Helldivers 2: Should You Spend Medals for Jar 5 Dominator?

Anastasios Antoniadis

Helldivers 2 (31)

Players in “Helldivers 2” are faced with the challenging task of choosing the ideal weapon among a wide range of options. The game’s premium weapons, which require medals to unlock, make the decision-making process even more complex for players. One such weapon is the Jar 5 Dominator, which has a high price tag and has sparked a debate about its value.

Unlocking weapons in “Helldivers 2” might seem straightforward initially, but the challenge intensifies if medals are squandered. Faced with the decision to invest in the Jar 5 Dominator or opt for multiple other weapons, I leaned towards the allure of the Dominator. However, the weapon’s performance was, at best, mediocre.

On the surface, the Jar 5 Dominator promises much, with its striking design courtesy of Arrowhead Game Studios. Yet, its practical application leaves much to be desired. The weapon suffers from several critical flaws: a low magazine capacity, significant recoil, extended reload times, sluggish bullet velocity, and disappointing damage output.

Jar 5 Dominator
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Despite these shortcomings, the Jar 5 Dominator isn’t entirely without merit. It has its moments, especially when used to snipe elites from a distance. Achieving headshots with this weapon feels satisfying, though it doesn’t offset the need for substantial improvements to enhance its versatility.

Ultimately, the Jar 5 Dominator does not justify its cost of 80 medals in “Helldivers 2.” While it may find a niche use in specific scenarios, its overall performance and utility lag behind other available weapons. Players should prioritize unlocking more effective arms early in their campaign, especially given the game’s challenging missions.

However, the journey through “Helldivers 2” ensures that players will eventually acquire all weapons as they progress towards the maximum level. This progression highlights the importance of strategic choices in weapon selection, ensuring players are well-equipped to face the game’s myriad challenges without being hampered by underperforming weaponry.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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