Halo Infinite Mythic Medals – What Are They And How To Get Them

Anastasios Antoniadis

Style is the Key to Your Success.

The Halo series is famous for its revolutionary multiplayer experience, epic score, and iconic announcer. When you get down to business during a match and score something noteworthy, the announcer Jeff Steitzer will say something like “Double Kill” with his trademark growly voice. Accompanied by that is often the game rewarding you what is called a Medal. You can view the ones you have earned after each match. You can also get Mythic Medals, which are more impressive and rare.

These are all the Halo Infinite Mythic Medals. And here’s how you can get them.

All Halo Infinite Mythic Medals

Around 20% of Xbox users have earned the Slaying with Style achievement in Halo Infinite. This achievement can only be unlocked by earning a Mythic Medal during a matchmade game. Here are the Mythic Medals that you can unlock in Halo Infinite to get “Slaying with Style”:

  • Perfection – Win a match with 15+ kills, no deaths
  • Running Riot Get a killing spree, gaining 15 kills
  • Rampage – Go on a killing spree, gaining 20 kills
  • Nightmare – Go on a killing spree, gaining 25 kills
  • Boogeyman: Go on a killing spree, gaining 30 kills
  • Grim Reaper Go on a killing spree, gaining 35 kills
  • Demon – Go on a killing spree, gaining 40 kills
  • Overkill – Kill 4 enemies in rapid succession
  • Killtacular Kill 5 enemies in rapid succession
  • Killtrocity Kill 6 enemies in rapid succession
  • Killamanjaro – Kill 7 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtastrophe: Kill 8 enemies in rapid succession
  • Killpocalypse: Kill 9 enemies in rapid succession
  • Killionaire – Kill 10 enemies in quick succession
  • Ninja Kill your enemy by jumping over them and hitting them with a melee attack from behind
  • Quigley Kill 2+ enemies in a single S7 Sniper shot
  • Remote Detonation: Shoot a grenade at an enemy to kill them
  • Fastball – Use the impact of a thrown bomb to kill an enemy

How to Earn Mythic Medals

Jeff might have yelled “Killing Spree” but that’s not enough to earn a Mythic Medal. It takes up to 15 kills before you die. This can take quite a while, so we recommend playing Big Team Battle to save your time and get a medal.

You could also try to earn the Quigley Mythic Medal. Although it’s not an easy task, once you locate a map that has sniper rifles, go into tight corridors and fire the gun. You might just get lucky.

Although it is difficult to obtain Mythic Medals within Halo Infinite you should know what you are aiming for.

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Anastasios Antoniadis
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