All Palworld Console Commands & Server Admin Commands

Anastasios Antoniadis

All Palworld Console Commands & Server Commands

Palworld, unlike many games, does not offer an official method for accessing Console Commands. However, enthusiasts have devised a workaround to enable this feature. Follow these steps to unlock Console Commands in Palworld:

  1. Visit the FearlessRevolution website and download the DXGI file.
  2. Extract the file’s contents and copy the DXGI.DLL file to the Palworld game directory at Palworld>Pal>Binaries>Win64.
  3. Launch the game as you usually would. You should notice a notification about Console Commands in the top left corner at startup.
  4. Load your offline game save. To access the Console Command menu, press F2 to utilize the commands.

It’s important to note that Console Commands are not functional in multiplayer mode. This is due to the real-time server verification used in multiplayer, which prevents the recognition of these commands, so the commands must be run in offline mode.

Essential Console Commands in Palworld

Enhance your Palworld gaming experience with these vital console commands. Tailor the quantity of spawned items by altering the number following each command.

  • FOV <Amount>
  • Slomo <Amount>
  • InvertMouse
  • ToggleDebugCamera
  • DebugWindow
  • Dropitem <Name> <Amount>
  • CaptureAllEnemy
  • GetRelic <Amount>
  • KillAllEnemy
  • SleepAllEnemy
  • AddGameTime_Hours <Amount>
  • ShowHud <0/1>
    • Disable HUD: ShowHud 0
    • Enable HUD: ShowHud 1
  • TeleportToSafePoint_ToServer
  • StartFlyToServer
  • EndFlyToServer
  • ServerPause
  • SetSpectatorMode <0/1>
    • Enable the NoClip Mode (shift = up, ctrl = down): SetSpectatorMode 1
    • Disable the NoClip Mode: SetSpectatorMode 0

Resource Generation Commands

  • Materials: Generate essential materials like Leather, Wood, Stone, and more.
    • Examples: DropItem Leather [quantity], DropItem Wood [quantity]
  • Currency and Valuables: Create Money, Poppy, Venom, Wool, various Pal crystals, and selling items.
    • Examples: DropItem Money [quantity], DropItem Pal_crystal_S [quantity]
  • Crafting Resources: Spawn items crucial for crafting like Copper Ore, Fiber, Fire Organ, Ice Organ, and others.
    • Examples: DropItem CopperOre [quantity], DropItem FireOrgan [quantity]
  • Advanced Materials: Access higher-tier materials such as Charcoal, Copper Ingot, Machine Parts, and more.
    • Examples: DropItem Charcoal [quantity], DropItem MachineParts [quantity]

Food and Ingredients

  • Basic Ingredients: Spawn items like Eggs, Berries, and various meats.
    • Examples: DropItem Egg [quantity], DropItem Meat_SheepBall [quantity]
  • Cooking and Farming: Generate items for culinary pursuits and agriculture like Tomato Seeds, Mushrooms, and Herbs.
    • Examples: DropItem TomatoSeeds [quantity], DropItem Mushroom [quantity]


  • Utility Items: Create useful items like Repair Kits and different Treasure Box Keys.
    • Examples: DropItem RepairKit [quantity], DropItem TreasureBoxKey01 [quantity]
  • Knowledge Boosters: Spawn Technology Books for skill enhancement.
    • Examples: DropItem TechnologyBook_G1 [quantity]

Pal Spheres

  • Various Types: Generate different Pal Spheres, from regular to Mega, Giga, and more.
    • Examples: DropItem PalSphere [quantity], DropItem PalSphere_Mega [quantity]

Schematics and Armor

  • Blueprint Generation: Spawn schematics for various items and armor.
    • Examples: DropItem Blueprint_ClothArmorCold_2 [quantity]
  • Armor Sets: Create different types of Cloth and Fur Armor, along with matching helmets.
    • Examples: DropItem ClothArmor [quantity], DropItem FurHelmet [quantity]

These commands provide a wide range of items and resources, enhancing your gameplay in Palworld. Remember, the quantity can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Palworld Console Commands List

These are all the commands you can use in offline mode with the FearlessRevolution DXGI file:

