What is PogChamp & Why Did Twitch Ban It?

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What is the PogChamp emoji and why was it remove from Twitch?


In a significant move reflecting its commitment to maintaining a positive community environment, Twitch announced the removal of the widely recognized PogChamp emote from its platform. This decision came in the wake of tweets made by Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, the face of the PogChamp emote, which were deemed to encourage violence amidst the tumultuous events at the US Capitol.

What is PogChamp?

The PogChamp emote, symbolizing excitement and astonishment, has been an integral part of Twitch’s culture, used by viewers to celebrate remarkable moments in streaming. Originating from a 2010 video featuring Gutierrez, a former Street Fighter player, the emote captured a spontaneous expression of surprise and delight, becoming a staple of Twitch communication. Over the years, PogChamp evolved beyond its origins to symbolize hype, earning a place in the hearts of the Twitch community and being used millions of times daily.

Twitch’s Response to Controversy

Twitch’s decision to remove the PogChamp emote on January 7th, 2021, was prompted by Gutierrez’s controversial social media activity, which the platform felt contradicted its values, especially in light of the violence at the Capitol.

The company intended to preserve the spirit of “Pog” as an expression of enthusiasm and support within Twitch culture while distancing itself from the imagery associated with Gutierrez.

While the PogChamp emote has been retired, Twitch has indicated plans to collaborate with its community to create a new emote that captures the essence of excitement and celebration inherent to the platform. This initiative aims to sustain the vibrant culture of Twitch and ensure that the legacy of PogChamp lives on in a manner that aligns with the platform’s community standards.

Community Reaction

The decision to remove the PogChamp emote has sparked many responses from Twitch users and content creators. Some lament the loss of an iconic symbol of Twitch culture, while others commend the platform for taking a stand against rhetoric that could incite violence. The discussion reflects online communities’ broader challenges in navigating the balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility to foster a safe and inclusive environment.

Twitch’s action underscores the platform’s dedication to creating a space where all members can engage positively and celebrate gaming achievements without endorsing or amplifying harmful behavior. As Twitch continues to evolve, its approach to moderating content and community interactions will undoubtedly remain a topic of interest and importance to its diverse user base.


In conclusion, while removing PogChamp marks the end of an era, it also opens a new chapter in Twitch’s ongoing efforts to cultivate a community that reflects its values of inclusivity and respect. The future emote, developed in collaboration with the Twitch community, will symbolize the platform’s resilience and commitment to positive change.

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