How to Get the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

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In “Vampire Survivors,” the Yellow Sign Relic is key to unlocking essential items, character advancement, and combating final bosses. Players obtain it by reaching and advancing through a special stage called Moonglow and subsequently the Hidden Ground.

How to Get the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

The Yellow Sign, a pivotal Relic in the game “Vampire Survivors,” is a key enabler for players to discover essential items like the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right across all game stages.

Yellow Sign Vampire Survivors
Image: Vampire Survivors

These passive items play a crucial role in the evolution of several weapons, notably the formidable Infinite Corridor from Clock Lancet and Red Shroud for Laurel. Additionally, possessing the Yellow Sign is a prerequisite for unlocking select Secret Characters, including the enigmatic Boon Marrabbio. Given its significance in unlocking various game features and serving as a gateway to the final Boss, acquiring the Yellow Sign is an indispensable strategy for every player aiming to excel in “Vampire Survivors.”

How to Get the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

To acquire the Yellow Sign Relic in “Vampire Survivors,” players must first unlock Moonglow, an exclusive Bonus Stage. This stage becomes accessible only after players successfully activate Hyper Mode in the four campaign stages. Achieving Hyper Mode is a feat that requires defeating the unique Boss that emerges at the 25-minute mark in each of the four Normal Stages. This milestone, demanding skill and strategic gameplay, is crucial in progressing towards the coveted Yellow Sign Relic, an essential element for advancing in the intricate and captivating world of “Vampire Survivors.”

Upon entering Moonglow for the first time with a non-secret character in “Vampire Survivors,” players will witness a unique and atmospheric event—a lunar eclipse. This singular occurrence, marking a pivotal moment in the Bonus Stage, typically unfolds around the 12-minute mark. As this event begins, players will find the game’s visuals transforming: the screen takes on a distorted appearance, and a menacing ring of colossal eyeballs ominously surrounds the player’s character.

This eerie setting sets the stage for the emergence of a formidable Boss, the Moon Trinacria, appearing approximately at the 14-minute mark. The battle against this adversary is a test of skill and a gateway to further mysteries. Upon defeating the Moon Trinacria, the screen plunges into darkness for a brief interlude, heightening the suspense.

How to Complete Hidden Ground and Get the Yellow Sign

When the visuals return, players are transported to an enigmatic otherworldly location known as the Holy Forbidden or Hidden Ground. The sought-after Yellow Sign of “Vampire Survivors” awaits discovery within this surreal and dream-like realm.

To acquire the Yellow Sign, you must keep moving to the right, following the corridors, until you reach the stage’s end, where you can use a Rosary to eliminate all enemies and then loot the Yellow Sign. Remember that your character won’t be able to level up during this stage, while Arcanas, Powerups like Revival, and passive skills like Krochi’s +1 Revival won’t work either. You only have one shot to survive and complete Hidden Ground.

Best Characters to Complete Hidden Ground

You may fail on your first try, but the stage will be unlocked and accessible only with a non-secret character. The two best characters to complete Hidden Ground are Antonio (thanks to his horizontal attack with the Whip) and Concetta (Shadow Pinion will be devastating to the enemies in your pursuit, especially the bombers), with Concetta being the best option. Don’t forget to deactivate the Curse powerup before attempting the stage.

Deactivate Curse Powerup
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

However, it’s worth noting that both Antonio and Concetta can complete the Hidden Ground stage even with the full Curse powerup (I completed it with Concetta on my first try). Upon completing the task, the stage will be completed and will not be accessible.

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