Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Console Commands

Anastasios Antoniadis

Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Console Commands

In Hearts of Iron IV, utilizing the console is a great way to modify your gameplay, whether you want to advance through the game more quickly or experiment with different scenarios. Here’s a guide to accessing and using the console commands in the game:

How to Access the Console in Hearts of Iron IV

To open the console, press the ` key (the one directly below the Esc key on most keyboards). Once the console is open, type in your desired command and the necessary arguments, and press Enter to execute it.

Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Console Commands

The list of console commands in Hearts of Iron IV is extensive, encompassing a variety of functions that can alter different aspects of the game. These commands can range from changing the political ideology of a country, manipulating time, and adjusting resource levels to even triggering specific events or scenarios.

Console CommandCommand Effect
3dstatsToggles 3D stats.
add_autonomy [country tag] [amount]Adds the idea with the specified name to your country.
add_core [state id] [country tag]Adds the specified state as a core of the specified country.
add_diploAdds diplomatic enroute for your current country.
add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]Adds a specified amount of any equipment. Negative amount removes that many of said equipment. Equipment must be researched. This does not work on Naval equipment.
add_ideas [idea name]Adds a specified amount of any equipment. A negative amount removes that much of said equipment. Equipment must be researched. This does not work on Naval equipment.
add_interest [country tag]Adds the country with the specified tag to your interest.
add_latest_equipment [amount]Adds the specified amount of equipment to every piece of equipment you have researched.
add_opinion [source country tag] [target country tag]Adds an opinion from the specified country tag to another country.
add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount]Initiates an air combat from your desired country, airbase, and equipment in the specified location.
aiToggles AI.
ai_acceptToggles if AI will always accept diplomacy.
ai_invasionToggles the AI for naval invasion.
aidumpDumps AI data from your currently selected unit to a log file.
aircombat [scenario] [result] [province id] [airbase state id] [airbase state id] [equipment] [equipment] [equipment creator] [equipment creator]Modifies the frequency of a random sound being emitted from the combat view. The range is 1 to 50.
airealismToggles realistic AI for the game.
aiviewToggles debug info for the AI.
allowdiploAllows for the use of any diplomatic action without cause.
allowtraitsRemoves restrictions on general trait assignment.
analyzetheatresChecks all threatres for errors.
annex [country tag / ‘all’]Starts an annex with the specified country tag.
bloomToggles bloom.
browser [url]Opens the browser window and loads the specified URL.
browser_base_url [url]Sets the URL of the browser.
building_health [building type] [state id / province id] [level] [amount]Modifies the health of an existing building.
cameraclampToggles the camera clamp.
cityreloadForces reload of cities.
civilwar [ideology] [country tag]Starts a civil war within a country with the specified ideology.
collisionToggles the collision debug GUI.
combatsound [frequency]Prints the current command count to the message.log file.
cp [amount]Adds command power. Maxed at 100.
createleanGenerates LEAN textures.
debug_achievements_clearClears all of your achievements and stats.
debug_ai_budget [country tag]Prints AI budget information to console.
debug_air_vs_landToggle debug mode for air vs land combat.
debug_assertToggles asserts.
debug_bordersToggles borders.
debug_citiesToggles city painting mode.
debug_commandsPrints the current command count to the message.log file.
debug_crashDebugs client crashes.
debug_diploactionsInitiates diplomatic action logging and prints data collected with the debug_dumpdiploactions command.
debug_dumpdiploactionsPrints data collected since the debug_dumpdiploactions command was last executed.
debug_dumpeventsPrints data collected since the debug_events command was last executed.
debug_entitiesToggles entities.
debug_eventsInitiates event counting, print data collected from this with the debug_dumpevents command.
debug_frontsToggles the interpolated fronts debug screen.
debug_infoToggles the debug info screen.
debug_linesToggles debug lines.
debug_lockcameraToggles the camera lock.
debug_noguiToggles the game GUI.
debug_nomouseToggles scroll wheel functionality.
debug_nukingNuking in any province is permitted regardless of conditions.
debug_off_front_snapToggles the offensive fronts, snapping the debug screen.
debug_particleToggles particles.
debug_postfxToggles PostFX.
debug_riversToggles rivers.
debug_show_event_idPrints the current event ID.
debug_skyToggles the sky.
debug_smoothToggles frame smoothing.
debug_tacticsToggles the visibility of the tactics debug tooltip.
debug_terrainToggles terrain.
debug_textureToggles textures like bloom.
debug_texturesPrints texture debug information to the game log.
debug_tooltipToggles tooltips.
debug_treesToggles trees.
debug_typesPrints the data type for all dynamic reference objects to console.
debug_volume [volume]Adjusts the volume of the game.
debug_waterToggles water.
debug_wireframeToggles the game’s wireframe.
debug_zoomCauses the game to zoom in.
decision.nochecksAllows for the ignoring of decision requirements.
deleteallunits [country tag]Deletes all units of the specified country tag.
deltat [speed multiplier]Adjusts change the speed of animations.
errorPrints errors from the log file.
event [event id] [country tag]Starts the specified event in the specified country.
filewatcherToggles the filewatcher.
flagsoutput [path]Generates and saves a texture atlas file to the specified path.
focus.autocompleteAllows for instant completion of national focuses. Affects the game’s AI.
focus.ignoreprerequisitesAllows for the ignoring of focus prerequisites.
