilty for troubling you about the persimmon tree…”I wouldn’t worry about it.21
What tree?00
Mitsuko: “Why now…? Why do they want to cut it down now…?”Cheer up.21
It’ll be okay.21
5-6Mitsuko: “If we lose that tree… it would be like losing our son all over again…”You’re overthinking it.00
Please don’t fight.32
Bunkichi: “Unfortunately, that just reminded my dear the pain we felt the day our son died…”Cheer up.00
I’m sure it’ll be okay.00
6-7Ah…What happened?21
Are you fighting again?00
Mitsuko: “They say the tree is a memorial to their former teacher… They don’t want it to be cut down.”The tree? A memorial?00
That’s great.21
Bunkichi: “You must be the one who called on them for this, right, <Protagonist>-chan?”Nope.21
That’s right.21
What are you talking about?21
7-8Bunkichi: “Who do you think it was? Here’s a hint: ‘signature.'”A petitioner?00
A fan of yours?21
Bunkichi: “He’s already gathered a number of signatures from students who were in our son’s class.”That’s great.00
That’s amazing.00
Bunkichi: “I have to tell my son the good news!”Sure, let’s go.32
Right now?00
8-9Bunkichi: “What? is that surprising? I’m actually quite the net surfer, you know!”What does the letter say?21
Why a letter?21
Bunkichi: “Are you curious about the letter? Excited, perhaps? Even exhilerated?”Excited.00
10Bunkichi is sleep talking. Looks like he’s taking a nap.Take a closer look.00
Leave him alone.00
Bunkichi: “It’s the middle of the day, but I feel awfully sleepy..”What matter?00
Why are you relieved?00
Bunkichi: “We asked them to go ahead and cut the persimmon tree down.”But.. why?32
Oh well.00
Bunkichi: “He was a teacher after all.”That’s true.00
Are you really sure?00
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