CategoryConsole Command
ArmorDropItem Cloth [quantity]
ArmorDropItem Cloth2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmor [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmor_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmor_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmor_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmor_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmor [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmor_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmor_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmor_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmor_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurHelmet [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurHelmet_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurHelmet_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurHelmet_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurHelmet_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem Shield_01 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem Shield_02 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem Shield_03 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem Shield_04 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorHeat [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorHeat_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorHeat_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorHeat_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorHeat_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorCold [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorCold_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorCold_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorCold_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem FurArmorCold_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmor [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmor_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmor_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmor_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmor_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperHelmet [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperHelmet_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperHelmet_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperHelmet_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperHelmet_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorHeat [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorHeat_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorHeat_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorHeat_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorHeat_5 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem CopperArmorCold [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_2 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_3 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_4 [quantity]
ArmorDropItem ClothArmorCold_5 [quantity]
ConsumablesDropItem RepairKit [quantity]
ConsumablesDropItem TreasureBoxKey01 [quantity]
ConsumablesDropItem TreasureBoxKey02 [quantity]
ConsumablesDropItem TreasureBoxKey03 [quantity]
ConsumablesDropItem TechnologyBook_G1 [quantity]
Gliders| DropItem Glider_Old [quantity]
GlidersDropItem Glider_Good [quantity]
GlidersDropItem Glider_Legendary [quantity]
GlidersDropItem Glider_Super [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Egg [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Berries [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem BakedMeat_SheepBall [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Meat_SheepBall [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Meat_ChickenPal [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Mushroom [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Meat_Boar [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Meat_Deer [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Herbs [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Meat_Kelpie [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem Pan [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem TomatoSeeds [quantity]
IngredientsDropItem GenghisKhan [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Leather [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Wood [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Stone [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Money [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Fiber [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem CopperOre [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Poppy [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Venom [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Wool [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem FireOrgan [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem IceOrgan [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem ElectricOrgan [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Pal_crystal_S [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalCrystal_Ex [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalFluid [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalUpgradeStone [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem BerrySeeds [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Horn [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem bone [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_ToSell_01 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_ToSell_02 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_ToSell_03 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_ToSell_04 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_ToSell_05 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Charcoal [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem CopperIngot [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem MachineParts [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem GunPowder2 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalOil [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem PalItem_PlantSlime [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Coal [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Sulfur [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Polymer [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Cement [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem IronIngot [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem CarbonFiber [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Quartz [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem Sapphire [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem MachineParts2 [quantity]
MaterialsDropItem StealIngot [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Mega [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Giga [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Legend [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Master [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Robbery [quantity]
Pal SpheresDropItem PalSphere_Tera [quantity]
Schematics DropItem Blueprint_ClothArmorCold_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Torch [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Spear_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Spear_1 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Axe_Tier_00 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Axe_Tier_01 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Axe_Tier_02 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Pickaxe_Tier_00 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Pickaxe_Tier_01 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Pickaxe_Tier_02 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Bat [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Bat2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem MeatCutterKnife [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem WeakerBow [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem WeakerBow_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem WeakerBow_3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem WeakerBow_4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem WeakerBow_5 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Bow_Fire [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Bow_triple [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Bow_Poison [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_5 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_Fire [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem BowGun_Poison [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Musket [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandGun_Default [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandGun_Default_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandGun_Default_3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandGun_Default_4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandGun_Default_5 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem ElecBaton [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem MakeshiftHandgun [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem FragGrenade [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem FragGrenade_Elec
WeaponsDropItem FragGrenade_Fire [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem FragGrenade_Ice [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem SingleShotRifle [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem DoubleBarrelShotgun [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem PumpActionShotgun [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem PumpActionShotgun_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem PumpActionShotgun_3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem PumpActionShotgun_4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem PumpActionShotgun_5 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Sword [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifle_Default1 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifle_Default2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifle_Default3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifle_Default4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifle_Default5 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Spear_ForestBoss [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Spear_QueenBee [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Spear_SoldierBee [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem GrapplingGun [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem GrapplingGun2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem GrapplingGun3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem GrapplingGun4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem SphereLauncher_Once [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HomingSphereLauncher [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Launcher_Default [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Launcher_Default_2 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Launcher_Default_3 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Launcher_Default_4 [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Launcher_Default_5 [quantity]
Weapons| AmmoDropItem Arrow [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Arrow_Fire [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem RoughBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem Arrow_Poison [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem HandgunBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem SingleShotBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem RifleBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem ShotgunBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem AssaultRifleBullet [quantity]
WeaponsDropItem ExplosiveBullet [quantity]

Palworld Server Admin Commands List

To access and utilize these commands, you must have server administrator privileges on a created server. You can gain these by entering the command /AdminPassword [password], where [password] is the designated admin password for the server.

Server CommandDescription
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}Starts a timer to shut down servers for all players. You can also add a message.
/DoExitShuts down the server.
/KickPlayer {Steam ID}Kicks the selected player off the server. It will be useful if you want to teach offenders a lesson.
/BanPlayer {Steam ID}Bans the selected player. This makes it impossible for them to log in to the server in the future. It’s suitable for spammers, griefers, and other offenders.
/Broadcast {MessageText}Displays a message for all players on the server. This command will be useful if you want to make an announcement about an event or warn players; for example, about a scheduled server shutdown.
/TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID}Teleports you to the selected player. It can be useful for many situations, such as checking if they are not breaking the rules, etc.
/TeleportToMe {Steam ID}Teleports the selected player to you. This command also has many fun and strict uses.
/ShowPlayersShows you a list of all players who are on your server.
/InfoDisplays information about the server.
/InfoThis command saves the world data
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