Zoology Skill: Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

Zoology Skill Starfield

Zoology, categorized as an Advanced Science Skill in Starfield, is intricately focused on the art of scanning and harvesting wild animals. This skill is pivotal for players looking to delve into crafting, as it provides essential resources gathered from the diverse wildlife across the cosmos. Mastering Zoology not only enhances your understanding of the game’s fauna but also significantly boosts your ability to collect valuable crafting materials, making it an indispensable skill for crafting aficionados and exploratory adventurers alike.

Zoology is a skill that’s quite straightforward to level up. Visit habitable worlds, engage in wildlife hunting and resource harvesting, and repeat as necessary. Worlds like Jemison (home of New Atlantis) and Akila (where Akila City is located) are teeming with wild animals, making them ideal for this purpose.

Zoology is particularly beneficial for players focused on thorough planetary exploration or managing outposts, especially those keen on establishing an alien space farm. It’s also valuable for crafting enthusiasts who need a steady supply of materials. Additionally, it is an effective method for rapid animal spawn and useful for experienced farming, especially at higher levels.

To construct an animal husbandry facility, three criteria must be satisfied:

  1. The facility must be created on the same planet where the animal is naturally found.
  2. The fauna in question must be fully scanned to 100%.
  3. The fauna’s scanner description must include “outpost production allowed” at the bottom.

Missing any of these requirements means you won’t be able to farm the animal for its resources. Successfully meeting these conditions for a single animal allows you to build the animal husbandry facility and reveals the potential resources available from all fully scanned planet fauna.

Synergistically, Botany pairs well with Zoology to swiftly complete planet surveys. It’s also a valuable companion to Outpost Engineering for players looking to delve into farming, offering a comprehensive approach to planetary resource management and utilization.

Zoology Ranks, Rank Challenges, and Effects

RankRank ChallengeEffect
1Harvest organic resources from 20 creaturesGet more common organic resources from creatures and harvest from them without harming them, learn additional info about them from the scanner, and allows you to produce animal resources at your outposts.
2Harvest organic resources from 50 creaturesGet more uncommon organic resources from creatures, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner.
3Harvest organic resources from 100 creaturesGet more rare organic resources from creatures, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner.
4N/AOccasionally harvest additional rarer resources from creatures, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner.

How to Add, Rank Up, and Remove the Botany Skill with Console Commands

You can utilize the game’s console command feature to integrate the Zoology skill into your Starfield character’s skill set without the need to level up or spend skill points. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

How to Add the Zoology Skill with Console Commands

Access the Starfield console command window by pressing either the apostrophe (') or tilde (~) key on your keyboard. To add the Zoology skill, input the command: player.addperk 002C5552.

Repeat the command to progress through the Zoology skill ranks without completing the standard in-game challenges. Each entry of player.addperk 002C5552 will advance you by one rank. To achieve Rank 4 directly, enter this command four times consecutively.

How to Remove the Zoology Skill with Console Commands

If you decide to remove the Zoology skill from your character at any point, follow these steps:

  1. Reopen the console command window as before.
  2. Enter this command to remove Zoology: player.removeperk 002C5552.

Using these commands, you can tailor your character’s abilities in Starfield to your preferences, allowing for a customized gameplay experience that suits your style.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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