RAID Shadow Legends Tier List – The Best Champions Ranked

raid shadow legends tier list

In this post, you will find our RAID Shadow Legends tier list. There are a lot of characters to collect in Raid: Shadow Legends. At the time of this article’s writing, there are more than 300 RAID: Shadow Legends champions to choose from. Thus, naturally, you wonder which are the best ones to invest in. So, …

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Doom Tower guide – RAID: Shadow Legends

Doom Tower guide - RAID: Shadow Legends

Doom Tower Basics The Doom Tower is a monthly challenge to climb to the top of the Tower, beating 120 increasingly challenging Floors and beating 12 tough Bosses along the way (and a bunch of optional secret rooms!). Read also: How to play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC Doom Tower Format 30-Day Time Limit: The …

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RAID: Shadow Legends Patch Notes (05.10.21) Update 4.70

RAID Shadow Legends Patch Notes (05.10.21) Update 4.70

Below you will find the patch notes for RAID: Shadow Legends version 4.70. Plarium also addressed complaints about the changes to Geomancer’s passive skill. Read also: How to play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC Boss Guides, Champion balance changes, and more! This update brings a new Boss Guides feature and several quality-of-life improvements, along with …

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Why is RAID: Shadow Legends everywhere?

Why is RAID: Shadow Legends everywhere?

RAID: Shadow Legends is everywhere because Plarium Games has a very aggressive strategy towards marketing the mobile gacha RPG. The company sponsors everything because it brings more traction to the game, and more people join. Shadow Legends sponsors pretty much every influencer they can get to in the gaming industry, and you can only imagine …

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Clan Boss Guide [RAID: Shadow Legends]

RAID Shadow Legends Clan Boss Guide

In this post, you will find my guide for the daily Clan Boss (The Demon Lord) event, available to all clan members in RAID: Shadow Legends, the mobile gacha RPG, also available on PC. Read also: RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List Clan Boss difficulties The Clan Boss comes in six different difficulties. Your Clan must …

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Coldheart – RAID: Shadow Legends Champion

Coldheart - RAID Shadow Legends Champion

Coldheart is a rare Dark Elf champion and the best rare champion in the game. Her A3 ability, Heartseeker, decreases the enemy’s turn meter by 100% and is one of the hardest hitting abilities as its damage is based on the enemy’s MAX HP. Additionally, she has a 4 hit A1 skill that reduces healing …

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Candleguard – RAID: Shadow Legends Champion

Candleguard champion guide raid shadow legends

A new Dwarves champion, Candleguard, entered the Dwarf faction starting in Patch 4.50. Candleguard brings weakening buffs and debuffs through AoE Weaken and its self-buffing AoE attack. With a stun set, she may be helpful for early to mid-game teams as she can shut down enemies on occasion. Read also: Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List …

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RAID: Shadow Legends Keybindings on Plarium Play

RAID Shadow Legends Keybindings on Plarium Play

RAID: Shadow Legends supports cross-platform play on PC and Mac, thanks to Plarium Play. Consequently, many RAID players have migrated from the mobile game to the RAID: Shadow Legends PC client.  However, the ability to alter the game’s video and graphics settings is not the only one with the desktop/laptop version. Players can take advantage …

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How to get RAID Shadow Legends on PC and Mac

raid: shadow legends plarium play pc

In this guide, we will explain how to get RAID Shadow Legends on PC and Mac. Put down your phone, turn off that laggy emulator (they can get really laggy sometimes, as you can see in Twitch streams and YouTube videos), and get ready to experience the game in the best way possible by downloading …

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Kael – RAID: Shadow Legends

Kael RAID Shadow Legends

Let’s start by answering the primary question about Kael. Yes, he is the best starter champion in RAID: Shadow Legends (and sadly, one I did not pick). He is one of the Rare champions that can compete with Epic and Legendary champions when you reach end game content. His A2 is very strong and requires you to build him with an …

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The best champions in RAID: Shadow Legends

The Best RAID Shadow Legends Champions

We have already ranked a lot of champions in our RAID: Shadow Legends Tier List, but if you are looking for the absolute best champions in RAID, this article is for you. There are approximately 500+ champions in RAID, but here we will focus on the cream of the crop. Naturally the list will be …

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