How to Raise Charm, Courage, and Academics Social Stats in Persona 3 Reload

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Share on Facebook Share on X (Twitter) Share on LinkedIn Share on RedditIn “Persona 3 Reload,” your journey through the dark hours is about battling Shadows and developing your character’s Social Stats: Charm, Courage, and Academics. These stats are pivotal as they unlock new gameplay avenues and enrich dialogue options, enhancing your social interactions and … Read more

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In “Persona 3 Reload,” your journey through the dark hours is about battling Shadows and developing your character’s Social Stats: Charm, Courage, and Academics. These stats are pivotal as they unlock new gameplay avenues and enrich dialogue options, enhancing your social interactions and relationships. Balancing your time between strengthening Social Links and improving these stats is crucial. Here’s how to efficiently elevate your Charm, Courage, and Academics, making the most of your evenings in the game.

How to Raise Charm Rank

Chagall Coffee
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Charm is not just about outward appearance but the allure that makes you more persuasive and likable to those around you. Here are the optimal ways to increase your Charm in Persona 3 Reload:

  • Chagall Café: Visit for a sip of Pheromone Coffee, which offers a significant Charm boost for a mere 500 Yen. Working a shift here also increases your Charm, making it a financially beneficial option.
  • Screen Shot Cinema: On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the movies shown are specifically selected to enhance your Charm.
  • Print Club Arcade Game: Available at Game Parade on Mondays and Thursdays, this 1,500 Yen game is a fun, albeit pricier, way to improve your Charm.
Watch “Smile at the Eiffel Tower” at the movie theater (Tuesdays, After School)+2 Charm
Eat Pork Ramen at Hagakure Ramen (After School, Evening)+2 Charm
Play “High School of Youth” at Game Parade (Thursdays, After School, Evening)+2 Charm
Answer class questions correctly at school (Mornings, Afternoons)+1 Charm
Drink Pheromone Coffee at Chagall Cafe (Evening)+1 Charm
Work part-time at Chagall Cafe (Evening)+1 Charm

Charm Ranks & What They Unlock

  • Rank 1: Plain
  • Rank 2: Unpolished
    • Required to unlock The Moon Social Link (Nozomi Suemitsu)
  • Rank 3: Ordinary
    • Required to unlock Wakatsu Kitchen’s Seafood Full Course
  • Rank 4: Smooth
  • Rank 5: Popular
  • Rank 6: Charismatic
    • Required to unlock The Lovers Social Link (Yukari Takeba)

How to Raise Courage Rank

Persona 3 Reload Karaoke at Mandragora
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Courage is essential for facing the game’s challenges head-on and making bold decisions. To fortify this stat, consider the following activities:

  • Karaoke at Mandragora: A budget-friendly 800 Yen session not only entertains but also significantly boosts your Courage.
  • Mystery Burger at Wilduck Burger: Dare to eat the Mystery Burger for a Courage increase, though at a higher cost.
  • House of the Deceased Arcade Game: Available on Tuesdays and Fridays at Game Parade, it’s an expensive yet effective way to gain a large amount of Courage.
  • Movies and Work: Catching a film on Monday or Tuesday or working at Screen Shot or Chagall Café can also contribute to your Courage growth.
Play “House of the Deceased” at Game Parade (Tuesdays, After School)+2 Courage
Eat Mystery Burger at Wild Duck Burger (After School, Evening, not Thursdays)+2 Courage
Watch “The School of No Wonder” at the movie theater (Thursdays, After School)+2 Courage
Sing karaoke solo at Mandragora (After School, Evening)+1 Courage
Drink medicine from school nurse (After School)+1 Courage
Work part-time at Chagall Cafe (Evening)+1 Courage

Courage Ranks & What They Unlock

  • Rank 1: Timid
  • Rank 2: Ordinary
    • Required to unlock Club Escapade and access to The Tower Social Link
  • Rank 3: Determined
    • Required to unlock Hagakure Ramen’s Special Hagakure Bowl
    • Required to unlock The Tower Social Link (Mutatsu)
  • Rank 4: Tough
  • Rank 5: Fearless
  • Rank 6: Badass
    • Required to unlock The Priestess Social Link (Fuuka Yamagishi)

How to Raise Academics Rank

Persona 3 Reload Classroom Answer
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Academics are crucial in unlocking certain Social Links and succeeding in exams. Here’s how to smarten up:

  • Movies: Watching educational films on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday can boost your Academics considerably.
  • Studying: Utilize your dorm room or the school library for a cost-free method to increase Academics, especially during the early game.
  • Wakatsu Restaurant: Once accessible, eating sushi here offers a gourmet route to higher Academics.
  • Class Participation: Staying awake in class and correctly answering exam questions can substantially raise your Academics.
Make ¥10,000 monetary offering at Naganaki Shrine (After School)+3 Academics
Eat Prodigy Platter at Wakatsu Restaurant (Evening, not Tuesdays)+2 Academics
Play “You’re the Answer” at Game Parade (Wednesdays, After School, Evening) +2 Academics
Study in the dorm room (Evening, Afternoon on days off)+1 Academics
Study at school library (After School) +1 Academics

Academics Ranks & What They Unlock

  • Rank 1: Slacker
  • Rank 2: Average
  • Rank 3: Above Average
  • Rank 4: Smart
  • Rank 5: Intelligent
  • Rank 6: Genius
    • Required to unlock The Empress Social Link (Mitsuru Kirijo)


Time management is key in Persona 3 Reload. Prioritize activities based on your immediate stat requirements and the benefits they offer. While some options may seem costly, they provide quicker stat boosts, allowing you to advance Social Links and story elements more efficiently. Remember, balancing your evenings between stat improvements and Social Links will ensure a well-rounded development of your character.

In conclusion, understanding and strategically enhancing your Charm, Courage, and Academics in Persona 3 Reload will not only open up new paths and relationships but also enrich your overall gameplay experience. Whether you’re working part-time at a café, catching the latest movie, or braving a haunted arcade game, each activity brings you one step closer to becoming the ultimate social navigator in the world of Persona 3 Reload.

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