focus.nochecksAllows for the ignoring of focus requirements.
fow [province id]Toggles fog of war in the province of the specified ID. Toggles the general fog of war if there is no argument.
frontsToggles the visibility of foreign fronts.
fullscreenToggles fullscreen mode.
gain_xp [amount]Adds XP to the currently selected Leader/General.
goto_province [province id]Moves the center of your camera to the specified province.
goto_state [state id]Moves the center of your camera to the specified state.
guiboundsToggles the bounds debug GUI.
hdrToggles high-dynamic-range imaging.
hdr_debugToggles high-dynamic-range imaging debugging.
help [command]Provides the list of commands or information about the specified command.
helplogAdds a list of all commands to the game.log file.
hsvConverts HSV to RGB.
human_aiToggles AI for human countries.
instant_prepareCauses naval invasions to skip preparation time. Must add -debug to launch options.
instant_wargoalAllows for the application of any war goal without cause.
instantconstructionToggles the instant construction cheat, which makes all construction instantaneous.
ipPrint your IP to the console.
manpower [amount]Adds the specified amount of manpower to your country.
mapmode [mapmode id]Changes the map mode to the specified type. Range is 1 to 9.
mapnamesToggles map names.
massconquerOpens the mass conquer tool.
morehumans [amount]Adds a specified amount of humans to your current country. A negative number removes the specified amount.
moveunit [unit id] [province id]Moves the specified unit to the specified province.
nextsongSkips to the next soundtrack.
nightToggles night.
nomapiconsToggles the visibility of icons in the map.
nopausetextToggles the visibility of the pause menu.
nudgeOpens the nuge tool.
nuke [amount]Adds the specified amount of nukes.
observeThis command enters you into ‘observe’ mode, where you are set to play no country at all – meaning the entire game plays on auto-pilot. Messages do not show, and the game is not automatically paused.
occupationpaint [country tag]If no country tag is specified, toggle occupation painting. If the country tag is specified, your country will occupy all land the specified country tag owns.
oosForces the client to go out of sync.
particle_editorOpens the particle editor GUI.
pause_in_hours [hours]Pauses the game after the specified amount of time.
pollPolls valid events.
posteffectvolumes.default [post effect]Toggles specified post effect.
pp [amount]Adds the specified amount of political power.
pricesPrints price info to game.log.
printsynchstuffPrints the seed of your game.
profilelogOutputs profiling information to time.log.
provtooltipdebugToggles province tooltip debug info.
reload [file name]Reloads a file without opening and closing your game.
reloadfx [map / .fx file]Reloads the fx file or reloads the shaders if there is no argument.
reloadinterfaceReloads the game interface.
reloadoob [country tag]Reloads the order of battle of the country with the specified tag.
reloadsupplyReloads all supply systems.
reloadtechnologiesReloads all technologies.
reloadweather [seed]Forces reload of the weather.
remove_core [state id] [country tag]Removes the specified state as a core of the specified country.
remove_interest [country tag]Removes the country with the specified tag from your interest.
rendertypePrints the render type being used for your client.
requestgamestatePrints the game state.
research [slot id / ‘all’]Used to research all equipment or equipment in a specific technology slot.
research_on_icon_clickInstantly researches any technology when selected in the technology tree.
resignForces resignation from your current position.
run [file name]Runs a list of commands in a specified file.
savecheckCheck that saving the game is functioning correctly.
savegameForces a game save.
set_cosmetic_tag [country tag] [country tag]Changes the name and flag of the specified country to that of another country.
set_country_flag [country tag]Sets the flag of the specified country as your current nation’s flag.
set_ruling_party [ideology group]Sets the specified ideology group as the ruling party.
setcontroller [country tag] [province id]Sets the controller of a specified province.
setowner [country tag] [state id]Sets the owner of a specified state.
setrandomcount [count]Sets the random count to the amount specified
sleep [duration]Pause the game for the specified amount of time in seconds.
spawn [unit name/id] [province id] [amount]Spawns a specified amount of a unit in a province. -debug must be enabled in the launch options.
spawnactor [name] [province id] [animation]Spawns an actor with the specified animation.
srgbToggles color debugging.
st [amount]Adds stability. Max at 100. Negative values remove stability.
tag [country tag]Switches your country to the specified country tag.
tag_color [rgb]Sets the tag color of your current country.
tdebugToggles debug mode.
teleport [province id]Teleport any selected ship or army to the specified province
testevent [event id] [character id]Tests the specified ID without triggering it.
testtoolOpens the testing tool.
theatersrebuildRebuild all existing theatres.
timePrints the current time.
traderoutesToggles the visibility of trade routes.
trigger_docsWrites a list of triggers and effects to a log file found in game.log.
tweakerguiOpens a tweaker GUI.
update_loc [localization key]Reloads the specified localization key.
updateequipmentsForcefully reload of equipment-related files.
updatesubunitsForcefully reload unit-related files.
versionPrints the current game version to the console.
weatherToggles weather.
whitepeace [country tag] [country tag]Things return to the way they were before the war between the specified countries.
window [open / close] [gui name]Toggles the GUI with the specified name.
winwarsGives your country the maximum war score for all wars it is in.
ws [amount]Adds war support. Max at 100. Negative values remove war support.
xp [amount]Adds the specified amount of XP to all experience levels.
yesmanThis causes country AI to accept any diplomatic offers automatically.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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