All Pals that Increase Carrying Capacity in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

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In the vast and adventure-filled world of Palworld, managing your inventory efficiently is crucial to your exploration and survival. The game’s expansive item collection, ranging from stones and Paldium Fragments to heavier resources like Ingot, Coal, and Sulfur, demands significant carrying capacity. Fortunately, certain Pals possess unique Partner Skills to enhance your carrying capabilities, making them indispensable companions on your journey.

The Importance of Carrying Capacity in Palworld

Having ample carrying capacity is more than just a convenience; it’s necessary. Exceeding your weight limit in Palworld comes with steep penalties—surpass the limit by +50, and you’ll find your movement severely hindered. Exceed it by +100, and you’re immobilized, unable to move until you lighten your load. Thus, optimizing your carrying capacity is essential for uninterrupted exploration and gathering resources, allowing you to venture further before returning to base for deposits.

All Pals That Boost Carrying Capacity

Wumpo Botan
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Several Pals in Palworld offer unique skills to increase your total carrying capacity, each bringing a different enhancement level. From the modest boost provided by Cattiva to the significant carrying power offered by Wumpo and its variants, choosing the right Pal can greatly ease your inventory management woes. Below is a detailed table showcasing these Pals, their carrying capacity bonuses, and the partner skills they offer:

PalCarry Capacity BonusPartner SkillDescription
Cattiva+50Cat HelperIncreases max carry capacity by a small amount while Cattiva is on the team
Lunaris+80AntigravityIncreases max carrying capacity by a moderate amount while Lunaris is on the team
Broncherry+100OveraffectionateIncreases max carrying capacity by a significant amount; allows mounting
Broncherry Aqua+100OveraffectionateSame as Broncherry, with aquatic capabilities
Kingpaca+100King of MusclesIncreases max carrying capacity by a significant amount while Kingpaca is on the team
Ice Kingpaca+100King of MusclesSame as Kingpaca, adapted for icy environments
Wumpo+120Guardian of the Snowy MountainIncreases max carrying capacity by a large amount in snowy areas
Wumpo Botan+120Guardian of the Grassy FieldsIncreases max carrying capacity by a large amount in grassy areas

As you progress in the game, your carrying capacity increases naturally. However, you can also strategically select Pals based on their carrying bonuses to give you an extra boost. Depending on the environment you’re exploring, such as snowy mountains or grassy fields, choosing a Pal with bonuses in that specific terrain, such as Wumpo or Wumpo Botan, can further enhance your capacity.


In summary, carefully selecting Pals for their carrying capacity benefits is a key strategy in Palworld, allowing players to explore more extensively and gather resources more efficiently. By leveraging the unique skills of these Pals, adventurers can minimize the limitations imposed by inventory management and focus on the broader aspects of survival and exploration in the vast world of Palworld.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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