Jasper Kryx: Starfield Character Bio

Anastasios Antoniadis

Everything you need to know about Jasper Kryx, the legendary leader of the Crimson Fleet.

Jasper Kryx
  • Known as: Founder of the Crimson Scar and the Crimson Fleet
  • Place of birth: New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri
  • Date of birth: Unkown
  • Place of death: The Legacy, Bannoc IV’s orbit, Bannoc

Jasper Kryx’s journey from obscurity to infamy began in the shadowy alleys of New Atlantis. Initially a minor criminal, his life took a dramatic turn when the Crimson Scar, a feared organization, took notice of his potential. His ruthless ambition soon led him to seize power, a move punctuated by the chilling display of the former leader’s body in the public well.

By 2236, Kryx’s notoriety had earned him a life sentence in The Lock, a maximum-security prison on the frigid planet of Suvorov. Yet, the walls of The Lock couldn’t contain his cunning. In 2241, five years into his sentence, Kryx masterminded a riot, culminating in a daring escape. His newfound freedom was marked by the audacious seizure of The Key, a pivotal abandoned UC space station orbiting Suvorov as the gatekeeper to The Lock, from where he commanded the newly formed Crimson Fleet, a formidable successor to the Crimson Scar.

Kryx’s legend further grew following a candid interview with SSNN reporter Gayle Dunnigan, a rare glimpse into the mind of the galaxy’s most elusive figure while also highlighting the treatment prisoners received inside The Lock.

However, the tale of Jasper Kryx took a dark turn. Jasper Kryx decided to pursue the shipwreck of GalBank’s Legacy, a ship lost in Bannoc IV’s orbit in the Bannoc System. Jasper Kryx successfully managed to build a ship that could withstand the electromagnetic fields of Bannoc IV, an EM giant and reached the Legacy. However, its systems were eventually fried by the EM field’s energy. Jasper Kryx couldn’t successfully repair the Legacy itself, was betrayed by his second-in-command, and was confined inside the ship’s metal cage.

It was here, abandoned by his second-in-command, Isa, and left to a slow, solitary demise, that Kryx’s story ended. Jasper Kryx died overlooking the greatest credit score in history, Legacy’s vault, and Revenant, his legendary rifle in the company of his last three audio logs, painting the grim picture of the legendary pirate’s end.

Unbeknownst to many, his death sparked a galaxy-wide hunt for ‘Kryx’s legacy,’ a tale crafted by Isa to hide the real occurrences during Jasper Kryx’s. This elusive treasure, mistaken for hidden wealth, was the GalBank ship Legacy, lost with a fortune meant for the Freestar Collective as reparations for the Narion War. GalBank, seeking to bury its mistake, erased all records of the ship’s disappearance.

In a final twist of fate, the betrayal that ended Kryx’s reign was not mere circumstance but a calculated act by his disillusioned deputy, marking a cold end to the once-feared leader of the Crimson Fleet.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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